Best Gaming Glasses for Kids

The Best Gaming Glasses for Kids in 2023

The best gaming glasses for kids are similar to those for adults in the way they protect vision against damaging factors, like glare and blue light. Who said only adults…

The best gaming glasses for kids are similar to those for adults in the way they protect vision against damaging factors, like glare and blue light.

Who said only adults should wear them?

Anyone who uses Smartphones and laptops can consider buying this special eyewear. Depending on the time he spends in front of digital screens, he might or might not need these glasses.

If he only plays one or two hours, the exposure to blue light probably won’t cause a problem.

But if he has high sensitivity to light or play much longer to the point where he starts experiencing dry eye and strain, then wearing these glasses is recommended.

Best Gaming Glasses for Kids (2023)

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Computer Video Gaming Eyeglasses for Boys & Girls

When it comes to blue light glasses for kids, you’ll find many that sport cute designs. It makes sense because kids love popping colors. However, there are also some that appear tame, like this one. Judging by the design, it doesn’t look out of the ordinary. Despite the straightforward design, these glasses are still effective to filter blue light.

Well, they should be more about functionality. If you need fashion glasses that don’t serve a purpose other than looking stylish, you should look for that type, instead.

What’s special about these glasses?

On the surface, there isn’t much difference between these and other glasses. They also have specific coatings to reduce glare and blue light. Blue light has long been linked to problems like macular degeneration, while glare contributes to eye strain that often manifests as headaches and dry eye.

These factors are pretty much inescapable. As long as your child is busy with his laptop and Smartphone, he will always be exposed to them.

But at least as a parent, you can provide protection by asking him to wear special glasses. Functionality aside, these glasses are lightweight thanks to the silicone frame.

Kids Computer Glasses, Video Gaming Glasses, Anti Harmful Blue Light UV400

This could be an option to those looking for cute kids glasses. According to the product page, these glasses have anti blue light protection. They are also able to block UV400 and radiation. All these things can be harmful to our vision especially with prolonged exposure.

Design-wise, these glasses look adorable. They come in colorful designs unlike the adult counterparts that tend to sport calm and universal colors. There are 6 color combinations in total, among others, pink green, black red, and red white.

The frame is made of TPEE, a rubbery material known for its elasticity and strength. For the record, soft satin lends its elasticity to this material.

Meanwhile, the lens material utilizes AC. With all the benefits, the most appealing part is obviously the price as it costs only $26.

By paying this sum, you can get glasses to protect your child’s eyes from blue light which exists in nature and is also manmade.

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Silicone Flexible Square Eyeglasses Frame with Glasses Rope

These glasses are made with kids in mind. Just look at those adorable frame especially the top one, it’s cuteness overload. Let’s delve into the specs.

Firstly, the frame is constructed from TPEE, which is the same as the previous product. It delivers flexibility and endurance, making it a terrific choice. Second, the lens is non-polarized, not really a big deal for glasses meant for kids. There are many situations where polarized lenses come in handy like while driving or boating, but for regular use, the lack of this feature shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

There are more important types of protection that this eyewear needs to deliver. And in this case, these glasses are capable of blocking blue light and UV rays.

As for the frame, it’s flexible and tough for using TPEE as the base material. It’s soft to touch and lightweight as well. The best part is it doesn’t contain toxic compounds, such as Bisphenol A and lead.

Livho Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Computer Gaming TV Glasses

If he often complains about pain and strain in his eyes, then time to consider giving him blue light glasses. Although blue light glasses help, limiting screen time is equally important. No parents would want their kids to suffer from vision problems at a young age. To prevent them, take part in controlling his time in front of digital devices.

If you want increase the level of protection, this product is the solution. These glasses are designed for kids as evidenced by the cute frame. Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance, though. These glasses can still provide good protection against harmful wavelengths. Not only blue light, it can also handle glare and UV rays.

In choosing glasses for a kid, size should be your top priority. Don’t give blue light glasses for adults to him because they are considerably bigger. It will be hard to fit them on his face. Besides, glasses for adults tend to weigh more.

This product, in comparison, is very lightweight. They’re comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Another interesting aspect of this eyewear is the lens. We aren’t talking about the functionality, but the color. It’s transparent.

Gaming glasses are often associated with yellow-tinted lenses, but that’s not always the case. If you need a pair that doesn’t distort colors, this can be an option.

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids and Teens Anti Eyestrain Eyewear UV Protection

People wear clear glasses for the high light transmittance. Besides, they don’t interfere with color perception. Although tinted lenses have awesome benefits, there are some people who need transparent lenses more to do their job.

For a kid, tint isn’t really a big issue. But if he wants to see the world in a true color view, then you can buy him glasses that have a transparent lens. They can also provide blue light protection despite the absence of a darker shade.

From the product page, these glasses are said to filter up to 90% of blue light, which means they should be good for alleviating symptoms of digital eye strain. The design is also versatile that kids of all ages (especially aged 3 to 8) can wear them without looking out of place.

Another fact you should know is that the product is made by a FDA registered company. As we’ve always said, the reputation of a brand matters as it has an impact on quality. Don’t sacrifice quality for some cheap glasses.

Knowing blue light glasses are health-related, quality should be the highest priority. Most importantly, this product is lightweight. It uses a combination of plastic for the frame and polycarbonate for the lens.

Picking Gaming Glasses for Children

1. Material

Choose the right material especially for the frame. Kids can be reckless to whatever they’re wearing. Hence, it’s important to choose a material that can withstand abusive use.

It’s not to say that all kids act like that, but many don’t have a calm demeanor. Lucky you if yours is the opposite.

2. Size

The reason why size matters is because it affects weight. Blue light glasses aimed at kids typically weigh less than the ones marketed for adults.

Keep in mind that children have limited capability to carry weight on their heads. To ensure that glasses fit, choose one that he can wear comfortably. It shouldn’t be too small or large.

3. Design

It’s optional, but you can give him some useful advice. The decision should be his because if you pick a design he doesn’t like, he might hesitate to wear them.

Glasses for kids usually come in cute designs, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

FAQs – Good Gaming Glasses for Little Boys or Girls

Do gaming glasses really work for my kids?

Many gaming glasses earn good feedback from customers, which could indicate a high level of satisfaction. Gaming glasses for children aren’t that different from those for adults. They usually differ in design and size.

You shouldn’t give adult’s glasses for your little one because they won’t fit or too loose. Buy a pair that’s actually made for kids. In terms of protection, they do work with many saying that their symptoms improved after wearing the special eyewear.

Digital eye strain is a serious issue affecting millions of people around the world. Overuse of gadgets is one of the main culprits. The thing is this problem isn’t exclusive to just adults.

Kids love their devices just as much. Aside from setting limits for game time, you can also help by giving him blue light glasses. As the name implies, these glasses help filter high energy blue light that’s straining to the eye.

By preventing it from entering his eyes, problems like strain and headaches can be avoided.

What gaming glasses do?

Gaming glasses are a type of glasses normally used by gamers to protect their eyes. Anyone whose job requires them to stare at digital screens for extended periods of time is more susceptible to vision problems like eye strain.

Thankfully, gaming glasses could be a savior. They are also referred to as blue light glasses. Although interchangeable, these two are slightly different. Gaming glasses often have tinted lenses to help improve contrast and increase potency in filtering harmful wavelengths.

Meanwhile, blue light glasses are a broader term as they encompass all glasses with blue light protection. These glasses may come with tinted lenses, but they can also appear transparent.

Why are gaming glasses necessary?

People have difference tolerance to glare and light. For some, light can easily trigger headaches. This would be a problem for pro-gamers for instance since they’re supposed to be in front of screens hours upon hours.

To prevent the effect of blue light and glare, wearing these special glasses should help.

Are blue light glasses good for gaming?

Blue light glasses are mainly designed for professional use. Both types can provide blue light protection, but if you need one with a sleek design and doesn’t look obtrusive, then blue light glasses are the way to go.

But if you need a pair for gaming, then choose one specifically marketed as such.


That’s because many gaming glasses are tinted to increase sharpness and give us better clarity.

Besides, they are made oversized, so that they can be worn over prescription glasses. Blue light glasses, on the other hand, are often transparent.

Those who work a lot with colors like graphic designers need them so bad because clear lenses ensure that the colors are viewed in their true quality.

What gamer glasses does Clix use?

He uses Gunnar PPK prescription. Gunnar is undoubtedly a household name when it comes to blue light glasses. You can consider one of its products to keep your eyes from damage caused by excessive brightness and blue light.

Prolonged exposure to harmful wavelengths may increase the risk of damage to the cells in the retina. Besides, blue light can also disrupt sleep-wake cycle.

To prevent it, you can wear these Gunnar glasses.

Looking for circle gaming glasses for my kid, which one do you recommend?

The fourth product on this list has a round frame, but if you need more suggestions, you can try this, this, and this.

Round frames do make glasses look cuter. Rectangular and round are among the easiest types of glasses to find on the market, so you have quite a lot of choices.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve read some of the best gaming glasses for kids, think carefully if you really want a pair for your child or not. In some cases, this equipment might not be necessary if you’re strict with his game time.

Playing an hour or two in a day for many people won’t trigger eye strain and similar problems. If he can’t keep his hands off devices, then the need for glasses would increase.

But then again, kids should spend their time studying, not gaming. Take responsibility by limiting his game time to a couple of hours a week.

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