Best Twitch Extensions for Chrome

7 Best Twitch Extensions for Chrome [2022]

Desktop computers remain people’s primary option for streaming. It has its own perks compared to other streaming methods. Beside convenience, it also gives you the ultimate freedom in choosing hardware…

Desktop computers remain people’s primary option for streaming. It has its own perks compared to other streaming methods.

Beside convenience, it also gives you the ultimate freedom in choosing hardware and broadcasting software.

You can also use your favorite browser, like Chrome, which offers speed, utility, and security.

If you want to use these extensions, here are some of the best Twitch extensions for Chrome.

Best Twitch Extensions for Chrome

1. Dragon Pets

best chrome extension for twitch

Let’s be honest, many of us are attracted to cuteness. Your viewers are going to love the endearing creatures shown by this extension.

Feel free to personalize the dragon in a way that reflects your personality. It will give an immediate response anytime someone subscribes to your channel.

Moreover, viewers can also raise their own pets using bits, along with an option to breed dragons and feed them.

They will bask in joy with the interesting sounds coming from the text-to-speech feature.

Another fun part is that these dragons can actually fight.

Lead them in a battle against other channels that use the same extension. And for every new interaction that occurs between your pet and a viewer, an instant notification will pop up.

2. Stream Avatars

top chrome extension for twitch

This extension can take your stream visuals up a notch with its eye-catching avatars.

Stream Avatars allows viewers to pick their own avatar and use it as an identity during the live broadcast. And on the streamer’s side, you can upload avatars for them to use.

These small graphics look adorable, filling up the bottom of the screen.

There are a few things one can do with the pic they identify as, like jumping, dancing, and getting into fights with others.

Additionally, the extension provides you with control over who can use it and a task they should do to be granted access to it.


popular chrome extension for twitch

Overlays add a lot to the presentation of a live stream. Therefore, adding an extension that brings added visual elements is a must.

There are several options, but we’d recommend this one.

Viewers can spruce up a portion of the display with stickers embedded in the app.

They just need to click on the special logo to enter the section in which they can browse through a selection of images.

Clicking on any will make it appear on the screen. By the way, the streamer has a say in where GIFs appear.

Only appropriate graphics are allowed. Those with negative connotations are disapproved, like lewd and violent images.

4. Blerp

What is the best extension for Twitch?

Beside graphics, sounds are just as effective in boosting the production value of live content.

They also play a part in immersing gamers in the virtual realm that video games create.

For your Twitch stream in particular, installing this will do the trick. It has a library of over a million sounds.

To use it, make a soundboard comprising of Twitch clips. Add “!blerp” to the title along with a command elaborating the extension to viewers.

Next, you can customize it to match the stream’s vibe. Don’t forget to set the rating and other variables like bits and cooldown.

Blerp has confirmed that it goes the extra mile to filter sounds used in the extension to minimize the risk of copyright infringement.

5. Xeke’s Affiliate Emote Panel

twitch emote extension chrome

This is what you need for easy management of subscriber badges and emotes.

It has a smart mechanism to recognize emotes and sort them into different tiers.

There are some customizations you can make, such as custom titles, light and dark mode previews, ready-made overlays, themes, and much more.

You can also change the color theme at will to maintain consistency and feel throughout the stream.

And if you need a subscriber button, this extension has it integrated into the panel.

6. Pick My Battles!

What are the most useful Google Chrome extensions?

Polls are attractive when they come on the screen every now and then. They can show public opinion regarding specific subject matters.

Pick My Battles! is the same in that respect. It can reveal which game characters are popular with the general public.

If you want to remove some from the list, it’s also possible. Just use the filter and come up with your own list.

It’s a good idea to use it as a reference to make a wager. And to ensure that it works, you should set it as an overlay right after installation.

It supports a handful of games as of now, including LoL, Dota 2, and Overwatch.

7. My Wishlist

amazon wish list twitch extension

This extension displays products on the screen based on your Amazon Wishlist.

Some fans who come across these items might send them to you as gifts.

However it’s probably against your moral code to expect free stuff from fans. This is just a suggestion, though. It’s in your best interest to add this extension or skip it.

What’s bad is when one plays on another person’s emotions to get what they want.

Perhaps, the best way to do it without guilt is by waiting for a special occasion like a birthday.

After all, sending gifts has become a long-standing tradition and a means of showing love to others.

How do I use Twitch extension in Chrome?

In brief, you should log in to your account on Twitch’s website.

Head to the extension manager, find one extension to install, and then hit the ‘Install’ button.

The next essential step is to “activate” it. The menu can be found under the extension.

As for the configuration, you can follow the instructions that come with the specific extension.

Which browser works best with Twitch?

Chrome is still a good option. But since streaming uses a lot of resources, you probably need one that’s a bit lighter and offers control over CPU usage like Opera GX.

It’s optimized to deliver a better streaming experience. Other than that, it’s also enhanced with Twitch integration.

How do I get Twitch channel points on my Chrome extension?

There are some extensions that promise an automatic point claim.

You can find them by typing in “Twitch channel points” in the search box. However, we’re not sure if Twitch will support their use.

What is the best Twitch emote extension for Chrome?

You can try the Emotes Showcase. Find it in the extension library by inputting the exact name of the extension. Once you find it, click Install.

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