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Christmas Gift for Best Friend: Memorable BFF Gift Ideas (2022)

It’s quite a challenge to buy a Christmas gift for best friend. When you give a gift, you’d want it to be something she has never received before from somebody…

It’s quite a challenge to buy a Christmas gift for best friend. When you give a gift, you’d want it to be something she has never received before from somebody else.

The thing is it’s not easy to find such a gift because people often draw inspiration from favorite Christmas presents, which means it’s likely that you end up giving her something she’s received before.

That’s not a bad thing, though. Gifts like perfumes, skincare products, and makeup kits don’t last forever. They will run out at some point, so she’ll always need more.

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for your best friend, please check out the following list.

Unique Christmas Gift for Female Best Friend

1. Tea Cup Coffee Mug Glassess Cups & Spoon Beautiful Unique Gift For Women Butterfly Rose

Your best friend is going to love this because it looks exquisite. Apparently, the picture doesn’t really do the real thing justice. To discover the true beauty of this teacup, buy one for your friend.

It’s embellished with roses and a butterfly, which look magnificent over the translucent material. You can also add one to your glassware collection.

There’s one interesting fact you should know about these mugs. Each one of them is made by a skilled professional. The great craftsmanship only adds to its appeal.

By the way, a spoon with a similar design is included in the set and it blends in well with the cup.

Don’t worry about pouring hot or cold drinks into it. Quality glass is used make it, so temperatures shouldn’t be an issue.

2. iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof

This gift isn’t gender-specific, which means you can give it to anyone.

For the price point, it brings a lot to the table. Not only does it spoil you with fantastic sound quality, but you can also enjoy cool features, such as white filled buttons for improved visibility in the dark.

You can bring it in the shower because it’s water-resistant. For connection, it relies on Bluetooth 5.0. The ad states that this product is waterproof, but what it really meant was you can submerge it in water up to 3 feet deep.

Of course, it’s not advised for you to do that just because it has that ability. All the buttons are position on top. Anytime you want to swap between tracks or adjust volume, just reach over to the top of the speaker.

On another note, the battery is large enough to provide 10 hours of continuous play.

3. MORIGEM Jewelry Organizer, 5 Tier Jewelry Stand, Decorative Jewelry Holder Display with White Tray for Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings & Rings, Gold

Since jewelry is synonymous with women, it’s likely that your best friend has some rings, necklaces, and others in her collection.

Storage is necessary to organize these items. This jewelry stand is perfect for that, you can give one for her birthday. What sets it apart from a box is that a jewelry stand lets you put things on display, making them easier to look at.

As you can see, the stand has so many hooks, probably enough to store all your pieces. And then, at the bottom, there’s e pretty white tray.

It can keep the rest of collection if the hooks are all used. Not only functional, the display stand is also durable because it’s made of non-corrosive metal. It lends its luxurious appeal to the sturdy structure.

4. Totally Bamboo Sea Turtle Cutting Board, 14-7/8 inch x 11 inch

Does it look like some kind of handicraft?

Well, it does, but according to the product page, it’s actually a cutting board. We have a preconceived idea of what a cutting board is supposed to look like. It’s typically rectangular without any ornamentation.

This one, though, is sculpted like a piece of art.

If your best friend loves cooking, you should definitely give one to her. It resembles a sea turtle, which is out of ordinary for this kitchen essential.

It’s also quite large with dimensions of 14-7/8 x 11 inches.

Despite the size, the item is quite lightweight. Besides, it’s strong enough to go under the knife every single day.

5. Kitchen Art Elite Auto-Measure Spice Professional 8 Compartments Black

This is another nice gift for someone who loves cooking. Even if she isn’t a cook, the compartments can be used to store different things. Originally, it’s intended to be a spice organizer, but it can also store herbs, sugar, chocolate powder, etc.

Design-wise, it looks striking with its rotating mechanism. Normally, spices are put in jars and then displayed on a rack. This is slightly different but in a good way.

The holder has 8 bottles in total with each having a capacity of 3. 5 oz.

To use it, all you have to do is click, shake, and pour. And to help recognize what’s in the bottles, the package includes spice labels.

6. Naanle Bee Animal Canvas Tote Bag Large Women Casual Shoulder Bag Handbag

Bags are ladies’ greatest friend. Look at this cute tote bag. Your friend may already have some, but tote bags come in so many designs, so her not having one with this print is a possibility.

On the outside, it looks captivating with its floral theme. But when it comes to functionality, it delivers. Thanks to the roomy space, you can use it to keep a bunch of items.

And then, if you care for nature, we’d love to share that it’s made of eco-friendly canvas, while the motif is printed using safe pigment. Tote bags especially the ones stylish prints are versatile.

This one, for instance, won’t look out of place as a fashion accessory, but then, the roomy interior can transform it into a functional shopping bag.

7. The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Travel Mug with Strainer

Is your friend a tea drinker?

If she loves herself some tea, you can surprise her with this infuser bottle. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion to present it to her.

She is your best friend, after all, so she deserves special treatment at any time. With this bottle, you can also infuse a variety of drinks, including coffee, cocoa powder, and even fruit.

The bottle holds about 15 oz. of liquid. It is strong and durable because it’s constructed using premium glass. Besides, it also has a nifty design.

Just so you know, the brand is no stranger to eye-catching tumblers. Just check out the store’s inventory to find out.

8. Lined Journal with Hardcover, College Ruled Journal with Strong Twin-Wire Binding and Premium Paper

Now this is an appropriate gift for a writer. If you consider yourself the closest friend of hers, you must know if she has a habit of writing a journal or not.

If she does, this would make the nicest gift ever. She’d be more into the activity once she receives this gorgeous notebook.

The cover has a lovely floral pattern. And it’s quite thick with a total of 134 pages inside. On the back cover, there’s a small pocket necessary to store personal items.

It also comes with an elastic closure to keep the pages protected. They are held securely with double-wire binding, which ensures that the pages always lay flat on the table.

If you’re concerned about paper quality, there’s no risk of seepage since it is thick enough to prevent that.

9. Dekala Digital Alarm Clock with FM Radio abd 2 USB Charging Ports

It’s easy to expand choices when you don’t have to stick with gifts aimed at a specific gender. This clock is a unisex item. It has many interesting features, like is radio FM.

With this, you don’t have to buy a separate device to tune in to your favorite radio station. As the name implies, it also offers an alarm as the default feature.

The exciting part is it comes with dual alarms, and it’s easy to open or close either. Right on the back, there are 2 USB ports which would come in handy to charge devices that have run out of power.

Just connect them to the clock via USB cables, they will be recharged shortly after.

10. Freida & Joe French Vanilla Spa Bath Gift Set In Natural Wood Curio

This looks a full-size dresser, but it turns out to be a case for a bath gift set. Since women love to spend time in the bathroom, we’re sure your friend is going to appreciate this present.

The compartment cabinet is so pretty that it will instantly spruce up a boring bathroom. Don’t throw it away after the bottles are empty.

You can either refill them or put your favorite skincare products into the drawers.

Apart from a stunning cabinet, the set also includes shower gel, bubble bath, body spray, and body lotion.

Picking a Christmas gift for your best friend

1. Make a list of things she likes

Without a list, you’ll be confused by all the choices. Make sure that the gift is something she really needs.

But how do you find out?

Well, if you proclaim yourself as her closest friend, this shouldn’t be an issue. Pay attention to what she does daily.

For example, if you often catch her writing, stationary or something related to this activity would be a nice gift.

If she’s into makeup, you can buy an eyeshadow palette or something that represents this hobby.

2. Focus on girly stuff

Gifts for girls usually have elements like flowers, jewelry, pink, butterflies, and the unicorn.

They are quite synonymous with girls.

Are they easy to find? Yes, on some e-Commerce sites, boys and girls have their own sections.

By the way, it’s also important to learn your friend’s character. If she’s in no way feminine, a girly gift might turn her off, so please choose wisely.

3. Don’t be too rigid with the gender thing

If you’re clueless on what to buy, don’t stick with gifts aimed specifically at women.

Unisex gifts are good, too.

Doing this will significantly expand your choices. She probably doesn’t mind when the gift doesn’t scream girly. As long as she finds it useful, that’s all that matters.

4. Set a budget

Are you going to give her an expensive present or a cheap one?

There’s nothing wrong with either option. So that it doesn’t put a strain on your finances, it’s imperative to set a budget in advance.

A branded item is surely expensive. You can give one for a special occasion like a birthday.

But if it’s not what you aim for, a reasonably-priced gift can also be an alternative.

5. Shop around

There are many retailers that sell Christmas gifts for women. If you’re not content with what a store has to offer, you can head off to another and view its collection.

If you still can’t find it there, hop over to another. Basically, don’t rush and take your time.

Choosing Xmas Gift Conclusion

Instead of buying a gift in a hurry, you should’ve bought it days or weeks prior.

But if you’re waiting for a shopping event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then it’s okay to wait a bit longer. At the very least, you should have the list ready. Write down on a sheet of paper all the gifts you’d consider buying.

To be honest, a gift is all about sending a message. For this reason, don’t use price as a basis for choosing a gift especially when it’s for your best friend. While she’d love to get an expensive item, she would still be grateful for whatever you give her no matter the price.

And it’s also important to note that you don’t have to buy a gift. If you have skills like painting or carpentry, you can make something with your hands. It would be more meaningful.

But if not, buying isn’t bad, either. There are many Christmas gifts for best friend to choose from. Shop around and find the most fitting one for her.

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