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Best White Gaming Keyboards: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

A keyboard is an important part of the computer system. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to the quality of their keyboards. As long as they have decent key strokes…

A keyboard is an important part of the computer system. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to the quality of their keyboards. As long as they have decent key strokes and good build quality, they don’t ask for more. The thing is you can boost gaming experience by choosing a quality keyboard.

Don’t overlook this because it’s just as important as a mouse. You need it to play games despite gamepads being an option. Some people just prefer the experience a keyboard offers to a controller. There are many things to take into account. Apart from build quality, color is also a factor to consider.

We’ve been accustomed to black keyboards, but they aren’t the only option available. The white counterparts look stunning, too. Why do you need a white keyboard in the first place? It could be purely aesthetics, or you can benefit from the high visibility especially when used in the dark.

White will always stand out when there’s not enough light around. Besides, a white keyboard is also out of ordinary, so your friends are more likely to be curious about it. If you’re on the lookout for the best white gaming keyboard, we have a few suggestions for you.

Keep in mind that although white keyboards are visually captivating, looks aren’t everything. Comfort should still be a concern because it affects long term use.

The Best White Gaming Keyboards in 2022

MFTEK White Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, USB Wired 104 Keys Keyboard

To save on a keyboard, you can buy a 2-in-1 keyboard + mouse package like this one. The keyboard is backlit with 3 different settings. The mouse also comes in multicolor backlight. Both items are made of ABS, one of the better materials for computer accessories.

Don’t worry about quality because the keyboard feels robust. It will last long even with minimal upkeep. The backlight is another highlight. It goes from red to purple to blue in a blink of an eye. There’s even breathing mode in case you like it personally.

The shortcuts on your keyboard can change the setting real quick. For instance, to switch to breathing mode, you can hit the Fn+PB buttons.

In the meantime, the mouse is created to give maximum grip and comfort. Just like the keyboard, there’s also breathing mode on it along with 4 color settings, namely purple, blue, red, and pink.

And then, the user can is provided with the 4-level DPI. Back to the keyboard, it has 104 keys with many being able to work simultaneously. This is especially useful for gaming as you may need to use shortcuts for quicker response.

Redragon K552 White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, USB Wired Cherry MX Blue Equivalent Switches for Windows PC Gamers

If you spend most of the day on your laptop, this product can replace your broken keyboard. It sports a mechanical design, which will take your gaming experience to the next level.

The switches are dust proof. Meanwhile, the construction is made to last. The click clacky sound is what sets it apart from membrane keyboards, but it’s not annoying. In fact, it sounds crisp and clear. The tactile feedback also shines on this product.

Tactility is important as it affects how you feel the key press. For gaming, you’d want to make sure to have hit a key before hitting another. That’s why the sound coming out of the keys matters. The backlight adjustability is also outstanding.

You can enable any of the 19 modes to boost comfort levels. 17 of which are preset modes, while the other 2 can be adjusted to your needs. The backlight isn’t only enchanting to look at, but the brightness spreads evenly all over the keyboard.

It has an ergonomic design, constructed using metal-ABS. The 87 conflict-free keys also make gaming more fun. 11 multimedia keys are included for your amusement. The whole thing is quite resistant to splashes.

Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard, USB Wired Multiple Colors Rainbow LED Backlit, Large Size Mechanical Feeling

This keyboard looks delightful with its pretty backlight, but it has no support for Linux and Mac OS. If you want to buy it, make sure your laptop runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. It has 104 standard keys, with 5 adjustable colors.

All you have to do to see the amazing spectacle is press on the backlit button. The keyboard also comes in the right size. It has dimensions of 17.1 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches.

The automatic sleeping mode is useful if you take breaks frequently. Leave it 10 minutes unattended, it will go to sleeping mode and the backlight will also be turned off. To bring back the light, just press on one of the keys.

SADES K10 Multi-Color LED Backlit, Wired USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches

A white keyboard can appear stunning when accentuated with a backlight. This is no exception. Underneath the keycaps is blue switches which can deliver a powerful click sound. Isn’t it bothering?

Well, every keyboard is designed for a specific purpose. It’s normal for a gaming keyboard to produce a loud sound because it gives certainty in pressing the keys. With gaming, you need to feel sure to hit every button precisely.

Since you maintain your focus on the screen, not the keyboard, then a loud noise will help. The uniform light transmission makes the layout look nifty. There are a total of 7 backlight effects that you can choose to your liking. FN+Windows allows for lock/unlock function of the keys, so you can avoid clicking wrong keys.

This is especially important once you start a game. In terms of hand feel, the keyboard is great. The curved keycaps further boost that convenience during operation. It also comes with a rubber pad to ensure that it stands still under heavy usage.

Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard, Clicky Blue Switch, Equivalent Wired Ergonomic Office Keyboard

Responsive typing should be a key feature in every keyboard. But since it’s the mechanical type, it should have no problem fulfilling this requirement. Not just responsive, it also has high impact resistance thanks to the solid construction. The clicking sound can be heard vividly.

This is something that you’ll need for gaming. The same goes for the tactile feedback. It’s important for a keyboard to provide an audible response to finger pressure, so you can be sure about the sequence of keys you have hit. The keycaps have uniform backlighting, and the letters don’t wear off quickly.

The level of customization assigned to the backlight is also extensive, like it doesn’t stop with brightness settings. It allows you to choose between the 9 effect modes. The best part is breathing mode is also available.

Speaking of build quality, it won’t disappoint you because aircraft-grade aluminum ABS is chosen as the base material. The strength and durability should be top notch.

How to Choose a White Gaming Keyboard

1. Type

Using the right type of keyboard makes a difference in your gaming experience. Hence, it’s important to find out the type of keyboard you want to buy. Membrane keyboards are the standard type that often comes in a bundle with pre-built computers. Since they are popular, chances are you have used them at some point.

A membrane keyboard is comprised of 2 plastic layers, situated right beneath the keys. Despite the popularity, membrane keyboards aren’t the most appealing in terms of durability because they get broken rather quickly especially under heavy usage. For simple use like browsing, they are still reliable, but for gaming or another task that needs continuous use, you can consider a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards have a few distinct traits. These keyboards come with individual switch below every key. The loud noise is another thing recognizable from these keyboards. Why would someone want a loud keyboard than a quiet one?

Gaming is a different experience than editing an office document. You need to make sure to press every key correctly and one good indicator you have done it is by listening to the sound generated with each stroke.

2. Build quality

It’s hard use a keyboard gently when all our focus is on the gameplay. The good news is you can prevent early damage to the keyboard by choosing solid build quality. Some keyboards are expensive, but they have quality to justify their high prices.

What constitutes a quality keyboard? It should be made of a durable material, has responsive keys, and can step up your gaming experience. Actually, most gaming keyboards are made with endurance in mind. Even the affordable ones should last long.

Plastic remains a popular choice. Plastic is in no way bad as it comes in varying degrees of quality. Some are very strong and can resist external factors like oil. ABS, for instance, shows great endurance, making it a popular choice for consoles and game-related accessories.

3. Backlight

Is this necessary? Backlight comes in handy in low-light environments. However, we’ll never advise you to play in the dark as it will put a strain on your eyes. Some people like backlit keyboards just for the cool factor.

Well, there’s nothing wrong to purchase this type of keyboard because it glows as the lights go out. There are several customizations available.

For example, there are keyboards with a backlight where the brightness levels can be adjusted. Others can do more, like changing the color scheme as well as adding effects.

FAQs – Best Keyboard for Gamers

What type of keyboard is best for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming, but they come with a few caveats. The loud noise is like a two-edged sword. It can help those who need it, but can also annoy those who don’t like high noise outputs.

If you have a dedicated room to play games which muffles the sound of a mechanical keyboard, then it’s a good pick, not to mention that this type offers better durability.

Are mechanical keyboards really better (for gaming)?

As a gamer, any slight difference in the keyboard will be noticeable. If you used to use membrane keyboards a lot and then suddenly changed to mechanical keyboards, the new hand feel is something you can’t ignore.

Mechanical keyboards make a slightly different sound than membrane ones. It’s louder and has unique quality to it.

What keyboard do professional gamers use?

If you look it up on Amazon, there are several keyboards that many people have used, such as Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard, Razer Cynosa Chroma, and Redragon K552-RGB.

There are many other products with their distinct features. Just visit the site to see the vast collection.

Is a smaller keyboard better for gaming?

Smaller keyboards allow you to press the keys quickly as there isn’t an ample space between keys. For gaming purposes, this configuration is beneficial as you can keep the keyboard and mouse in close proximity.

Besides, smaller keyboards also exclude additional features which reduce the risk of hitting wrong keys.

What is a gaming keypad used for?

The name pretty much sums it up. It’s designed with gaming in mind, so it can maximize stroke efficiency. There are a few things that make a mechanical keypad a perfect addition to your room.

First, it provides comfort thanks to the tactile feedback. Second, it’s much smaller since it has a limited number of keys.

Final Thoughts: Choosing The Right Keyboard for Playing Games

The best thing about setting up a gaming space personally is you have the freedom to decide on the color theme. Although keyboards have been synonymous with black, white keyboards have their distinct appeal, too. Both colors can’t be any more different.

The striking contrast is what will change your experience tremendously. If you’ve been a faithful user of black keyboards, replacing them with white models will completely change the look of your game room.

Color isn’t the only thing that matters, though. At the end of the day, quality remains the most important attribute to determine the price to performance value of a product.

And if you’re looking for the best white gaming keyboard, we’ve rounded up the list for you. Just scroll back to find out.

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