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Although gaming keyboards are made for hardcore gamers, they all have distinct features. For this reason, you should know exactly what you’re looking for since everyone has different needs. Choosing a gaming keyboard shouldn’t be taken lightly because it will affect your comfort and productivity. They are created with gaming in mind. There are many features in them that don’t exist in ordinary keyboards. Hence, it’s not surprising that some come with hefty price tags. If you’re passionate about professional gaming like esports, owning a gaming keyboard is a necessity, even if it’s not cheap at all.

Choosing a Gaming Keyboard

1. Mechanical vs membrane

Membrane keyboards are widely used especially for regular typing. We’re sure you have used it at some point especially if you’ve replaced computers multiple times. A membrane keyboard utilizes an electric current that travels through a membrane made of plastic. Meanwhile, a mechanical keyboard uses switches that work independently. In terms of use, mechanical keyboards are better especially for gaming as you can feel every key stroke firmly. The tactile feedback is what sets them apart from the membrane counterparts. Membrane keyboards aren’t bad, but they are not the most helpful if your goal is to get one for gaming. Their biggest appeal is having low noise outputs and affordable prices. However, as far as auditory and tactile feedback is concerned, mechanical keyboards win by a long shot.

2. Size

One of the first things you’ll notice from all the keyboards you find while shopping around is that some are larger and have more keys. For the record, keyboards come in a few sizes. Full-size keyboards are the largest type and the most complete when it comes to key arrangement. They usually have a total of 104 keys with a dedicated number pad. There are also tenkeyless keyboards. They are almost as big, but eliminate the number pad, which allows them to appear slimmer. Surprisingly, the downsizing trend doesn’t stop there. You can find even smaller keyboards, called gaming keypads. Have you seen a keyboard operated by one hand? That’s what it looks like. This keyboard can maintain a tiny frame because it only keeps the most essential keys. It makes a good choice for gaming because gaming doesn’t require using all keys, so such simplicity will surely benefit you tremendously.

3. Anti-ghosting

Another thing to look for in a gaming keyboard is anti-ghosting technology. Unlike making a word document, in-game typing often requires you to hit different keys simultaneously to launch an attack. If one key is missing from the sequence, you’ll fail to execute the skill. This is when anti-ghosting would come in handy. When a keyboard has this feature, it will allow you to do multiple key presses without causing an error. Basically, every key press will be recognized by the system.

Advantages of a Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard is a good weapon to beef up your arsenal. First, it allows you to assign macros. As we know, macro support is an integral part of gaming. You need it to execute skills that involve pressing multiple keys. This specific feature isn’t really a thing in traditional keyboards, but a standard addition to many gaming keyboards. This will give you a leg up over your competition. Another reason to buy a gaming keyboard is to experience the tactile feedback. This is paramount for gaming because this type of feedback is followed by a crisp and loud sound, which makes identifying keystrokes easier. A membrane keyboard, on the other hand, sounds quieter, making it suitable for office work. Furthermore, gaming keyboards are known for their excellent durability. It makes sense given that these peripherals are made to survive abusive gaming. They can endure millions of key strokes and are made of resilient materials.

Gaming Keyboard Switches

Mechanical switches are used a lot in gaming keyboards since they offer numerous advantages, but they are further divided into 3 different types, namely linear, tactile, and clicky switches. Here’s how they differ:

1. Linear switches

A linear switch moves up and down smoothly without producing any noticeable clicking sound. It’s relatively quiet compared to other varieties. If you want a keyboard that delivers tactile feedback, this is not the right choice for you. However, they’re still useful for gaming because the smoothness translates to faster actuation.

2. Tactile switches

As the name suggests, a tactile switch produces tactile feedback. It resists against your finger as you depress on it, but once you reach the actuation point, there’s no need to push it further to register the keystroke. You can move over to the next key after you feel the bump about halfway down.

3. Clicky switches

Just like the previous type, clicky switches also produce tactile feedback. However, they’re slightly different in the way they work. The construction of a clicky switch makes it able to generate an audible sound that’s loud and clear. If you need a keyboard that makes much noise to give you a better sense of touch, this can be an option.

Best Gaming Keyboard Setup for Home

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect gaming setup, but there are a few items that you should never miss out. Besides a CPU and monitor, consider adding quality peripherals like a mouse and a keyboard. What’s the best keyboard for a gaming setup? It’s hard to decide because there are too many products from many established manufacturers. Just tailor it to the needs. If you aim for a futuristic setup with a modern twist, then a flashy keyboard will make a great fit or one that has an amazing backlight. But if you want it to be simple, you can pick a toned-down design. There’s nothing wrong with a simple setup because sometimes less is more. Next, consider the material. Keyboards are usually made of reinforced plastic, but there are some that have metal accents. The addition of metal does significantly increase its sturdiness. Additionally, the number of keys also matters. Decide whether you want a full-size keyboard or smaller one. A medium-sized keyboard is ideal for gaming because it includes almost all keys without the extra weight. Go for a bezel-less design if you need a slimmer keyboard. More from The Blog:    




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