Best Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses for 2021

With the steady increase in use of digital devices, blue light glasses make more sense to wear. Blue light is associated with increased risk of problems like macular degeneration. While…

With the steady increase in use of digital devices, blue light glasses make more sense to wear. Blue light is associated with increased risk of problems like macular degeneration. While in short term, it may cause digital eye strain. Eye strain may sound like a trivial issue, but it’s not something to ignore.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of devices is at risk of developing this condition. It can subside with a rest, but repeated pressure on the eyes can lead to something more serious. So, how do the best blue light blocking clip on glasses help?

Just like regular blue light glasses, this variety helps filter HEV light, so it doesn’t reach vulnerable parts of the eye. As a result, problems like eye strain can be avoided. Eye strain isn’t the only symptoms that follow this condition.

When it gets severe, you may also experience blurry vision and headaches. Wearing these special glasses have shown to alleviate these symptoms, allowing you to work with gadgets longer. If you’re curious about quality clip-on blue light glasses, here are a few recommendations.

The Best Blue Light Blocking Clip On Glasses for 2021

Clip-On Gaming Glasses

Many people love clip-on glasses for their simplicity. Without a frame, a pair of clip-on glasses weighs less than the average glasses with a frame.

As you see on the picture, the lens clips onto reading glasses, so no frame is needed. Although framed glasses do exist, this makes a perfect choice for those wanting lightweight eyewear.

Other features aren’t that different. This product, for instance, is effective for blocking out blue light. If you have frequent headaches after gaming, wearing these glasses would make a difference.

Apart from relieving symptoms of computer vision syndrome, they can also boost sleep quality especially when worn at night. Blue light glasses don’t have to be bulky and rigid in looks. This shows that glasses can also appear stylish.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Clip-on Flip-up

If you need affordable clip on glasses, this can be an option. Despite the low price, this has received good feedback from customers as evidenced by the high rating. There are many benefits that these glasses have to offer.

Due to the efficient blue light filtration, they can reduce the impact blue light has on melatonin in the body. Wear them at night, you’ll find yourself falling asleep faster. They are able to filter up to 95 percent of blue light, which turns out to be twice stronger than other yellow-tinted lenses.

There are many other benefits although they aren’t exclusive to this product. Keep in mind that this is a blue light protector, so problems associated with exposure to this spectrum like eye strain and headaches will also lessen after use.

This product brings a lot of back for the buck. That’s because for the price point, you’ll get more than a pair of glasses. There are also other items in the package, including a cleaning cloth, a storage case, and a bag to carry them around with ease.

Cyxus Blue Light Filter (Clip On) Computer Glasses

One of the first things to consider upon purchasing blue light glasses is the size. This is especially important for clip-on glasses as they are attached on reading glasses. If you need one to wear with your prescription glasses, please read the specs carefully.

To start with, these glasses have dimensions of 60mm x 41mm. Meanwhile, the bridge measures 10mm, while the whole frame measures 130mm. Find out if your glasses are close to this size.

Make sure they’re not too small or large for the clip-on glasses. Otherwise, they won’t fit. In terms of blue light protection, they filter up to 90% of the spectrum, a decent figure actually.

Another thing that boosts their value is the ease of use. The clip-on attaches seamlessly on glasses. It also has some sort of soft rubber to ensure that it doesn’t scratch the lens. Some lenses are quite susceptible to scratches, so they need careful treatment.

Another benefit of this product is it comes with a lifetime warranty. Even if it’s not an expensive product to begin with, a warranty is very much appreciated. This way, there’s no need to worry about damage that might happen on delivery.

Shileded Blue Light Filter Clip On Glasses

Most of us are already familiar with yellow-tinted glasses because they are very common. Clear glasses are also popular because they don’t change color perception, but have you seen blue light glasses in black?

If you haven’t yet, these glasses could be your first opportunity wearing them. When it comes to protection, they’re just as good as other glasses. They also have the ability to block blue light. While blue light exists in nature, it’s the one produced by devices that’s often associated with elevated risk of vision problems.

Another benefit of wearing these glasses is they can put you to good sleep. Blue light interferes with sleep-wake cycle as it disrupts melatonin release in the body. With this eyewear, you can use devices at night safely as it helps prevent the side effects of blue light.

If this wasn’t convincing enough, what about an approval from the FDA? According to the product page, this product already meets the requirements of the FDA, which could be a stamp of approval for safety.

Clip On Blue Blocking Amber Fitover Glasses for Better Sleep

The first that will grab your attention is the dark tint. Unlike many other blue light glasses that come in lighter yellow shades, this product looks way darker than that, but how does it affect its ability to filter blue light?

For the record, a tint has a direct impact on the ability of glasses to extend protection against blue light, which is why we’re recommended to pick yellow glasses over clear ones although the latter is also effective. With this product, the protection is leveled up thanks to the strong amber shade.

They can filter up to 99.5 percent of blue light, which is amazing. They also have protection against UV rays. As we know, blue light isn’t the only spectrum that could be detrimental to health. UV rays have also been long linked to various problems. Hence, it’s a good idea to pick glasses that can protect your vision from both damaging factors.

As for the build quality, these clip-on glasses are designed with a tough magnesium alloy construction. This material is the reason behind the lightweight nature of this product. By the way, these glasses are designed somewhat large, so they will engulf glasses perfectly.

What to Look for in Blue Light Blocking Clip-On Glasses

1. Blue light protection

Choosing clip-on glasses isn’t that different from choosing framed glasses. They have similar form factors, only one is frameless, while other has a framed lens. When it comes to blue light protection, you can read the label or product description.

The information should include the amount of blue light a product can filter, which is typically represented as a percentage. For example, if a product has a 68% blue light filtration, then it can roughly filter that amount. You should aim for a higher percentage because that means it can filter a good amount of this HEV light.

2. Tint

Tint is also important to consider. Yellow blue light glasses are very common. A yellow tint heightens contrast, so it’s useful for seeing in dim environments. It can also help differentiate colors.

If you’re a gamer, this tint will benefit you more than the transparent counterparts. But if you can’t afford missing true color quality, then clear glasses would come in handy. So, before you decide between a clip-on and a frame, decide on the tint first.

3. Size

Why does it matter?

Imagine if the glasses are smaller than your reading glasses. The lens won’t cover up the whole section of the lens, which in turn reduces the level of protection. It’s better to select oversized glasses than small ones.

Keep in mind that clip-on glasses are supposed to be attached over prescription glasses. For this reason, finding a matching size is important. Slightly oversized isn’t a big deal, but a fit size is preferred.

FAQs – Glassess for Gaming/Computer Use

Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

They’re created to protect your eyes, so it doesn’t make sense that they would do the opposite. The worse thing that might happen is you end up with a low quality product or even a knock-off.

Original blue light glasses have a special coating on their lens to block out blue light. If it’s a knock-off, this coating may work poorly or simply doesn’t exist. In this case, it won’t provide the protection you need and damage caused by blue light would continue.

Which glasses block the most blue light?

The information on blue light filtration rate can be found in the specs of a product. You just need to read them to find out.

These glasses come in different levels of protection. Higher percentages indicate more thorough protection, so it’s a good idea to choose one with a high percentage.

Where is the best place to buy blue light clip-on glasses?

Official sites are among the best places to buy quality glasses. Instead of buying from a reseller, you can consider buying right from the official site. Popular brands like Gunnar usually have a dedicated site to display their products.

There you can find a complete lineup of products that have been released by a manufacturer. Another place to try is online marketplaces or e-commerce sites mainly because they have a section for customer reviews. This way, you can find out the quality of a product before buying it.

Do blue light blocking glasses have a tint?

They come in different shades, including clear and tinted. It seems that they try to cater to different demographics.

Clear glasses are more leaned towards professional use, while tinted lenses are often marketed towards gamers and drivers. If you don’t mind color distortion, tinted glasses can be an option.

How can I tell if my blue light glasses work?

One simple method is seeing blue through the lens. If it does filter blue light, the color will change in appearance as you put the glasses on. But if it doesn’t have that unique coating, the color will remain the same.

Do you wear prescription glasses?

If so, try to look at a shade of blue, nothing should happen because prescription glasses don’t have this kind of coating.

Final Thoughts

The best blue light blocking clip on glasses are more than just tools to keep digital strain at bay. They can also improve sleep because they don’t allow blue light to wreak havoc on your body.

As we know, blue light is directly linked to melatonin production in the body. Naturally, its level tends to increase at times when we’re about to sleep, like at night. However, this process can be disrupted when you use too much gadget before bed. The exposure to blue light will suppress the production of this hormone.

As a result, it will be harder to fall asleep. What happens is quite the opposite. Blue light will raise your alertness like during the day. Blue light isn’t just a product of technology. Way before gadgets were a thing, this light had been around us.

Yep, it’s part of the natural light spectrum, which means we’ve always been exposed to it. The thing is blue light that exists in nature rarely causes a problem, while that of digital devices can have a major impact on eye health.

To avoid it, you can wear these special glasses. There are varieties with a clip-on, designed to fit over prescription glasses. They come with no frame unlike regular ones.

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