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The Best Cheap Gaming Microphones in 2023

Online gaming is an enormous industry that gathers people from around the world. Since the communication is done online, microphones become an integral part of it. That’s why streamers try…

Online gaming is an enormous industry that gathers people from around the world.

Since the communication is done online, microphones become an integral part of it.

That’s why streamers try to improve the quality of their mics, so that communication can go smoothly.

We’ve been accustomed to mics built-into headsets. To record sound, you just need to plug them into a 3.5 mm audio jack.

While these mics work just perfectly fine, the audio quality is nowhere close to that of standalone microphones.

Here are some of the best cheap microphones for gaming.

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Best Cheap Microphone for Gaming (under $50)

USB Gaming Condenser Microphone, XIIVIO for Mac/Windows, Streaming Twitch/Podcasting/YouTube

This product punches above the price point. First of all, it’s easy to use. It will be ready right after you plug it into a USB port and do some tweaks in the settings. It doesn’t require extra steps of installing software. Many condenser mics cost above $100, but this only costs $48.99.

While high-end mics deliver awesome performance, you can resort to this if you’re on a budget. Price aside, this mic does exceptionally well in audio quality. The output is clear and has a wide flat frequency response range (20hz-20khz).

In other words, it’s useful for different applications, like podcasting, gaming, and recording of instruments. The set comes with some valuable items, such as a high speed USB cable measuring 1.5 meters. It allows you to operate the mic quite far from the PC.

As shown on the picture, it also includes a mic stand. The 3 legs supporting the base make it resemble a tripod. Well, this configuration provides more stability, so that makes sense.

KLIM Voice – Gaming USB Desk Microphone for Computer

Gaming mics usually come in black. This one easily stands out with its light color theme. If you’re looking for a mic with a reasonable price, add this to your wish list. Although cheap, it picks up sound decently. The best part is you’ll already get noise cancellation by paying less than $50.

This feature is beneficial to block out unwanted noise, so that it doesn’t taint the record. And then, it comes with an anti-pop filter, another useful feature to maintain clarity of the recordings. As for installation, this mic is easy to operate. It’s like other entry level USB microphones. All you have to do is plug it into the compatible slot and that’s it.

There is no need to install software or anything. It’s not just for gaming, anyway. You can use it other purposes, like making Youtube videos, podcasting, and streaming. Moreover, the mic can be used along with speech recognition software.

If you’ve had an experience with Cortana or another similar app, you can use this mic to pick up your speech. Despite the low price tag, it’s surprisingly tough.

The popping color makes it look unconvincing, but you can tell that the whole thing is made of reinforced plastic, so longevity is guaranteed.

ENHANCE USB Condenser Microphone/Gaming Mic – Computer Desktop Mic for Streaming & Recording

You can get this for about $25. The 3-legged base is one of the notable features of this mic.

Is it better than a scissor arm stand?

It depends. Most of us are aware that a long suspension arm tends to bloat the price. So if budget is a concern, then a mic with a short base would probably be more fitting. For the price, don’t expect too much, but don’t jump to conclusion before you know it better.

To start with, this microphone is omnidirectional, making it perfect for indoor use. With this, every frequency can be heard with superb quality. Speaking of the base, it’s short but not limited in movement. You can easily adjust the position of the mic.

Another useful feature of this mic is a mute switch. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, but due to the high importance, it should be a default feature in every mic. Using the slider, you turn off the audio immediately when necessary.

Best Cheap Microphone for Gaming (under $100)

USB PC Recording Condenser Microphone – Pyle PDMIUSB50

Now if you can scale up your budget a little more, this would be a good pick. You’ll have no problem with the setup. Just plug it into a USB port, choose it as your input in the settings, and you’re good to go. Once the connection is established, you can use the mic to pick up sound. It also offers adjustable output level and mute feature.

To turn the audio off temporarily, a tap on the button will do that. Additionally, this mic has multi-platform support, meaning that it’s compatible with just about any device. Besides, it’s suitable for different applications, like podcasting and singing. It can operate with Mac computers, too.

As we know, Windows support has become a standard for USB microphones in general, so this is a plus. The package also includes a stand. It’s necessary to hold the mic in place and prevent noise caused by soft external vibrations.

Another interesting part of the mic is the blue light peeking out of the grille. Needless to say, it would bring a nuance to the gaming room especially when you play in dim light.

USB Gaming Microphone Kit, UHURU Professional Streaming Microphone with 25mm Large Diaphragm (192kHZ/24bit)

For those wondering about price, this microphone costs $69.99. That would be a non-issue if it has quality to back it up. And luckily, you can tell that it’s indeed a reliable mic. Everything is well-thought out from the design to accessories.

Mics with an arm suspension are commonly used for podcasting and indoor recordings. That’s especially true because they are delicate and capable of picking the smallest elements of sound. This one in particular is designed with a 25mm large diaphragm, which directly contributes to the miking performance. If you need a mic to record your voice with the highest clarity, this is a go-to option.

Given the ultra sensitivity, it also makes a perfect choice for gaming. And don’t stress out over installation. As long as there is a PC to connect to, you can set it up at the drop of a hat. No driver or software is needed for that. Instead, it follows the plug-and-play approach just like other USB microphones. Besides a mic, the package includes a few more items, like a suspension arm, a tripod, a pop filter, to name a few.

USB Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT with Aluminum Organizer Storage Case MAONO AU-A04TC

Sampling rate of a mic can give an insight of its ability to produce sound in high resolution. This product delivers with its 192KHz/24bit rate, which is pretty much the gold standard for high quality audio. It makes an excellent recording device for gaming and podcasting.

Ease of use is another thing to look out for. The USB 2.0 port is added for easy pairing with any device running Linux or another operating system. The best part is it keeps you from the hassle of installing extra software. Furthermore, the product boasts a strong bass response, which is made possible by the transducer.

And in case you want a mic for easy mobility, this can help you with that. Just look at the shiny storage case. Whenever you need to carry the mic around, just put all essentials in the storage.

Choosing Good Cheap Gaming Microphones

1. Type

It should start with knowing the right type of microphone to use. Although microphones are vastly diverse, they are divided into 2 major categories, condenser and dynamic mics.

Dynamic mics are reliable and serve longevity, but the audio reproduction isn’t perfect. They also have the tendency to not recognize high-frequency sounds, so you won’t be annoyed by all subtle frequencies.

2. Pick up pattern

This is another major consideration in choosing a mic. Pattern directly affects a mic’s usability. Every mic is designed differently. An omni mic, for instance, is designed very sensitive.

It picks up sound from every angle, so there’s no need to move it closer to the source of voice. This is not favorable for recording outdoors when background noise is an issue. A cardioid would be better substitute.

3. Use

For the record, all mics in this review are standalone mics, so they would be functional right out of the box. There are also gaming mics that come as an extension of headsets. They pick up sound like ordinary headsets, but they won’t take up extra space since you put them on.

Quality-wise, though, they are probably not the most enthralling. And then, there are also mics that clip onto shirts. These clip-on mics are preferred not only because they are affordable, but also because they’re compact.

Now that you know all the differences, choose the right one for you.

Best Budget Microphone for Gaming (FAQ)

How much does a gaming microphone cost?

The cost of a mic depends on several factors, such as audio quality, features, and brand. If you need a mic with stunning sound quality, then you should invest more. We’ve included some that cost less than $100.

Brand is another determining factor. If you don’t mind a less popular brand, chances are you don’t have to spend big bucks on a premium quality mic. But if brand is your top priority, the price can surpass the upper limit easily.

What microphone should I buy for gaming?

A microphone that picks up sound from the front is ideal for gaming. While it’s true that gaming takes place indoors mostly, you don’t have to stick with an omnidirectional mic although it’s not bad per se.

A cardioid would do a good job especially when you want to focus on one primary audio source and ignore the ambient noise.

Are expensive mics worth it?

Yes, there are things that expensive mics can do that cheaper mics can’t, not to mention that expensive models are usually more comprehensive in terms of accessories. One of the features that an expensive mic has to offer is multiple polar patterns.

The average mic has one specific pattern that defines how it picks up sound. But when you upgrade to an expensive model, it can provide you with more options, such as omnidirectional, bidirectional, etc. As for audio, expensive mics are also superior to inexpensive ones.

How can I make my cheap mic sound professional?

Expecting a cheap mic to work like an expensive one is a bit of a stretch, but there are a few steps to take if you want to enhance the sound quality. For example, you should get closer to the mic while speaking. It’s normal for a cheap microphone to have low sensitivity.

Hence, you should adjust your position relative to the front or area that collects sound wave. This will prevent unwanted noise from being picked up as well. You can also make some changes in equalization as it serves to push certain frequencies forward.

Gaming Mics Conclusion

See, a lot goes into selecting the best cheap microphone for gaming.

You can’t pick a product randomly as it will affect your satisfaction.

There are many things to take into account, so that you get the most fitting mic.

Not only do gaming mics vary in price, but they also comes with complex features.

However, it’s noteworthy that cheaper ones aren’t less reliable than the expensive counterparts.

Price is no longer a barrier to creating quality mics nowadays.

Many manufacturers succeed in crafting awesome products while keeping prices low.

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