Best Extensions for Console Streamers

7 Best Extensions for Console Streamers [2022]

Live streaming has established itself as a popular form of advertising for gamers and game developers. It offers us a new way of experiencing multimedia content. That being the case,…

Live streaming has established itself as a popular form of advertising for gamers and game developers. It offers us a new way of experiencing multimedia content.

That being the case, all types of gamers from PC to console gamers want a piece of the streaming pie, and there’s nothing with that.

If you’re more of a console gamer and need some extensions to liven up your Twitch stream, you have to install them from your account.

This should be done on a desktop PC or another device that allows for access to a web browser.

It’s pretty simple, actually.

Just go to the Extension Manager, discover an extension, and click on the ‘Install’ button assigned to it.

Repeat the same steps for other extensions.

Don’t forget to ‘Active’ them because that’s the way to make them part of the live stream. Otherwise, they won’t show up.

If you’re looking for the best extensions for console streamers, to deepen audience engagement, here are a few suggestions.

Best Twitch Extensions for Console Streamers

1. Crowd Control

best twitch extensions for new streamers

What if the gameplay goes against the interests of your viewers?

That would make the game more interesting because you couldn’t predict what obstacles they had up their sleeves to derail your progress.

Viewers can use bits to earn coins and then use them to buy items to mess with the player.

Though it sounds like a formidable challenge, at least you’ll receive an incentive for every obstacle thrown your way.

Yep, it promises commissions like other bits-enabled extensions.

At first, this extension was available for select games, but thanks to the resilience of the development team, it now has more games in its support list.

2. Snap Camera

best twitch extension

Even the most entertaining live stream can be exhausting to watch after a while.

Luckily, for some viewers, they just need some fun distraction to take their attention away from the stream temporarily.

This extension fits the bill because it provides the viewers with a new source of amusement. It delivers one of Snapchat’s staple features, called Snapchat Lenses.

There are a plethora of face lenses available. Viewers can access any lens that the steamer puts on during the stream.

There’s an extra perk for users who have earned the Affiliate Partner status. Installing this extension gives them an opportunity to increase subscriptions.

3. Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder

stream tools twitch

Some of your viewers probably enjoy your channel so much that they keep returning for more content. It just needs a little trigger for them to officially become subscribers.

This extension serves to remind viewers of the free Prime channel subscription they have. It takes the form of an overlay, which appears above the gameplay on the right side.

Anyone who sees the notification can opt to go ahead and redeem the benefit or skip it altogether.

If they go with the latter, the notification will vanish and make a return when they check out your channel again.

Additionally, the extension also details the benefits that viewers can expect for participating in the program.

4. Live Emotes

twitch tools for streamers

This is another remarkable extension to foster interaction between viewers and streamers.

It encourages the use of emotes as a means of communication, which will eventually elevate the atmosphere of the broadcast.

The emotes can be configured to suit your preferences.

Be it the position or size, there are several customizations you can apply to these dazzling graphics.

What sets it apart from overlay plugins is viewers can choose to disable this feature if they’re not too fond of it.

5. Voicemod Bits

Can I use Twitch extensions on Xbox?

In brief, this extension acts as a voice changer that affects how your voice sounds to viewers. They can raise the pitch to make it sound like a chipmunk or apply another effect to make it sound robotic.

There are a few more filters to choose from. Streamers get to decide what voices appear on the screen and the amount of bits required to use them.

It also allows integration with Streamlabs, Discord, and other services.

Needless to say, viewers will have so much fun playing around with your voice. And since it supports bits, you can rake in handsome revenue from that.

For the record, this extension requires installation of the Voicemod application. Make sure that it’s running during the live broadcast.

6. Stream Minigames

mini game fun twitch extensions

Games always do the trick to overcome boredom. Adding them to the stream can keep it exciting when fatigue buildup starts kicking in.

They also give viewers something to play while you’re away from the keyboard.

There are some extensions that offer mini games, this one included. It enables bits usage, which means you can earn while they acquire in-game items.

It’s a practical solution to insert games without the need to install software on the local hard drive.

You do the setup right from your Twitch account.

7. Suggestion Box

It’s necessary to stay humble even if you’ve attained some success as a streamer. Open yourself to criticism to keep you grounded and grateful.

This extension is a perfect medium for viewers to send their critics to you.

Perhaps, there are aspects of the stream that need to be revised or improved.

Your fans care about you enough that they will step in if something doesn’t feel right.

Best Extensions for Console Streamers FAQs

Do extensions work on console?

Yes. Assuming that the developer has included support for it, then there should be no problem with viewing it from a console.

However, settings still need to be done on a device that provides access to a web browser.

To add and manage extensions, log in to your account from your desktop PC and do all the necessary configuration there.

Can I use extensions on Xbox?

The point stands that you need to make changes to the extensions from your account via a web browser.

Once you’ve saved the settings, you can see the result by accessing the stream via your console.

Can you get overlays on PS5?

An overlay extension can help you with that. Search for one in the Extensions Manager, install it, add in the overlays, and then check out the output.

How do I put a overlay on my Xbox?

You can watch this tutorial video for comprehensive information about that:

How do I use Lightstream on my Xbox?

Please watch the previous video from start to finish because it covers the step-by-step instructions, which also include Lightstream.

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