Gaming Cameras

Is a gaming camera necessary? For a desktop computer that doesn’t come with a built-in webcam, it is, but if you use a laptop mostly, this is optional. Many people opt for standalone webcams because they seek better quality. If your laptop can’t give that, then upgrading is a way to go. Mind you, a webcam isn’t only useful for playing games online. You can also use it to have a teleconference given that many people choose to work from home these days. Whatever the case might be, using a quality webcam is always a good idea. It allows you to keep in touch with family and friends the best possible way. With a quality webcam, there won’t be blurry videos because it can record in high resolution.

Choosing Gaming Cameras

1. Resolution

This is one of the most important things to expect from a webcam. In fact, if you wish to get better quality over the previous webcam, you need to make sure the new one can record high resolution videos. For the record, 720p is the standard high resolution. This is way better than VGA quality. If you can take it up a notch to 1080p, that would be even better. A higher resolution translates to improved quality although there are other factors that matter just as much.

2. Maneuverability

The amount of flexibility that a webcam provides is also crucial. You have to decide where the device will be placed. If there isn’t much space left on the desk, then you may need a webcam that clips to the top of the monitor. In this case, a rotating head also becomes necessary. Without it, you either have to stay in front of the screen or tilt the monitor to be in frame. A rotating head will get rid of this problem because it can stay in its exact position while recording at different angles.

3. Design

Do you plan on using the webcam to spruce up your battle station? Since webcams come in various designs, it’s a good idea to pick one that goes well with the desktop arrangement. In general, gaming webcams come in two varieties, freestanding and clip-on. The first type is characterized by a stand, while the second one doesn’t have that extension to stand on a desk. Instead, it comes with a clip to attach to a monitor. By the way, if space is a restraint, you can opt for a clip-on webcam. A freestanding one is good if the desk is ample enough to hold a few more accessories.

Advantages of a Gaming Webcam

1. Awesome Quality

The best thing about a gaming webcam is that it delivers great quality because it’s made for those who demand top-notch quality. While there are still differences from product to product, you can expect them to provide satisfactory performance. The reasonable price also adds to their appeal. Even high-end webcams are still affordable to many. You can get one for as low as $40. Of course, there are models that cost over $100. But then again, price should go hand-in-hand with quality.

2. High Adjustability

One of the reasons to buy a standalone webcam is to get more features and adjustability. That’s not to say that built-in webcams are bad because some are seriously good. However, if you find yours isn’t satisfying enough, you can get an external one to connect to your computer. In terms of adjustability, there should be an option to tweak the colors and brightness levels. You can change them to your liking.

3. Moveable

A gaming webcam sort of creates a larger field of view because it can be moved from one spot to another. It’s probably not the most accurate term to describe it, but we’re sure you get the point. Compared to a built-in webcam that requires you to move the device for another view, with an external webcam you just need to move the unit or rotate the head. In other words, it’s much more flexible than moving around your laptop or monitor.

Gamer Cameras Features

1. Frame Rate

A webcam needs to have a minimum of 30 fps. Anything lower isn’t advisable as you’ll notice the sketchy-looking video footage easily. This is especially important for gaming or day-to-day use. A high fps rate will ensure that the videos don’t appear jumpy. Such quality reminds us of videos a few years back, which means they will look out of place today. Besides, it’s not about you, but those who see you through the lens.

2. Autofocus

This feature has become the norm in modern devices, so it should exist in your webcam, too. Fortunately, many webcams have it included. Autofocus can choose an area to focus on without you doing anything. This kind of automation definitely helps because you can worry less about focus and more about making perfect content or playing favorite games. Is this feature enabled by default? It depends on the product, but there should be an option to turn it off as well.

3. Mic

A webcam and a microphone are two inseparable components. A video wouldn’t be perfect without sound and vice versa. Therefore, you need to find out if a webcam includes a mic or not and if it’s good quality or not. A high-end gaming webcam should have it, though. By spending more, a webcam is more likely to come with a top-notch mic with special features like dual mics and or omnidirectional polar pattern.

PC Gaming Setups

What does it take to create a good PC gaming setup? The first to consider is hardware, including a CPU, graphics card, memory, etc. However, you shouldn’t overlook peripherals and furniture items like a chair and a desk. They all contribute to the overall comfort. Speaking of peripheral devices, there are quite a lot that you can add to the setup, like a gaming webcam. But do you need to buy an external one? Depending on the quality of the built-in webcam, buying a new one can still be an option. Perhaps, you aren’t too content with the quality, like the fps is too low or there’s something about color reproduction that bothers you. In this case, a standalone webcam is the right solution.

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