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How to Create a Twitch Team?

You may have come across streams with a label next to the game being played when browsing through content on Twitch. It looks like this: ‘Team: Name’. For those who…

You may have come across streams with a label next to the game being played when browsing through content on Twitch. It looks like this: ‘Team: Name’. For those who are curious, it indicates that the streamer has joined a Twitch team.

All you have to do to view all the members is click on the link. It will lead you to a website with all of the players who have signed up for it. A team assembles streamers with similar interests.

The problem is that making one is not a simple task. That is not to suggest it is impossible, but there are procedures to take before you are ready to welcome new members. There are two main criteria. The first is the Path to Partner requirement, and the second is the Path to Affiliate requirement.

We’ll delve deeper into how to create a Twitch team, so keep reading.

How to make a Twitch team


As already mentioned, you must meet these requirements before being eligible to form a team. It’s important to know what each entails.

Let’s start with the ‘Path to Affiliate’. To earn this achievement, you should at least:

  • Get 50 followers
  • Stream for an accumulated total of 8 hours
  • Stream for 7 days
  • Amass 3 viewers on average

Meanwhile, in order to earn the Path to Partner achievement, you should at least:

  • Stream for an accumulated total of 25 hours
  • Stream for 12 days
  • Amass 75 viewers on average

Note that the latter is an upgrade over the previous achievement. Hence, if you’ve reached the first milestone, it only makes sense to keep up the pace, so that you can reach the higher tier.

Be committed to creating content and promoting it. The more you do this, the more popular your broadcasts will be. After you’ve met the requirements, the next step is to enroll in the program.

An approved member is allowed to create up to 2 teams. Please follow these steps to sign up.

  • Open a web browser, sign into the partner account using the owned credentials.
  • Head to contact page, and then open a ticket. Please write down the subject ‘Creating a Twitch Team’ or something along the lines to make them easier to identify the content.
  • Include all the necessary information in the application, such as: Team page link, Team name, Editing account.

It takes around 7 business days to get a reply back. If you end up being invited, you should be able to log into the account and add new members to the newly established team.

Creating a team on Twitch without partner


One of the obstacles in making a team is to meet the requirements. Ideally, Path to Partner is the best way of doing it because as you’re trying to get the achievement, you’re basically building a name for yourself. It’s an organic way to get your name heard prior to having your own team.

But if it feels like a long way to go and you’re determined to have a team, the following tips might help.

  • Contact streamers on Facebook

Many streamers also have an account on Facebook. You can reach out to them and ask if there’s a way to work around the limitations.

  • Contact streamers on Reddit

Reddit is another platform where streamers come together and have conversations. If you’re a Redditor, then all you have to do is sign in and then type in this on the address bar (

That’s the subreddit for those who have an interest in the streaming platform. Just ask anything, including problems you have with regard to forming a new Twitch team.

Create a Twitch team or join one?

Being the founder of a team is like being a manager in a business. The job entrusts you with many responsibilities. There’s a lot of work to do, such as recruiting members, getting to know everyone, and making sure they all get along. If there’s a problem, you should step in and try to find a solution.

Additionally, a founder is responsible for the branding, like how you want it to be perceived by the public, etc. Basically, creating a team isn’t as easy as it seems because you’re in charge of everything.

Is being a member easier, though? Judging by the workload, perhaps, but you should also abide by the rules set by the owner.

Both choices have pluses and minuses. If you have an aptitude for being a leader, then it’s a good idea to form a team. But if you don’t want to be bothered or simply don’t have the time, then being a member is cool, too.

How to become a partner on Twitch

As mentioned before, there are 3 main requirements to be accepted as a partner. First, you must accumulate 25 hours of stream time in the last 30 days. And during that period, you also need to stream for a total of 12 days and an average of 75 viewers.

These 3 need to be achieved simultaneously within the specified time frame. Though it seems difficult, the viewership should grow if you keep making content and promoting it.

By the way, fulfilling the criteria doesn’t guarantee approval. It just opens the door for you to apply for the program. The ‘Apply’ button will show up if these milestones have all been surpassed. After sending an application, they’ll get back to you in a couple of days to confirm your status.

What if you failed at the first attempt? Don’t worry, it doesn’t nullify your chance of being approved later.

You can try your luck again with an outcome that may take you by surprise. Figure out what you did wrong in case you weren’t approved.

Remember that competition is tough for this chance since many others want it as well. Don’t quit up despite the fact that luck is most likely not on your side. The following suggestions may be useful:

  • Set a professional livestream. It’s a no-brainer to think that a company would want to hire someone who has a deep passion in what they’re doing. One way to show professionalism is by setting up a stream professionally. Use a quality camera, software, and visuals that reinforce that impression. Throw some money into premium tools if needed.
  • Amp up the content quality. The quality of a livestream comes down to the broadcaster. No matter how expensive a setup is, the viewers would be bored without engaging content. You can start by playing games you actually like. This way, your confidence will flow organically. And then, improve your public speaking skills. This is something that can get better with practice, so just keep interacting with your audience.
  • Build social presence. This will always matter as far as video game careers are concerned. Whether you want to apply for a sponsorship or be hired by a team, social presence has a say in how far you can get. With that in mind, keep building your resume as you’re looking for new opportunities.

Twitch team name generator


Branding is an important part of creating a team, which is why name selection becomes important. But despite that, we don’t personally think that using a name generator is one of urgency.

It feels rewarding when you can come up with a name yourself. You can still use these tools to get some ideas, though. Spinxo is one of the examples. It uses hobbies, numbers, and other things to provide name suggestions.

There are more you can use. Each one has its own set of features. We’ll list them out down below:

How to leave a Twitch team

As much as you love being in a team, there are times when you probably want to depart from the team. It’s okay, and it’s not a must to join a team forever. You can always have some time off by leaving the team. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the avatar on top right corner, and then head to Settings.
  • Click on the ‘Channel and Videos’ tab.
  • Scroll down till you come to the part saying ‘My Teams’.
  • There should be an option to ‘Remove’ afterwards. Click it to execute the action.

It will instantly take you out of the team, and you’re now free of all rules put in place by the owner. You can enjoy the newfound freedom or look for another team to join.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we want to share regarding how to create a Twitch team. Of course, it is not required to be a part of one, but if you wish to collaborate with others who share similar beliefs and interests, you can form one. It’s a difficult task, mostly because there are prerequisites to meet.

We won’t go over them again because we’ve already covered them thoroughly. Please scroll back up to continue reading.

When forming a team, ask yourself whether it is truly what you desire. Being a founder has duties, and you must understand what to do with your staff.

Having said that, there is a lot you can learn from it, such as how to improve your leadership abilities, confidence, public speaking, and so on.

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