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Everyone has a different idea of what an ideal gaming desk should be. The way you set up the game station is important because you’ll spend tons of time there, so comfort is everything. But before you think of design, you should make a list of accessories to display on the desk. You can’t cram everything because the top is not that spacious to accommodate all the things you like. Just pick the most essential items first and you can work from there. Here are some gaming desk accessories you can consider.

Gaming Keyboard

Needless to say, a gaming keyboard is among the most important additions to a gaming desk. Due to the high importance, please choose a quality keyboard. First, decide on the type, whether it’s mechanical or membrane. A mechanical keyboard offers tactile feedback, which is helpful especially for gaming. It also produces an audible sound to strengthen the sense of touch. Next, think of the size. A full-size keyboard is ideal for professional use, but for gaming, a lighter one like a tenkeyless design will probably suit you more. There’s even a smaller one called gaming keypad. It consists of only the essential keys and is operated by one hand.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is an integral part of a computer system because it moves the pointer. Even if laptops come with a dedicated trackpad, many are still more comfortable using a mouse. For this reason, you can get one to boost gaming experience. Before heading off to the store, figure out what you needs. Are you looking for a mouse to play FPS or MOBA because mice for these game genres are created differently. FPI mice, for instance, are usually slim without too many buttons. The most prominent feature is usually sensor accuracy. Meanwhile, mice to play MOBA games are easy to recognize from the appearance of side buttons. There is usually a group of thumb buttons that can be assigned to profiles and macros.

Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses aren’t an accessory to adorn a gaming desk, but they’re beneficial to protect your eyes from blue light. For the record, blue light is inescapable because it’s emitted from digital screens. As long as you look at a monitor while gaming, you’ll always be exposed to blue light, which is known as a risk factor for macular degeneration. To maintain eye health, consider wearing gaming glasses. There are several types, like clear and tinted lenses. Clear lenses can still provide blue light protection, but tinted lenses take it to another level, so the latter would generally be a better pick unless you’re concerned about color distortion.

Virtual Reality Headset

If you want to add a VR headset to your station, think again as a VR experience is totally different from playing games. Sure, some games are specifically made for VR, but many are not. There are differences in how non-VR games are displayed on a VR headset. Therefore, find the right games in case you’re adamant about getting a VR headset.

Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is another item you can buy to level up your battle station. But with so many choices out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Besides quality, comfort is another thing that matters and this will dictate the type of headset you should buy. There are over-ear and on-ear headsets. Both have distinct characteristics. An over-ear headset is likely to isolate sounds better, so if ambient noise is bothering you, this is a good pick.

Gaming Speaker

Headsets are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some prefer to listen to music through a speaker. Thankfully, there are plenty of gaming speakers to choose from. Make a list of features you desire. Do you want standard audio quality or a home theater surround? Since it’s going to be displayed on the desk, size also matters. If there isn’t much left on the top, think of buying a medium-sized speaker. Small size doesn’t always equate to poor quality. Just make sure it comes with decent drivers to produce good sound quality.

Gaming Mics

Most gaming headsets come equipped with a microphone, so there’s no need to buy an individual mic. But if you need one for another purpose or with a better quality than the built-in mic on your headset, then go ahead. Just take time to choose the right one. You can start with the directionality. Decide if you want the mic to pick up sound from one direction or evenly from all directions. As for sound, this is rather subjective. Even high-end mics can have slight differences in sound quality.

Gaming Cameras

What do you expect from a webcam? If you play mostly online games, then a gaming webcam is a necessity. There are many features a webcam can come with, such as a wide-angle lens, full HD quality, built-in microphones, to name a few. It can be a bit redundant when both the webcam and headset have mics, but assuming they differ in quality, more is better in this case.

Gaming Desk

Apart from choosing gaming accessories, you can’t forget the most essential part, which is the desk itself. Gaming desks come in numerous styles, so choose one that suits you best. If you plan on adding a bunch of accessories, find a unit that not only has a spacious top, but also has multiple drawers and compartments to store peripherals.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is just as important despite not being related to gaming. Can you sit for hours if the pad feels rough? We’re sure you’ll struggle to stay put if the chair has hard cushioning. Hence, choose a chair with an ergonomic design so that it doesn’t put a strain on your back. A quality chair may cost a few hundreds, but it’s a good investment nonetheless.

Wireless Cellphone Charger

A wireless phone charger sounds like a nice addition to your desk, but unless your phone supports this way of charging, there’s no point of buying it. Make sure to check out the compatibility before you shop around. For your information, some phones have it as a preloaded feature, while others require using a replacement cover.

Charging Station

A single port charger won’t cut it anymore if you own many devices. The solution to this problem is a charging station dock. This is a special tool that allows you to charge multiple devices at once. It’s bigger than the average charger because the surface can be used to arrange devices while they’re charging. There are a few things to take into account, such as the number of ports, size, and power output.


Have you run out of USB ports? If so, that’s not a problem because a USB hub will solve that. As the name implies, a USB hub increases the number of USB ports on a laptop. Not every laptop is built with many ports. Some are lucky to have two. What’s the purpose of a USB hub? It’s basically a collection of ports, so you can use it the way you use ports, like connecting to a Bluetooth dongle, a flash disk, a printer, a keyboard, and other peripherals.

Desk Lamp

Is this necessary? We think so because it provides extra illumination to the surface of the desk. Even if there’s been sufficient lighting in the room, a desk lamp wouldn’t hurt. It’s different from ceiling lights as you can adjust the brightness as well as the angle at which the light is pointing.

Desk Air Purifier

Air pollutants are barely visible through the naked eye, but they can trigger symptoms to those who have higher sensitivity to them. If you sneeze or have a runny nose frequently in your gaming room, it probably has to do with poor air quality in the room. Installing an air purifier is a good idea. In case there’s some space left on your desk, you can buy a compact one to be placed over there. It will help remove contaminants from the air and keep it fresh all the time.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Although a mouse can operate on any surface, it’s much more comfortable to use it on a mouse pad. Besides, it allows for smooth tracking. What makes an ergonomic mouse pad better? It has a design that keeps you from hand fatigue. There should be cushioning at the bottom made of a soft touch material like memory foam. It can prevent serious problems like wrist-related injuries.

Headphone Stand Mount

Perhaps, this is among the least important accessories for a gaming desk. But if you have a very expensive headset that you need to protect at all costs, this is good to consider. Headphones don’t need a stand for storage. You can just place them on the desk. However, if you don’t like being disorganized, this can keep the space neat and uncluttered.

Cable Management System

The name pretty much says the benefits of this accessory. A computer system is composed of many corded items, so it’s easy for the station to look messy with cables everywhere. If you need something to organize them all, this will help. It can conceal cables, creating the illusion of a clean space. The best part is it doesn’t cost a fortune.





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