Oculus Rift vs Samsung Odyssey, Which One to Choose?

It’s hard to pick the better headset out of two popular choices like the Oculus Rift vs Samsung Odyssey, but at least they have different things to offer. Even if both are…

It’s hard to pick the better headset out of two popular choices like the Oculus Rift vs Samsung Odyssey, but at least they have different things to offer. Even if both are top-tier products, you may lean towards one if it meets your requirements more. The Odyssey is no stranger to VR although this technology took a while to break through into the mainstream.

This headset was released a couple of years ago. It runs on windows 10. To this day, it’s still considered one of the most premium headsets ever made. There are many awesome features it comes with, including spatial audio and headphones, both of which are becoming more common in newer releases.

The Oculus Rift is also among the most famous headsets. Aside from the fact that it’s released by a well-known manufacturer, it also packs advanced features, allowing it to compete with other powerful VR headsets. Let’s take a closer look to see how they differ.

Oculus Rift vs Samsung Odyssey

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It’s easy to confuse the two at a glance because the color themes are similar. There isn’t a lot of detailing on the outside for both. If you’re not concerned about design, then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

But if it’s the thing you look forward to the most, then other VR headsets may excite you more. They both look rather plain, but all the equipment is present to give you the ultimate comfort. On the front, there’s a headband that wraps around your head.

The first impression you’ll get from both is probably not too convincing, but the materials are actually tough. To tighten the hold, you can adjust it using the dial located on the back.


Both headsets deliver quality displays. Screen-door effect is something you don’t want to see on a VR headset, but many products still can’t get it together. The good news is the effect is barely noticeably on the Odyssey. Besides, it can produce sufficient brightness. And when you turn it down to the lowest level, it manages to look very dark.

It’s important for a display to show true black because it indicates good quality. The Rift doesn’t disappoint, either even with an average pixel count. A total of 1,080 x 1,200 pixels isn’t something you’d call high, but it gets the job done. There are others that have higher resolutions, but at least for that pixel count, the Rift can deliver sharp visuals.

What about the Odyssey?

Well, Samsung is known for making flawless displays. This one is no exception. As said before, the screen of the Odyssey is simply stunning from brightness to blackness. Besides, the resolution is also high.

Compared to the Rift, you’d see a major difference from its 1440 x 1600 display. It will take your VR experience to the next level. Visuals look silky smooth with no noticeable pixelation.

Oculus Rift – image credit: amazon.com


The Samsung Odyssey can provide a seamless VR experience. You won’t notice any lag while using the device. The trackpad is an important extension of the headset as it helps you with many things, such as browsing through web pages and maneuvering through content.

Overall, the controllers work great although they could’ve been better especially in terms of intuitiveness. This headset also features six degrees of freedom, which means it can track your movement in all directions. Some headsets are limited to 3, so it doesn’t provide the realest and most immersive setting.

To be fair, the inside-out tracking is pretty good, but the chance of bumping into the wall is still present due to the lack of room-scale tracking. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift can also impress.

As long as the desktop computer meets the minimum requirements to use this headset, it will deliver remarkable performance. The power of a PC-based headset lies in the system. When the PC gets it right, the VR headset will, too.

Furthermore, the Rift can show content without noticeable frame drops or lags. Tracking is also superb as every motion is recognized immediately. Another thing that increases its value is the content especially games. If you need a headset with a vast game library, then the Rift is the answer.


The Odyssey offers a pair of built-in headphones. Headphones are an essential feature, but not every headset has that, unfortunately. Some probably decide to not equip their headsets with headsets to give more flexibility to the user.

As we know, with headphones coming as pre-installed addition, you’ll hear immersive sound as a result. When they are replaced by speakers or a headphone jack, the user can decide what sound device he’ll use for the headset. In terms of quality, though, those installed on the Odyssey have incredible audio quality. It sounds clear and crisp.

The Rift also comes with headphones, which can be found at the base of the straps. But instead of built-in, they are removable. Just use the audtool to detach and replace them with your favorite headphones or earbuds.

Quality-wise, they sound rich and have that 3D effect. However, sudden disconnects might happen during use.

Samsung Odyssey – image credit: amazon.com

Final Thoughts

After reading the comparison between the Oculus Rift vs Samsung Odyssey, have you decided which one to buy?

Both headsets have strong and weak points. For example, in the visual department, the Odyssey’s specs indicate that it outperforms the Rift by a sizeable margin. Display is one of its fortes, which also applies to other Samsung products.

But, if you need a VR headset to play video games, then the Rift is a sensible choice. As long as the PC has high specifications, the headset will show its true potential. Keep in mind that although VR headsets can display various types of content, gaming often demands certain requisites. You can’t randomly choose a headset and expect it to play every game smoothly.

If it wasn’t developed for this, it would suffer many problems, like lagging. And don’t judge performance by the exterior. Despite the similarities, both headsets are still two different entities with different specs.

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