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10 Best Mechanical Keyboards Cyber Monday 2022

Where can you find the best mechanical keyboard (Cyber Monday deals)? There are many retailers that take part in this shopping event, so you can find keyboards at slashed prices…

Where can you find the best mechanical keyboard (Cyber Monday deals)?

There are many retailers that take part in this shopping event, so you can find keyboards at slashed prices pretty much everywhere.

You can find many quality keyboards on sale on that day.

What makes a mechanical keyboard special?

A mechanical keyboard provides tactile feedback from utilizing mechanical switches.

It’s especially useful for gaming because stronger feedback leads to fewer errors as you can sense the key presses.

The Best Mechanical Keyboard (Cyber Monday 2022)

1. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever – Clicky Optical Switches – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting

Response time is an important factor that determines the quality of a keyboard. A good keyboard is one that recognizes key presses without noticeable delay, and this is what this product is trying to emphasize.

Gaming requires a keyboard that responds as fast as you depress on a key. This achieves it by having 30% shorter actuation distance. Despite that, it still delivers tactile feedback which is synonymous with mechanical keyboards.

Another highlight of this keyboard is Razer Chroma. As we know, this control software allows for easy integration with Razer-supported apps.

With this, the keyboard won’t flash randomly, but it pulsates in rhythm with games. Meanwhile, build quality is exceptional because it’s built using aluminum to boost its rigidity.

2. Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard – Spill-Resistant Design – Programmable Macro Functionality

Top-of-the-line keyboards are known for being expensive, but it’s important to note that even in a major brand, there are affordable options for buyers. This is one of the examples.

Unlike the previous product, this costs considerably lower. If you want an affordable keyboard from a trustworthy brand, this makes a good pick. It also comes equipped with Razer Chroma, so you can enjoy the benefits that the software has to offer.

Another highlight is key rollover, which matters in gaming especially to execute intricate combos. When it comes to design, it doesn’t really stand out from the rest with its typical black theme, but at least the build quality is solid and it’s claimed to be spill resistant as well.

Additionally, it offers programmable macros which can be remapped to your needs.

3. Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard W/Gateron Red Switch with RGB Back Lighting

From the pic you can tell that this keyboard is slightly tilted up. This is a good thing because it provides extra support to the hands. Many keyboards come with legs instead of having this design by default.

The good news is when it’s implemented in the design, there’s no risk that the legs will fold back accidentally. The typing performance is good.

It can deliver fast response to keystrokes. Does it feature an RBG backlight? Yes, which is expected from newer keyboards. The RGB light is the LED type, which boasts a longer lifespan. It comes with customizable effects, so you won’t get bored after a while.

As for the construction, it feels solid. There’s some interesting detail on the top plate, which looks like scratches but done tastefully.

4. MOTOSPEED Professional Gaming Mechanical Keyboard for Mac & PC

Keyboards with colors other than black do exist. This can be an option for those wanting a light keyboard. It has a 87-key configuration and looks compact without the numpad.

Under the keycaps, there are the Outemu red switches. They are great quality and able to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. And the light color isn’t the only interesting part of its design. The rainbow LED backlight also compliments it so well.

It’s available in 5 game modes and 14 effects. The keycaps are made of two layers molded on top of each other, resulting in extreme durability.

Moreover, it has adopted the n-key rollover, so there’s no need to stress over complex combos because all key presses will be read by the system. Additionally, there are 12 shortcuts for easy control over multimedia content.

5. Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Keyboard with Unifying Wireless Technology

A wave design on a keyboard actually serves a purpose and it’s more than just aesthetics. As we know, typing feels comfortable when the hands and forearms are positioned in a certain way. That’s the real purpose of this quirky design.

Instead of you adjusting your hands to the shape of the keyboard, it’s the other way around. The uneven shape is designed conform to the fingers, so there’s no need to adjust your position in order to achieve a stress-free typing position.

By the way, this keyboard operates wirelessly. While this type of connection often comes with lag issues, as long as you don’t use it for gaming, it should be fine.

The long battery life is another impressive feature. The listing sates that it could last up to 3 years.

6. AULA F2088 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Detachable Wrist Rest Multimedia Knob (Mixed Light-BlueSwitch)

The scroll wheel and buttons on top right corner of this keyboard look so striking. For your information, they are multimedia buttons.

This is not really a strange placement for multimedia buttons. Many keyboards with dedicated multimedia buttons also arrange them on this side of the keyboard. There are 104 keys in total, and thanks to the macro programming support, you can save macros at will.

Another thing really captivating about the keyboard is the design. It’s by no means groundbreaking or anything, but the whole thing looks sleek.

It also has a detachable palm rest, which helps prevent hand fatigue and other problems associated with too much typing.

7. AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Customizable RGB Backlight & Linear Red Switches, Steel Body for PC and Laptop

If you don’t feel like spending big bucks on a keyboard, this can be an option. For the point, the features are quite complete.

It will elevate your gaming experience with the colorful RGB backlight, which is customizable with 12 configuration presets.

As for typing, it feels smooth and lacks the tactile bump. If you aren’t too crazy about pressing past the actuation point, this shouldn’t leave you disappointed.

Fortunately, full n-key rollover is included, so key conflict is no longer an issue. In terms of durability, it lasts as long as any other keyboard made of ABS.

8. MSI Vigor Backlit RGB Dedicated Hotkeys Anti-Ghosting Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard & Gaming Mouse Combo (Vigor GK30 Combo US)

Some keyboards are sold in a bundle with a mouse. This will save time and money because buying a set is typically cheaper. The keyboard in this set delivers respectable performance and it has some mechanical feel to it.

The RGB lighting also comes with customization. You can switch between light effects effortlessly.

As for the mouse, it’s good quality. With its ergonomic design, it will keep hand fatigue at bay.

According to the product description, it’s strong enough to endure 10 million clicks.

9. Redragon K530 60% RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard M913 Wireless Gaming Mouse Bundle

This is another keyboard and mouse bundle you can consider buying. The keyboard offers Bluetooth connectivity. Design-wise, it’s super compact. It’s not just the fact that it omits the numeric pad, but it looks even more compact than that.

If you struggle with a limited desktop space, this can solve the issue. A more spacious tabletop means a broader surface for the mouse to move around.

It’s powered by a 3000mAh battery, which offers many hours of continuous use.

As for the mouse, are you familiar with the design?

When a mouse has these many buttons on the side, it’s usually designed for MMO gaming, which is true as mentioned in the product page.

The battery inside the mouse is just as generous. The capacity is 1000mAh, allowing for operation up to 80 hours.

10. Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – PBT SP Spherical Keycaps – Classic Grey-White Matching

This keyboard sticks out thanks to its light color. The grey-white combination reminds us of old-school keyboards.

Well, this will surely hit you with a wave of nostalgia. You’d think that this sort of outdated design will be low priced, but you’re wrong for having that thought.

The price is actually comparable to others on this list. Surprisingly, although it resembles keyboards of the days gone by, it feels way more current as it utilizes Cherry MX brown switches. They deliver tactile feedback, allowing you to feel every press. But at the same time, they also sound less noisy.

For this reason, it makes a perfect choice for professional use, not just for gaming. It also brings you the fun of an RGB LED backlight. It doesn’t seem clear from the picture, but this is included for real, with a spectrum of more than 16.8 million colors.

There’s more current technology applied on this device, like n-key rollover. With this, don’t worry about hitting multiple keys at a time because each one counts.

Picking a mechanical keyboard on cyber monday deals

1. Size

Keyboards come in several sizes. Full-size keyboards include all the keys, so they look the bulkiest out of the bunch.

There are also tenkeyless keyboards. They omit the numeric pad, making them slightly more compact and lightweight.

For gaming, this can be an option because the absence of the numpad isn’t a big deal. There are also gaming keypads.

They’re closer to numpads size-wise, but without the number-only configuration. They include keys that matter for gaming.

2. Macro support

Macro support doesn’t exist in keyboards only. Some mice are also designed with programmable macro buttons.

Macros may increase your competitive edge, but they are often ruled out in competitive gaming.

If you play games just for the sake of enjoyment, then this feature would add a lot to the fun because you don’t have to press the same sequence of buttons over and over again.

Just create a macro and hit a single button to trigger that skill or action.

3. RGB backlight

You don’t even need to consider this because it has become a staple feature in gaming keyboards.

Like it or not, it’s most likely included in the keyboard you want to buy.

But don’t worry, there’s an option to turn it off if not needed. RGB backlight varies from one keyboard to another. Each product has a different set of presets, colors, etc.

Thus, please read the specs to find out what it’s capable of doing.

4. Type of switches

This also matters because each type offers a different mechanical feel. Cherry MX red, for instance, is known for being quieter and having minimal resistance.

There’s also the Cherry MX blue which has recognizable clicking sound. If you want a keyboard with greater resistance, this can be an alternative.

There are a few more variants besides these two, so it’s important to learn about the characteristics.

5. Key rollover

A keyboard used primarily for business doesn’t really need this feature. But for a keyboard used for gaming, this feature is a must. We’re often required to press multiple keys all at once or quickly one after another to execute an action.

If your keyboard fails to detect all presses, nothing would happen. That’s why this feature is emphasized in gaming keyboards.

Manufacturers feel the need to let buyers know that their products won’t mess with gaming performance.

The more the keys can be pressed at a time without conflict, the more flexible the keyboard is.

Good Cyber Monday Mechanical Keyboard Deals Conclusion

Now that you know the best cyber monday mechanical keyboard deals, should you buy it?

Well, it depends on what you expect from a keyboard.

If all you need is a quiet typing experience, then going for this type is a mistake because the clicking sound can be unbearable at times.

But if you need one for gaming, it will do wonders.

The high noise output can help you recognize every key press. As we know, gaming often requires pressing down multiple buttons simultaneously.

When you can’t hear the presses, your chances of messing up would be higher, too.

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