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Every Streamer’s Dream in 2023: A Gaming Microphone Without Headphones

A standalone mic and headphones seem to be a standard set in every gaming session. If your headphones don’t feature a built-in mic, then the only way to pick up…

A standalone mic and headphones seem to be a standard set in every gaming session. If your headphones don’t feature a built-in mic, then the only way to pick up your voice is by adding an external mic to the system.

Despite the convenience, many people don’t like the way headphone feels on their ears. They’d rather listen to their voice through loud speakers.

Well, this can cause a few problems, which is why it’s an unpopular option. First of all, a speaker generates audible sound that can easily be picked up by the mic. This will lead to overlapping sounds.

As a result, those who join in the streaming may hear an echo. This would be a bigger problem if you went with a type of microphone that picks up sound from all directions. To solve this, there are a few adjustments you have to do.

First, you should choose a cardioid microphone, one that picks sound coming from the front and ignore the rest. And then, you should also position the mic against the speaker, so the sounds don’t overlap each another.

Lastly, you need to turn down the volume of the speaker a little to reduce echo.

Now, if you’re looking for a gaming microphone without headphones, here are some quality products to choose from.

The Best Gaming Microphones (without Headphones) in 2023

USB Microphone Podcast Recording Kit – Pyle PDMIKT100

The plug-and-play operation is one of the reasons why people use USB microphones a lot. This one is no different. Plugging the cable into the USB port and tweaking a few things in software settings will get it ready in no time. Besides ease of use, it’s also important to check out the compatibility as it defines what computer system it can work with.

This product supports windows PCs. This isn’t something new considering Windows is one of the most ubiquitous operating systems, so devices are designed to run it. But the good news is it can be used with Linux-based computers, too.

Another useful feature of this mic is pop filter, which ensures smooth recording by eliminating subtle plosive. This is a common problem for sensitive microphones. At least with mesh separating the mic and your mouth, the unwanted noise can be reduced. This will result in crystal clear sound. Meanwhile, the base is also good quality.

If you need a taller stand, then opt for one that includes an arm suspension. This, however, would get the job done regardless. As stated on the title, this is a cardioid mic, which means it focuses on one sound source. This is beneficial if you want to choose a speaker as the sound output device.

USB Computer Mic Cardioid Podcast Condenser for PC, YouTube, Gaming Recording

Before you buy this, find out if it meets your requirements or not. This mic is quite decent in price. It’s far from expensive, but we wouldn’t say it’s cheap, either. It’s somewhere in between. In terms of use, it’s just as simple as other USB mics.

It starts with connecting the mic to a computer via a USB port. And then you have to pick the default input in the settings. That’s all, there’s no software or anything you should install to complete the process. If the previous product supports Windows and Linux, then this one supports Windows and Mac OS.

Always find this specific info to avoid ending up with a wrong product. If the mic is compatible with the computer you own, then you can go ahead. It picks up details and nuances of sound perfectly thanks to the advanced chipset.

You can use it for gaming and other things, like streaming and holding conference calls. This mic comes in an all-in-one package.

As you can see, mic isn’t the only thing included in the package. Other accessories are added, too, so you don’t have to buy them separately. There’s a pop filter, an arm, a desk mount clamp, etc.

USB Microphone Kit with 192KHZ/24Bit Studio Mic Sound Chipset Scissor Arm

There are a few highlights of this product. First, it has a high sampling rate. This is especially important for those wanting high-res audio.

It also has a wide frequency response, which makes it possible to reproduce sound close to the original. Add it to the fact that the mic also has a 16mm large diaphragm, it will sound crisp and clear. All the elements will be picked because the mic has high sensitivity.

Moreover, it is suitable for indoor use where there isn’t much ambient noise around. Another benefit of this mic is it has a cardioid polar pattern. High sensitivity is a good thing, but it can be a problem when you intend to record one sound source only.

With this mic, you can pick up sound coming from the front and drown the rest. This way, it won’t be affected by feedback especially when you use it with a loudspeaker instead of headphones.

As for installation, the stand can be attached to your desk strongly by means of the c-clamp. As for the suspension arm, it’s strong enough to hold the mic steady. Of course, this part is adjustable, too.

Moukey USB Computer Microphone, for Podcast, YouTube, Studio, Streaming, Gaming Recording (Windows/Mac)

This mic has a clean and straightforward design. For your information, not all mics have a scissor arm stand. There are some that have a short base like this one. If others are mounted using a c-clamp, this is much simpler. You can place it on top of the desk directly. It has resemblance with the previous products, though.

This is a USB mic, so you have to prepare for a free USB port to make it work. It follows the plug-and-play operation. It won’t take long until you’re done with the setup. While it’s easy to insert the mic into the stand, you can use it freely with the extra cable. It’s long enough to let you drag the mic around with ease.

And then, the pickup pattern forms a heart shape. The front is the most sensitive part of the mic, while other areas are way less sensitive to vibrations. This is ideal for gaming where your voice is the most important part of the recording.

It also features pop filter to give a smooth effect to the audio. The sound of wind produced as you speak will be greatly diminished.

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Kit – Pyle PDMIC70

The size of diaphragm is an important consideration in choosing a condenser mic. That’s because large and small diaphragms create different types of sound. Small diaphragm is associated with more natural sound, making it versatile for various applications.

Although it offers many benefits like uncolored sound and wide frequency range, many people prefer large diaphragm for a number of reasons. For example, the sound quality captured usually has some sort of warmth in it. Besides, it also is capable of accentuating low frequencies.

This product has a large diaphragm. If you need a mic that delivers high sensitivity and warm sound, this can be an option. As a matter of fact, it’s a go-to option for professional recording and singing. It’s just as useful for home use.

This mic utilizes a 3-legged stand for support. It may be short, but it still lets you position the mic at any desired angle. In terms of audio, we have to give props where it’s due.

For the price, the mic can record sound with high clarity and crispness. There’s also a stunning LED illumination on this mic. While not mandatory, its adds a unique twist to its appearance especially in low light.

Fosmon Cardioid Condenser Microphone XLR, (Noise Deduction) 360 Degree Uni-Directional Voice Recording with Mount & Windscreen

Now if you need a small diaphragm mic instead of a large one, this might spark your interest. Design-wise, it looks like a typical condenser mic with large metal grill on top. However, the internal components can’t be identified from the outside. You can mistake it for a large diaphragm mic, but this turns out to have a small membrane.

Thus, it’s capable of producing natural sound. As for the pickup pattern, it’s uni-directional, which is useful for a setting where a loud speaker is used instead of a headset. This product is also versatile. It comes with 3.5mm to XLR for easy connection to any device.

Besides, the sound quality is stunning, which is quite a surprise given the moderate price tag. It has a wide frequency response for smooth recording. And of course, it also features a shock mount to reduce vibrations that could potentially taint the records.

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Microphone without Headphone

1. Budget

Budget is a big deal as it dictates what kind of microphone to buy. If you’re on a budget, then you should narrow down the search.

Luckily, mics vary greatly in price. There are a bunch of products that cost less than $100. Don’t forget to assess your needs before shopping around to avoid confusion knowing gaming microphones are diverse.

2. Use

What are you going to do with the mic?

Is it for making Youtube videos, podcasting, or gaming?

It can lead you to find the most suitable mic. If you need a mic for podcasting, a high quality one is necessary.

But if it’s for gaming and you don’t personally care about tiny elements of sound as long as your voice is heard, you can opt for a dynamic microphone.

3. Gaming setting

The place where you use the mic also matters. Since gaming is performed indoors, a sensitive mic is a good pick. But a closed setting isn’t free of problems.

You’ll have to deal with echoes among other things. Maybe you can adjust the volume or do something to muffle feedback like installing soundproof foam.

FAQs – Properly Use Gaming Mics Without Headphones

What is the best mic for gaming?

Quality goes hand-in-hand with price. If you want to get the best quality microphone, then don’t hesitate to stretch your pocket a little bit.

There are some that we can recommend to you, such as the Razer Seiren X, Razer Seiren X, and HyperX Quadcast. All these products have something in common, namely a high price tag, but they still make a good investment due to the supreme quality.

Why does my headset work but not my mic?

First thing first, make sure you don’t hit the mute button because it will make the mic go silent. Also, recall if you have dropped the headset before since any serious damage would impact the internal components and cause the mic to stop working.

Have you recently updated the OS?

If so, you’d need to give the apps permission to use the mic. A few clicks in settings will fix this. Head to Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Turn on the following menu ‘allow apps to access your microphone’.

The next step is to pick apps you give permission to use the mic.

Can you use a USB microphone without headphone?

Yes, but you still need a device to listen to the game sound or voices of people you talk to. Imagine speaking to someone and then you don’t have headphones on.

You’ll struggle to communicate because you don’t hear what the person on the client computer is talking. If you don’t want headphones, a speaker could be a substitute.

Can headphone without built-in microphone be used for gaming?

Technically, yes, but the real question is ‘can you play games without a microphone’?

For offline games, this is probably not a problem since you can still play by just looking at the screen. However, the lack of a microphone will be an obstacle when you play online games that require teamwork.

Hence, you should find a way to get your voice heard. An external mic is one to consider.

How do you use a Yeti mic without headphones?

Find the speaker at the bottom right of the display, and then choose playback devices.

And then, right click on the speaker output and set it as the default device. That would solve the problem

Final Thoughts: Gamer Microphones

Using a gaming microphone without headphones is a possibility. However, as said earlier, you’d need the right mic to make it work.

Reverb and feedback are some common problems associated with the use of a speaker in a small room. You should learn how to work around them.

The most important factor to look out for is pickup pattern. Make sure the mic only records sound from one direction, so that ambient noise doesn’t get picked up and create other problems.

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