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The Best Auto Tracking Camera for Sports & Horse Riding [2023]

Are you looking for a good sports auto follow camera? or perhaps for horse riding? For your convenience, we have compiled and reviewed some of the best sports auto tracking cameras in this article.

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We all can agree that it’s not easy to take a steady video without advanced equipment.

Apart from a powerful camera, complementary accessories are needed to use it to its full potential.

Even with a cutting-edge camera system, human errors are inevitable.

An object moving off the screen is a common problem because we can’t totally rely on our instinct to predict how it moves.

But don’t worry, auto-tracking cameras are here to fix such technical difficulty. They have sensors to detect movements precisely.

What’s the best auto-tracking camera for sports? Here are some to consider.

The Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Sports & Horse Riding (2023)

1. Pivo

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Equestrians love taking pics and videos of their majestic horses in action. But it can be challenging because these animals are incredibly fast.

This product can come to the rescue if you don’t always have someone else to record you riding your horse.

It works like a typical robot, moves to predetermined settings. It boasts some awesome features, one of which is 4 different tracking speeds.

Just adjust it to the needs, and you won’t see precious moments fade into nothingness.

That said, there’s a disclaimer that says results would vary depending on the phone’s camera quality.

This gadget just highlights that. Basically, if your phone is more than capable of producing great sports videos, then the outcome will be astounding as well.

Compatibility is another selling point, with the ad stating that it runs on both Android and iOS devices.

But to be exact, check out the supported models by clicking the attached link above.

Another notable feature is auto-zoom to attain perfectly sharp focus no matter how fast or far the subject moves from the camera.

There’s more to check out, such as video calls, special effects, and optional pairing with Bluetooth earbuds.

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2. Pixio and Pixem

Every rider has a reason why they want to film themselves riding a horse.

Some do it to improve their skills by monitoring their performance on the recorded videos. Others do it to immortalize moments of their equines.

Whatever the case, the Pixio and Pixem can help you record quality stills and videos.

As with the previous product, these also have a built-in auto-tracking system, which monitors movements in real-time.

By the way, the Pixio and Pixem differ mainly in the type of device mounted on them.

The Pixem is supposed to be used with a Smartphone, while the Pixio is designed with a digital camera. Features are comparable on both.

Let’s start with the Pixem; it brags a maximum control range of up to 100m.

To get the clearest footage, set up the camera within this radius. It also features auto-zoom for easy tracking. And then, it offers an easy live streaming setup thanks to the Move’ N app.

As for the Pixio, this model can be paired with cameras from Sony and Canon. It also has auto zoom onboard along with live-streaming integration for those who want to share the experience with their acquaintances.

To make it fully work, a tripod is necessary. And it should have a 3/8″ screw interface.

Don’t forget to double-check the compatibility before making a purchase. The company urges smartphone users to test it out by installing the Pixem app via the Play Store or App Store.

If that runs smoothly, it means your device is compatible. Meanwhile, supported camera modes have their own section on the website.

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3. Soloshot3

Soloshot is strongly anchored in the history of motion-tracking cameras because many recognize it as a pioneer.

The newest iteration marks another milestone for the company because it comes with magnificent features. It gets a major overhaul on many fronts, and the features are exactly what you need to produce great riding content.

Let’s start with the most essential one, which is auto-tracking. The company steps up its game by extending the tracking distance to 2,000 feet.

It gives you the freedom to shoot far from where the camera is placed. It’s also waterproof, so don’t panic if rain starts coming down on a cloudy day.

And, of course, auto-zoom is embedded in the system. This aspect is not to be overlooked, or else visible blurry footage will get on your nerves.

The company grapples with this problem by incorporating brilliant auto-zoom.

What about the setup? There are downloadable guides that can help you get started with the device. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be fine.

There’s also a proprietary app for live-streaming called Soloshot. Add it to your phone to broadcast your training sessions to others.

The Soloshot3 comes invariants. The one with a 25optic camera can deliver 25 optical zooms and is capable of recording 1080p60 videos.

Meanwhile, the optic65 variant enables 65 digital zooms and can record 4k videos.

4. Jigabot

Has your device fallen victim to an incompatible motion-tracking camera?

It’s indeed infuriating, but don’t be discouraged because there are other choices out there.

This is arguably one of the best for those seeking extraordinary device support. Besides Smartphones and cameras, the Jigabot EX goes the extra mile with its laptop support.

Yep, something as bulky as a notebook can actually perch on this gadget because it’s engineered to withstand a weight of up to 10 pounds.

To top it off, it also includes a bunch of connectivity options, including HDMI, Wi-Fi, and HD-SDI.

The company takes pride in making adaptive solutions for all kinds of settings, such as sporting events, live conferences, lecturing, etc.

It’s also possible to take footage from various angles by spreading some cameras in several locations.

Another advantage it offers is that it can be attached to stationary objects and mounts in motion.

For instance, putting them on a crane would be a good idea if you want to take overhead shots.

Additionally, this product can be used together with a microphone or a dedicated light.

Just make sure it comes with the standard 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 thread. The same sizes apply to mount adapters for Smartphones.

5. The Robotic Cameraman

If you’re on a budget, this entry-level camera can be an option. It’s quite feature-rich despite the very reasonable price tag.

First off, it works with many social media platforms, such as Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and more.

It also fits Smartphones from 2.2 to 4 inches with dual OS support.

For Android, it needs to be version 8.1 or higher. And for iOS, it should be at least version 10.0.

This gadget is battery-powered using 3 of the AA type. Please buy them separately as they aren’t included in the box.

Once the batteries are fitted inside, the next step is to clamp the phone into the cradle with the display facing yourself.

Orient it to the angle you desire before hitting the power button.

Also, it’s supposed to run with an specific app that you can find on the Play Store or Apple Store; just look it up.

To be fair, this smart device does decently for the price.

It tracks movement in a 360-degree rotation, not to mention that it has an intuitive user interface. However, this product is only suitable for slow-moving indoor sports such as Yoga.

Best Auto-Follow Cameras for Sports and Horse Riding FAQs

What is the camera that follows you?

It’s called the auto-tracking camera, which also goes by the name ‘robot cameraman.’ It’s basically a camera with motors to automatically adjust to a person’s movements.

It offers many benefits. Not only does it eliminate the role of a human cameraman, but it also aids in enhancing recorded footage.

When a video is taken manually, human errors like shakes can still happen, especially when the object moves unpredictably.

An auto-tracking camera is designed to lock the target, which will result in smoother footage.

What is the best automatic tracking camera for soccer?

Soloshot3 is to count on to handle the hyperactive nature of soccer. It’s one of the well-rounded choices available.

We’ve rounded up the key features of this device. Please scroll back up to read them again.

This comes with its own camera system, so there’s no need to prepare your own shooting device.

Additionally, it’s able to provide sharp tracking from up to 2,000 feet away. Coupled with the long battery life, this makes an exceptional choice for outdoor videography.

What is the best auto-follow camera for horse riding?

Some in this review are high-tech and capable of delivering quality training videos. But to be specific, you can consider Soloshot 3, Pivo, Pixem, and Pixio.

What is the best auto tracking camera for basketball?

In no particular order, we still recommend one of the 4 products already mentioned. Each one carries a different set of features.

Hence, it’s better to read specs and reviews before making a purchase.

Wrap Up: Automatic Tracking Camera for Soccer & Other Sports

A good motion tracking camera is what you need to record videos that involve fast-moving objects. It can be used in various fields, including sports, medical, and business.

How does it fare compared to a human cameraman?

Human involvement is still needed to some extent, but there are things where they do better than us, which is understandable because they’re robots.

They can perform autonomous computing, not reliant on instinct like we do.

If you’re constantly posting shoddy videos, it’s time to invest in one of these.

In this review, we’ve included some of the best auto-tracking cameras for sports.

Simply take the time to learn about their differences and characteristics before picking the best one for you.

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