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How to Make Gaming Videos on Youtube?

Doing something that signifies your hobby is a fun thing to do. If you’re an avid gamer, creating a gaming channel on Youtube sounds like a good idea. While it’s…

Doing something that signifies your hobby is a fun thing to do. If you’re an avid gamer, creating a gaming channel on Youtube sounds like a good idea. While it’s easy to make an account, getting noticed by people is another story. It takes a serious effort to develop a channel and make it big with tons of subscribers. It’s a long process to get to that point, but it will be worth it in the end.

First, decide on the niche. Even if you’re a hardcore gamer, it doesn’t seem plausible to have a hands-on experience with every game because there are too many out by now. However, there should specific genres that you play more heavily. If you’re into action games, it’s better to focus on them. Or if you prefer battle-royale games, make videos with games in this category.

You can also take notes from what’s on trend. PUGB, Mobile Legend, and Minecraft are some examples of games that have become worldwide phenomenon recently. After choosing a niche, start making videos by reading the following steps.

Everything You Need to Make Gaming Videos on Youtube

1. Gather necessary supplies



A computer or a console is a must. They are both great, but the decision is all yours. If you’ve always preferred to play games on a desktop PC, then use it.

But if you like playing on a console, get one that piques your interest. There are many choices, like a Nintendo, a Playstation, or an Xbox.



A camera will be used to record your expressions while gaming. It doesn’t have to be an expensive type, like a mirrorless or a DSLR, since they’re more suitable for photography.

A webcam is a perfect substitute because it’s designed for streaming. Price-wise, a webcam is also more affordable than a professional camera.

There are a few things that define the quality of a camera, such as resolution, frame rate, autofocus, and field of view. All these are critical attributes you shouldn’t overlook.

Screen capture app

Besides a camera, you’d need a screen grab to record gameplay. It’s true that you can do that by pointing the lens at the screen, but this is impractical. Besides, in terms of quality, it won’t be the best. An app overcomes all these limitations, allowing you to record playthroughs in high quality.

OBS is one of the most popular choices available for PC users. But if you play on a console, you’d require a capture card to record the gameplay, which can later be overlaid on your stream.



If your gaming rig has an extensive list of peripherals, chances are you’ve had a lot of mics already. First, you can take advantage of the built-in mic on your headset. Or you can also use the mic that’s embedded in your webcam.

But assuming none of these pick up sound with quality you desire, there’s another option, which is a standalone microphone. Choices are endless, so take your time.

Video editing software

Video editing software can add special effects to your videos. Besides, it helps cut out unnecessary mumbling heard throughout the gaming sessions.

You can use a free app or invest in a premium one. Being a professional gamer, though, don’t be reluctant to drop a few hundred bucks on supplies. A video editing app, for instance, is important to make your videos perfect.

When you can create fun videos with cool effects and transitions, the replay value will also increase. As a result, people will be more inclined to watch them over and over again. This will eventually boost your income if you decide to monetize your channel.

2. Create a video

Do you want to play on a console?

If so, get yourself a video capture device. It serves to transfer audio and video from a console or camera to your PC. The footage can later be used as a playthrough in a video. This device works like a hub between a gaming system and a computer. Connection usually requires a USB cable.

Once you’re done with the setup, you’ll see live feed of the gameplay on the monitor. The stream can be included in the stream using software like OBS.

For the record, connecting this device to your console won’t affect your gaming at all. You can continue playing while it keeps on recording.


Let’s say you’ve bought a video capture device. You have to install the proprietary software that comes with it on your PC.
Once it’s complete, connect the device to the monitor and console.

The correct setup should position the device right in the middle or between the monitor and the console. Data transmission between the 3 devices is done via cables.

Take an HDMI cable and plug it into the “OUT” port of the console. Meanwhile, the other end of the cable should be plugged into the “IN” port of the video capture device.

  • Take a second, HDMI. This one is supposed to connect the capture device to your monitor. Just plug the ends of the cable into the appropriate ports.
  • Use a USB-to-USB-C cable to connect the video capture device to your computer. The USB-C end of it is going into the device, while the other end is going into a USB 3.0 port on the PC.
  • Power on the console and start recording the game.

Adding video

  • The next step is adding the video file to OBS. OBS is popular software for live streaming. Download and then install on your computer.
  • Open OBS studio, and create a new source by clicking on the + sign which appears in the source box.
  • You’ll see ‘Video Capture Device’ from the list. Choose that, the name would show up in the dropdown menu.
  • Click OK, and you’ll see the feed on the window shortly after.

Adding audio


Besides video, audio is also an integral part of a gaming video. You can’t set the gameplay silent because it will make the video boring. Your viewers would love to hear your commentary on what’s being played as well as the sound of the game.

With OBS, mixing different sound sources is easy.

  • Still on the same window, add an audio by clicking on the audio input section. If there are several sources, you can choose to your liking by heading to this specific location File > Settings > Audio.
  • Use the audio mixer to combine multiple sound sources. The level of each source can also be adjusted to the needs. After all are set to correct values, click on Start Recording.

3. Upload to Youtube

  • Now you have the video ready, the next step is to upload it on your Youtube channel. Just create a account if you haven’t already. Sign in using the selected credentials.
  • Once you’re in, click the upload icon on top right corner.
  • Click ‘Select Files to Upload’ and find the specific video on your local drive.
  • You still have to select privacy settings and additional information, like title, tags, thumbnail, etc. Choose an interesting title, so that it can attract viewers, but avoid a clickbait title as people hate falling for that trap. If you need some suggestions, type in the game on the Youtube search box. There will be tons of results aka gamers playing the same game. That’s especially true for games that are very popular. Take notes on how gaming Youtubers word their video titles.
  • The final step is to hit on the ‘Publish’ button. It may take a while until you see the video on your channel.

4. Post more videos

Popular gaming channels have thousands of videos because they have been doing it for years. Well, you should take notes. Commit to uploading videos regularly, like several times a week. This is the best way to get organic traffic.

You can also set up social media accounts. There are many sites to try, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Link the accounts to each other, so that people can easily find you. This means of promotion works like a charm to build awareness for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to make gaming videos on Youtube, don’t forget to promote your channel. Making and editing a video is a strenuous job. Posting videos daily probably won’t make a difference if you don’t promote your channel.

After all, there are many gamers competing in the same niche. They are just like you, dying to get noticed. To increase engagement, focus on games you’re interested in the most. This way, your personality will shine through and viewers will be entertained by that.

A gaming channel is more than about you playing games. It’s also about how you interact with viewers, so that they end up becoming loyal fans and subscribers.

But, what is an effective way to promote a channel?

From an SEO standpoint, it’s important to choose titles that make people curious, but again, they shouldn’t be clickbait because we hate them. And then, participate in eSports tournaments. This sounds like a place for professional gamers.

Well, every pro gamer starts as a beginner, so you have a chance, too. And then, grow your circle online. There are many platforms for that, like online games. They can connect you with people from around the world. As you team up with these gamers, you can also promote your channel.

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