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7 Best Twitch Extensions for Viewers [2022]

Having a solid fanbase on Twitch doesn’t happen overnight. And even after you’ve reached your goal, you still need to build a strong connection with them. Followers are more likely…

Having a solid fanbase on Twitch doesn’t happen overnight. And even after you’ve reached your goal, you still need to build a strong connection with them.

Followers are more likely to stick around when they continually get attention from the person they idolize.

For this reason, do something that can bridge the gap between you and them, like installing Twitch extensions, because these interactive add-ons effectively increase user engagement and facilitate social interaction between them.

The Best Twitch Extensions for Viewers in 2022

1. LiveExchange: Virtual Goods

twitch add on for virtual good

This is one of the extensions that can drive up the bit usage in your Twitch streams. Establishing your own exchange is very simple with it.

You just need to type in a title for the product, a brief summary, assign a picture to it, determine the quantity, and then set the value in bits.

Done successfully, the good will be up for transaction in your stream.

Users can create multiple items, and viewers can check out your catalog to see the existing items they may take an interest in buying. Each purchase rewards the viewer with 1.2x the product value and a shout-out on the leaderboard.

To grow your revenue, try to share more rare items.

2. Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown

streamlabs stream count down

Consistency is the key to building a Twitch following. If you’re an aspiring streamer, you can’t afford to lose your viewers’ attention by not updating regularly.

Greet them a couple of times a week, just like many professional streamers do. This extension can stave off boredom if it sweeps over you frequently.

While it’s true that you owe your viewers nothing, treating it like a professional job will help nurture good relationships with them.

Twitch actually has its own schedule feature, but it requires extra effort for viewers to find it.

Since this countdown timer shows right on the stream, it lowers the chances of someone missing out on your upcoming broadcast.

In addition, it also gives the viewers something to look at while you’re AFK.

3. Bithead Arcade

twitch tool

Games have always been a great source of fun, regardless of the platform you play them on.

They can be a spur-of-the-moment entertainment for your viewers when they’re on the verge of tiredness after watching the stream for a while.

This extension supplements your stream with playable games.

You’re given the freedom to design arcade games and throw in emotes to make them more appealing.

Unfortunately, it’s specifically aimed at the affiliate and partner folks. If you are yet to reach this status, it’s not going to work.

4. Stream Closed Captioner

closed captioning for twitch

This extension creates an inclusive environment by adding closed captions to your streams.

Not all viewers speak your language, so this will help break down language barriers for those who enjoy your content but struggle to understand your words.

This is also beneficial for deaf people. Due to the inability to hear, the only way for them to enjoy live content is by reading the text displayed on the screen.

This extension can make it happen. The best part is that it also comes with customizations, like changing the text size and readjusting its position so as not to obstruct the view.

Furthermore, the extension supports a number of languages and would be a nice extra income because it enables bits usage.

5. StreamLegends

streamlegends extension

While games are effective to combat boredom, your viewers can get too caught up and it can take a while to refocus their attention back on the stream.

Hence, don’t be focused on these types of extensions.

But if there’s one game you should add to the stream, it’s StreamLegends.

It has nifty graphics and invites viewers to take part in building the streamer’s town. They will make strides in advancing the town as they progress further into the game.

It can be quite addictive, but the silver lining is that it can be exciting enough for them to check out your channel again and again.

6. Spotify Recently Played

spotify twitch extension

Music improves the mood by altering your brain chemistry.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that streamers incorporate it into their broadcasts.

Adding this extension will take the guesswork out of knowing the source of the background music playing throughout the stream.

Viewers can go to Spotify if they want to listen to the songs repeatedly in the future. Other than that, it would be cool if they had similar music preferences as you.

Users can also create a playlist out of the most recent songs and let viewers follow it.

All the positives aside, be careful if you have your Spotify linked to your Facebook account, as there’s a potential for data disclosure like profile image and others.

7. Live Requests

viewers request twitch extension

Just as the name suggests, this extension allows viewers to come up with requests and in return, they can give you bits.

It also has an extra security layer to block out unsolicited trolls and spam messages.

Viewers can add details if they want to be very specific with their requests. They will appear right on your dashboard.

There’s also an alert to remind you of new requests.

Can you fake Twitch viewers?

Yes, there are two types of users, real and fake users. Fake users or bots can invade any online platform, not just Twitch.

There are a lot of differences between the two. First, bots don’t typically hold a conversation the way humans do, although they can be programmed that way.

Second, you can’t profit off of them because they do nothing beside create the impression of strong viewership. They won’t buy your merch or give bits as rewards.

This practice is highly disapproved in the community, so don’t try it, especially when you want to monetize your channel.

How do I enable Twitch viewer extensions?

In short, you can install and activate it in the Extension Manager.

Head to the menu, and then find an extension you wish to add to your library. Click the ‘Install’ button, and don’t forget to activate it, so that it works as supposed to.

Can you get banned for buying Twitch viewers?

Yes, this practice sets a bad precedent for new users who want to see some success on Twitch, thinking that it’s okay to use bots to increase viewers.

Getting caught in this unfair practice may lead to your account being suspended.

Are bots illegal on Twitch?

It’s against their Terms and Conditions, so yes. Actually, any form of fake engagement is frowned upon.

Apart from using bots, exchanging visits and follows is also prohibited even if they involve human users.

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