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Nintendo iPhone Wallpaper

Nintendo iPhone wallpapers are everywhere on the internet, but there are things to pay attention to in order to get the most fitting wallpapers. The first one is resolution, also…

Nintendo iPhone wallpapers are everywhere on the internet, but there are things to pay attention to in order to get the most fitting wallpapers.

The first one is resolution, also known as size. Both terms can be used interchangeably although size can also refer to the amount of data stored in an image.

Larger wallpapers are typically larger in size. Thus, it takes longer for them to completely load.

Why does resolution matters?

That’s because it affects the sharpness of an image. A low resolution image will appear blurry on a large screen.

In order to fill up the screen, you may have to zoom it in, which results in it losing its quality.

Nintendo Wallpapers for Iphone

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Is image orientation important?

Well, if you want wallpaper that truly fits without needing you to zoom in or out, then you should look for one with a resolution that matches the resolution of your iPhone.

Since we use an iPhone vertically, a wallpaper in a portrait orientation is necessary. Besides, it should also have the same resolution as the display. This way, you don’t have to do adjustment while setting it as a background.

But if there are discrepancies, like in orientation or dimensions, you have to do some customizations to make it fit. The good news is it’s not a problem for an iPhone because the device comes with the basic tools to crop, zoom, and edit images.

In other words, you can pick a wallpaper of any size or orientation, and it will still look flawless on the screen.

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Another concern is how you get the wallpapers. If all you need is wallpapers from popular themes like nature, animals, and arts, you can find them at the drop of a hat. There are many iPhone apps that can supply you with such images.

Vellum is one of the examples. It’s among the best apps for finding images. There’s also Unsplash. It’s a meet-up place for photographers around the world. Here you can find high quality pics for your iPhone.

Another app with a vast image library is Everpix. It has a wide assortment of high quality wallpapers. Now when it comes to Nintendo wallpapers, it’s not up for debate that Nintendo is a huge brand, but these apps are nothing compared to what search engines can do.

Search engines like Google can provide you with images from countless sources. For this reason, if it’s hard to find specific wallpapers on third-party apps, just take advantage of your web browser.

Type in any keyword you want and as you hit enter, the image section will show you relevant pics available on the internet. You can visit the specific sites from which the images are hosted or download right on the image section of the search engine.

Visiting the site is actually a good idea before downloading a wallpaper because all the meta-data of the pic like its size and resolution is included there.

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What will you find during your search for Nintendo iPhone wallpapers?

If you browse using broad terms like ‘Nintendo wallpaper’, then you’ll also get very broad results. Many of the images under this keyword feature characters from various games released across Nintendo systems.

But, if you try to be more specific like ‘Super Mario wallpaper’ or ‘Zelda wallpaper’, the results will be limited to the franchise. You can even get more specific images by mentioning a specific game instead of the whole franchise.

Like in Zelda, there are several games that make up the franchise, such as the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, a Link to the Past. You can search for images by typing in the specific game to narrow down the results.

Pokémon is another example. There are many installments in the franchise which were released on different systems. Many of us are familiar with Pikachu, but that’s because it’s the mascot of the series.

You are likely to know Bulbasaur, Charmeleon, Squirtle, and Caterpie as well because they appear in the first generation.

But unless you keep up with the series, chances are you won’t recognize the newer species because there are new additions to each generation. Go to the wiki page if you want to know all the generations of Pokémon and the characters.

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image credit: pinterest
image credit: pinterest

In addition to landscape wallpapers, we also include some portrait ones on this page.

Are portrait wallpapers better?

Landscape and portrait wallpapers have pros and cons, so it’s hard to play favorites. Portrait wallpapers often come in smaller sizes because they fit right on the screen although some cropping could be necessary if the size doesn’t really fit.

The downside is portrait wallpapers aren’t usually scrollable. In this regard, landscape wallpapers show their ‘superiority’. If you prefer your background to move sideways as you swipe left or right, horizontal wallpapers would suit you more.

Well, there’s no need to pick one as you can fill your storage with both types of images. Now if you’re looking for vertical images with a Nintendo theme, we’ll show some here.

To download, you can right click and save to the local drive

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image credit: pinterest

Final Thoughts on Nintendo Wallpapers

Finding vertical wallpapers isn’t actually difficult. There are many apps that can provide you with all kinds of wallpapers. However, they usually belong to popular categories, like animals, automotive, abstract, etc. All these categories are common in wallpaper apps.

What about Nintendo?

If you have difficulty finding Nintendo wallpapers on these apps, go to Google. It’s the most convenient way to explore images from very specific niches.

All you have to do is get the keyword ready, type it in on the search box. Hit enter, it will redirect you to a page full of relevant results, or in this case images. They can also take you to various sources.

As we know, images that circulate on the internet are typically hosted on remote servers. Those servers are owned and controlled by different people. In other words, you can find countless images given that each website has a different collection.

Every website also has rules regarding use and distribution of their contents. You can find it out by reading information stated on the description page.

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