xmas gift for 18 month old boy

Best Christmas Gift for 18 Month Old Boy (2022)

Christmas is quickly approaching, and you’re looking for gifts for your 18-month-old son. Confused? No worries, we’re here to assist you in selecting the best one for your little boy.

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Choosing the best Christmas gift for 18 month old boy is quite challenging. Although there are countless choices, safety should be the main concern.

That’s why toys are labeled with an age bracket because not every toy would suit your little son.

Please use the store’s recommended age as guidance to pick a toy for him.

If it’s clearly stated that a toy is recommended for kids aged 3 years and up, then don’t be adamant about giving it to your little boy.

There must be a reason why the manufacturer decided to set an age limit for it. Just don’t be discouraged, though.

Age restriction shouldn’t limit your choices. There are many toys specifically designed for toddlers.

Here are some that you can consider.

Best Christmas Gifts for 18 Month Old Boy (2022)

1. VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset

This is more than just a kitchen play set. It also includes sounds and nice melodies. The toy can introduce him to shapes, glassware, and cookies. An 18-month toddler is still in a learning phase.

There are a lot of things he hasn’t seen, yet. If you want to spark his imagination, this would make a nice Christmas present. You can use it to teach him how to differentiate between edible and inedible stuff.

While some items are inspired by foods, they are playthings first and foremost. By the way, the product page states that it’s designed for toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years old.

2. Top Bright: Toddler Toys For 1-2 Year Old Boys

Little boys like to play with cars. This can be an option if you need a set that’s not only fun to play, but also BPA free. BPA free indicates that it’s safe for use because the chemical is linked to health issues.

The mini cars have passed tests for quality and strength. You can rest assured that the wheels don’t come off easily. It’s especially important because toddlers still lack the maturity to understand what they can put in their mouths.

Small things can easily be swallowed, so it’s too risky give toys that consist of tiny parts. Fortunately, all cars included in this set are large enough to pose that kind of threat.

There are several items in it. Besides the colorful mini race cars, you’d also find a race track upon which these cars slide down.

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3. Push Walking Car for Babies and Toddlers

Unlike the previous product, this is a ride-on car, so it’s much larger in size. It comes with a steering wheel and a saddle for him to sit on. Don’t worry about safety since the ground clearance is very low.

That being said, parental supervision is still necessary. If he wants to play, don’t leave him unattended. Another interesting feature it has to offer is a hidden compartment.

Just open up the seat, there’s an empty space underneath, which can be used to keep his personal belongings. That’s not the end of it. The car also offers interactive sounds and lights.

To turn it on, you will to insert 2 AA batteries which unfortunately aren’t included in the package.

4. Kidzlane: Count & Match Educational Egg Toy

Educational toys are easy to find. This one, for instance, can help him learn math basics. The set consists of 12 eggs put in a carton. An 18-month old boy is mature enough to learn counting.

This would be an awesome tool for that because the eggs are colorful. As we know, colors excite kids so much.

The eggs may look identical on the outside, but the insides are not. Each one has a different number and they’re also colored differently. In other words, he can learn a lot of things all at once.

In terms of safety, this toy is made with toddlers in mind, so the materials are strictly chosen for their safety.

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5. Magifire: Wooden Toddler Puzzles for 1, 2, 3 Year Old Boys and Girls

Toys made for toddlers usually put more emphasis on safety. This product is no different. The advertising states that puzzle is made of wood, which is usually non-toxic.

What about the paint?

It’s not an issue, either, because it’s water-based. Another safety measure in place is the pieces are made quite large with smooth edges, so that they won’t your little one.

Jigsaw puzzles are a common type of toys created for kids because they’re beneficial for brain development the complex ones.

These puzzles, on the other hand, are as simple as they come, but it’s not really surprising because they’re aimed at toddlers.

6. VTech: Musical Rhymes Book

A book probably isn’t the first that comes to mind when looking at the appearance of this toy, but it is indeed a book.

As you flip through the pages, you’d realize that this is an interactive book filled with favorite nursery rhymes. He can learn while listening to the wonderful melodies coming out of the device.

As you can see, the side houses 5 large buttons. All produce unique sounds and instruments. There are 2 different modes to choose from. If you want to focus on music, enable the music mode.

If you want to try the other, then switch to learning mode. The book isn’t just embellished with music, but it’s also visually stimulating with all the colors used on every page.

The book is meant for toddlers below 3 years of age. As for operation, it requires 2 AAA batteries. They are included, anyway.

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7. LeapFrog: My First Learning Tablet

This product has a tablet form factor, but it doesn’t work like a smart tablet that runs on Android or iOS. It’s an educational toy made for kids.

To use it, all you have to do is place the fingers on the screen, and it will launch a stunning light show. Each action will trigger a sequence of colors and sounds. The display is filled with different types of icons, such as shapes, animals, numbers, etc.

Overall, it’s a fun interactive toy that you can use to build communication with your son. It contains phrases he may have not heard before.

Not only visually stimulating, the music played throughout is also inviting, making him want to hear more and more.

You can give this toy to a child as young as 12-month old.

8. Battat: Animal Farm Playset for Toddlers (18+ Month)

Some toys allow kids to get in touch with their imagination, like this one. Well, apparently, an 18-month old boy will always use his imagination to play no matter what you give him.

He’s at a stage where his imagination runs wild.

As a parent, your job is to provide him with tools to accommodate that energy and this Christmas gift would be terrific for that. We’re sure he’s going to love it and spend hours with it.

The barn toy set includes lovely animal figurines, including a sheep, a cow, a horse, and more. The barn can be opened in the middle to put animals in.

It is also easy to carry around because it’s lightweight. Speaking of benefits, the toy is claimed to help boost memory and attention span.

9. VTech: Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Kids’ toys come in various forms, but they often have a few things in common. This one, for example, looks like a flashlight. However, it’s not a real handheld device to emit bright light.

Instead, it’s an educational toy that can play catchy tunes. You can use it to introduce a variety of things, like numbers, colors, and animals.

The pink toy comes preloaded with 50 songs and sounds. Meanwhile, beneath the protective glass there are 5 bulbs that emit light in 5 different colors.

They’re not too harsh on the eyes, so kids should be able to play safely. It’s suitable for kids 1 to 3 years of age.

10. Baby Toy Cars for 1+ Year Old Boys

Toy cars are diverse and available in various models. This set of mini cars sells for less than twenty dollars.

There are a few things that make it a good Christmas gift for a toddler. First, as mentioned in the product page, all items in the set are made of non-toxic material.

Why does it matter?

A kid this young not only plays with his hands. He also likes to put whatever he can grab in his mouth. Since the mouth is an entrance to the digestive system, any harmful substance that passes through it can affect his health.

For this reason, it’s important to choose toys that are toxin-free just in case.

Additionally, these cars also have popping colors, which are good for perceptual responses.

What to look for in a Christmas gift for an 18-month old boy

1. Safety

This should be your primary concern because toddlers don’t have the ability to fully understand how the world works.

If you give him a toy comprised of tiny pieces like beads, it’s likely that he will try to swallow them because he thinks they are some kind of edible food.

Toys intended for babies usually have large components that are impossible to swallow. Even if there are smaller parts, they are typically secured tightly.

2. Materials

It’s the same reason as the previous point. A toy is safe when it doesn’t contain toxic substances. Babies like to pick up things with their hands and then put them in their mouths.

The paint used for coloring can be as dangerous as tiny pieces that make up a toy. If it contains harmful ingredients, they can get into the digestive tract and cause short-term and long-term problems.

For this reason, choose safe materials like wood and natural fiber.

3. Age recommendation

Always check out the minimum age requirement for a toy. If the label says that a toy is for kids 2 years old and up, then don’t buy it if your son is younger than that.

Every toy serves a purpose and it’s not just safety-related. A toy could be deemed inappropriate for younger children for another reason. Hence, don’t overlook this factor.

4. Benefits

It’s also important to learn the benefits that a toy can provide. As said before, each toy serves a purpose.

Different toys help kids in different ways. Luckily, the benefits are usually explained in the product page, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Just scroll through the listing and find the specific information. If the toy has things that your son will benefit from, you can buy it as a Christmas gift.

5. Price

This may not be on top of your priority list, but kids’ toys are so diverse. They come in a broad range of prices.

Some are cheap, while others are moderately-priced. And there are also expensive ones.

However, a gift isn’t solely about price. In fact, your 18-month old boy couldn’t care less about it.

As long as he likes what he sees, even a cheap gift would excite him.

Final Thoughts

Every toy serves a purpose. To find out the benefits of a toy, please read the description.

There are toys designed to improve hand-eye coordination. There are toys that can help train color perception. And there are toys that can help expand creativity.

Therefore, don’t randomly pick one for your baby. You should know exactly what it’s used for.

Still not sure which one to buy?

These three items would be our top picks from that top ten list.

As we know, the first three years of a child’s life are critical to his brain development.

To help him grow optimally, external stimuli are important and that’s where toys can help. They are more than just playthings.

Toys can also be used as tools to learn and grow.

Now, in case you want to buy the best Christmas gift for 18-month old boy, some of the items on this page might pique your interest.

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