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Best Games Console for 9 Year Old: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

A game console can be a great birthday or Christmas present for your child. But which game console is best for a 9-year-old? Well, there are a lot of options,…

A game console can be a great birthday or Christmas present for your child. But which game console is best for a 9-year-old?

Well, there are a lot of options, from high-end ones like the Nintendo Switch to ones made by companies that most people haven’t heard of.

First, you should figure out what kind of games you want him to play.

If you don’t want him to see anything inappropriate, a modern console probably isn’t the best choice, even if some of them have parental controls.

A cheap console can stand in as a substitute, since cheaper devices usually have less to offer.

A more advanced console isn’t bad in and of itself, but you have to watch out for the games because some of them might have references that aren’t appropriate for his age.

So, here are a few systems to think about.

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These Game Consoles are Simply Suitable for Young Children

Nintendo New 3DS XL – Kid Friendly Game Console

As a household name in the industry, products by Nintendo always get people excited. If you’re looking for a console for your 9-year-old, this can be an option. It’s a leap forward in graphics compared to earlier consoles.

What kind of gaming experience does it offer? It’s a modern console, so expect it to do a lot of things. There’s an option to connect to other players. There’s also an option to take 3D photos. And of course, wireless connection is also available.

Why should you buy this instead of the 3DS, for example? Both are good, but if you especially want a bigger display, then this is the correct answer. There are many features worth-shouting about, one of which is the 3D Depth Slider. It allows you to adjust the 3D level to your heart’s content. And if you don’t feel like it, just disable it.

Other useful features on this device are gyro and motion sensors. While this is probably not your first time hearing about these sensors, they still make a nice addition because they help characters move accordingly relative to your movement while holding the console.

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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Compared to today’s heavy graphics, retro games have rather simple and blocky graphics, but they still have a special place in our hearts. For those who grew up with these games, it’s hard to imagine the world without them. If you want to introduce these classic games to your loved one, start with the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Thanks to the New Classic Edition, your wish of playing favorite classics comes true. It hasn’t changed from the original. It just shrinks in size a little bit, but in terms of design, it’s reminiscent of the old one.

Why is this console suitable for a 9-year-old? First, the games are kid-friendly. Second, they are easy to use. In choosing a console for a kid, ease of use should be the top priority and this unit meets that requirement. Third, it’s portable despite not having a dedicated display.

Portability lies mostly in its compact design, which makes it easy to carry everywhere. Another interesting aspect of the new re-release is you don’t have to worry about ROMs given that the games come pre-installed. All you have to do is turn it off and select the games right after.

Nintendo Switch – Best Family Games Console

This product is also from Nintendo. To see how it differs from the previous offerings, take a look at how it works. This console can work as a stationary console and a portable console. When you want to play at home, just put the primary unit into the dock.

Meanwhile, if you want to take it for traveling, you can transform it into a portable version with a dedicated display. It operates for approximately 9 hours, long enough to keep him occupied.

Who is this for? This console is made for those who want to make the most of a console. Home video game systems are often bulky that they aren’t suitable for traveling. But this one can transform into a compact device if you plan on using it while on the go.

The components on both sides of the Switch are actually removable and they can be used in different ways. In one player mode, you can use them at once. In two player mode, you can hand them over to each player.

Speaking of family-friendliness, kids can play it mainly because it has sophisticated parental control. If you’re concerned about how he uses this console appropriately, just take advantage of the feature.

Xbox One S (Disc-Free Gaming)

The convenience that this console has to offer is uncanny. Imagine having a console in which the content is stored in the cloud. It gives you the freedom to access it at anywhere and anytime. This concept doesn’t come as a surprise considering the demand for digital content has been increasing in recent years.

Despite the similarities, it’s not to be mistaken for the Xbox One S. There are a few differences that you need to know. The All-Digital Edition is like a portable version of the One S. That’s because it doesn’t come with a disc-drive, which in turns eliminates the option of playing via physical disks.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem especially if simplicity is more important to you. As for games, it can play the same titles as the One S. There are 100 quality games that you can access through the Xbox Game Pass.

With that many games, we’re sure your child will be thrilled to hear that. However, you may need to review games before allowing him to play just to make sure they are suitable in terms of content, level of difficulty, etc.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Note: As of November 10th, 2022, this product is currently not available. But if you love Sega, this Sega Genesis Mini is the best alternative for the Mega Drive..

The Sega Mega Drive was an icon in its heyday. Many of its games still hold up to this day. As one of the earlier consoles, the games aren’t presented in the most detailed graphics, but that’s part of the appeal. Your kid probably wasn’t even born yet when this console made its mark in the industry.

Well, if you want him to experience the glory of retro games, you can buy him this one. This revisit still retains the same design language, only this time it appears smaller than before. Overall, the console is satisfactory. For those who used to own the original, you won’t be disappointed by this new console.

The emulation is exemplary and the games will take you back to the good old days. If it wasn’t for the scaling oddities and some small problems, this would’ve been a perfect retro console. It’s still worth-buying especially because older consoles are getting harder to find.

If you don’t take this opportunity to grab one for your child, you probably have to wait long before the company comes up again with another re-release to please long-term fans.

Picking Gaming Console for Kids

1. Game library

An extensive game library isn’t the only thing that matters in a console. The games should also cover different genres to give more choices to you and your child.

For you, a large library means it’s easier to find games that are age-appropriate. Although a 9-year-old is grown enough to evaluate content in games, it’s not wrong if the parent wishes for totally family-friendly content.

2. Graphics

This is another important consideration. Although newest consoles offer near perfect graphics, older consoles are quite the contrary. There’s nothing wrong with simple graphics.

If anything, they remind us that all the advances we see today started from them. Retro games might not be appealing by today’s standards, but they can still amaze your child. And they are fun to play, too.

3. Battery life

This is especially important if you pick a portable console over a stationary one. A portable console comes with a dedicated display and a battery to power it on.

It could be a single rechargeable battery or some disposable batteries. Depending on the capacity, a console may last about 5 hours or more in a single charge.

FAQs – Kids Friendly Game Consoles

What age is appropriate for a console?

There are many types of consoles with different types of games, so age-appropriateness varies. The games are more important than the console itself as far as choosing a kid-friendly system is concerned. For example, if you want very safe content, it’s a good idea to buy a retro console because retro games are generally safe.

The good news you can find many of them on the market. Some are from large companies, while others are from lesser-known brands. The consoles listed in this review are appropriate for older kids with the exception for the Sega Mini Drive and NES Classic Edition.

Both are retro consoles, so the games are less likely to warrant a parental warning. More modern consoles don’t actually lag behind. They are just very diverse that parental control is necessary to filter explicit content.

What about best console for a 10 year old?

The Xbox One s is a good pick although all can qualify. One of the useful features on this device that comes in handy for parents is access restriction. Enable it, you can prevent him from making unauthorized purchases.

There are also age-specific filters that you can use to sort content. With all these benefits, the console is not only playable by older kids, but also younger ones. These kind of restrictions don’t just exist in the Xbox One, anyway.

Other modern consoles also have parental control of some sort. That’s why it’s important to read reviews before you decide to buy a console. Knowing that this feature exists can give you assurance on the content that he will play.

Is Xbox good for 10 year old?

The Xbox One has multiple games that are suitable for teens. A 10-year-old is old enough to be critical to content shown in games, so he should be ready for most of these games. Some are totally kid-friendly even for younger kids.

They are fun to play and educational as well. In case you need advice on what games are appropriate for your little one, look them up online.

Many articles are written on this topic. In a nutshell, the Xbox isn’t to avoid if you need strict parental control. Just make sure the games suit his age.

Toddler games console, which one is the best?

For toddlers, it’s probably best to stick with older consoles. Those consoles are characterized by 8-bit and 16-bit graphics that the quality is easily recognizable. There’s no need to give them modern consoles for a number of reasons.

Even though modern consoles offer parental control and settings, the games might be too difficult for them. Besides, forbidden content is quite prevalent in modern games and the depiction is getting more real thanks to the 3D graphics.

Violence, blood, steamy scenes, they look incredibly real, which makes 8-bit graphics tame in comparison.

Final Thoughts

Video games aren’t inherently bad for children although parents often complain about their kids wasting too much time playing games. It’s understandable because gaming can be addictive. That’s why you need to take full responsibility the moment you decide to give one to your child.

Set limits on how much time he can play daily and weekly. But looking at the bright side, gaming can be good for brain function. Some games are notorious for being difficult to play. If your child can play them successfully, that would be great for his problem-solving abilities.

Another benefit of gaming is to improve social skills although it can be done in real life. Gaming opens up the opportunity to meet people from around the world. It allows him to know interact with different personalities.

There are many other benefits, but anyway, what’s the best games console for 9 year old? We’ve explained some in this review. They are all good, but to find one fits your criteria the most, it may take time.

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