How Do You Use Extensions on Twitch

How Do You Use Extensions on Twitch?

Twitch extensions are basically apps that streamers can use to add a layer of interaction between them and their viewers. They make a live stream more entertaining and engaging for…

Twitch extensions are basically apps that streamers can use to add a layer of interaction between them and their viewers.

They make a live stream more entertaining and engaging for viewers.

Don’t we all want devoted fans who are eagerly waiting for our next broadcaster?

Extensions can help maintain that level of excitement.

How do you use extensions on Twitch?

  1. Go to the dashboard, and then move the cursor to “Extension Manager.” Click it.
  1. Try to locate the hamburger icon that looks like 3 dashes arranged vertically in the top left corner. Right-click it, and then click “Extensions”.
  2. Under the Discovery tab, you’ll see a number of options, including categories to explore extensions from a specific niche.
  3. The “My Extensions” tab, which is adjacent to the “Discovery” tab, gathers all the installed extensions to help you manage them more easily. If you haven’t added anything yet, this page will have nothing to display. But the moment you add your first one, you can return here to check it out.
  4. Find the extension you wish to add. The categories under “Featured Game Integrations” are a good start. To see more categories, click on the arrow pointing to the right at the end of the categories row. To reveal all extensions in a specific category, you can click “View All”. And to read more about an extension, you can click on its title, thumbnail, or summary.
  5. The description page contains other important details, including the version number, category under which it’s archived, contact information for support, privacy policy, and more.
How do I use twitch Streamlabs Extensions?
  1. Now let’s say you’ve come across the desired extension. All you have to do is click on the “+Install” button on the top right corner. It can also be added from another location. Just hit the install button assigned to the extension.
  2. If everything is done correctly, there will be a notification telling you that the installation is complete. You’ll be prompted with two options: “Continue Browsing” and “Configure”. The first one is ideal if you want to skip the configuration and look for more extensions, while the second one allows you to directly do settings after installation.
  3. To configure, head back to “My Extensions” and click on the gear icon right below the extension.
  4. Go to the details page, find the “Configure” menu, and click it. For the record, extensions that belong in the panel type also offer another shortcut to this page by choosing the “Edit Panels” option that appears on your channel page.
  5. And it should be noted that each extension is unique in its configuration, so it’s not plausible to write step-by-step instructions. It’s better that you read the setup guide provided by each extension to do the proper configuration.
  1. The next step is to activate the extension from the “My Extensions” tab. Go to this section and click on the “Activate” option below the extension. It will reveal a drop-down menu. Your job is to put the extension into the slot you want. This step is critical as skipping it will cause the extension to not appear on the channel page. By the way, you can only have six extensions at the same time, three of which are panels, two of which are component extensions, and one is an overlay.
  2. If you want to remove it from the list of active overlays, just click “Deactivate.” Or to delete it for good, you can choose to “uninstall.”

How to use twitch extensions as a viewer?

  1. To use an extension, first log in to your Twitch account.
  2. Find a stream with an extension on it. We also suggest you follow the channel that publishes the broadcast.
  3. If the stream has an extension installed, it will provide specific information from that extension. For instance, if the extension is developed to give XP for watching, then you’ll collect it as the game progresses. Or if the extension enables the display of stats, then anyone that watches the stream will be able to see those stats. As said before, extensions are unique in that they engage viewers in different ways. It depends on how the developer wants people to use the extension.
  4. There are many other types you might discover upon flipping thru different channels and streams. For instance, there’s an extension that alerts viewers if they have a redeemable sub. You can also find one that greets viewers upon arrival with its geolocation technology. Additionally, some extensions allow you to play games, vote in polls, send GIFs, and much more.
How to use twitch extensions as a viewer
StreamLegends Extension – source
  1. One thing to remember: viewers can’t disable an extension. While there’s an option to minimize it, you can’t get rid of it in its entirety. Extensions are made to provide streamers with a new way to interact with viewers. Some would be happy with that, while others would be slightly annoyed. If you’re not keen on the information provided by an extension, you can choose to leave the stream and look for another one that’s more your style.

Do people use Twitch extensions?

Absolutely, with all the capabilities, they’re too good to miss out on at this point.

Many streamers are dying to have a loyal fanbase. They’ll pull out all the stops to make viewers return to watch more content.

Since extensions provide an easy way to do that, it’s only logical that streamers will use them to ignite interest in their streams.

Some might even use the maximum number allowed for active extensions.

Do Twitch extensions work on console?

It’s up to the developer to decide if an extension supports viewing on mobile devices and consoles.

If you provide that an extension has been adjusted for this purpose, then you should have no problem accessing it via your console or smartphone.

To see if one supports mobile use, you can check it in the “Extension Manager.”

How do you make money from extensions on Twitch?

You can generate revenue from extensions that support bit usage. They usually have the “in-extension bits” label on them.

To make it easier, try to find them thru the Extension Manager. However, to be eligible for this program, a streamer should earn affiliate or partner broadcaster status.

Another important requirement is to enable the feature on the channel. And then, viewers should also grant a bit of usage for every action.

If all has been fulfilled and an action is done successfully, the revenue will be shared between both parties, with 80% of the U.S. cents/bit belonging to the streamer and the rest going to the developer.

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