Why You Should Play League of Legends

Why You Should Play League of Legends?

Why should you play League of Legends? We can come up with many reasons as to why you should have first-hand experience with the PC game. For starters, League of…

Why should you play League of Legends?

We can come up with many reasons as to why you should have first-hand experience with the PC game.

For starters, League of Legends is exciting and fun. Some might say the learning curve is steep, but that’s the case with many MOBA games.

You’re dropped onto the battlefield with a bunch of players each possessing unique play styles. Basically, you’re dealing with the sheer brilliance of the people behind these characters.

The involvement of human players makes it highly unpredictable and even downright difficult, but that adds a lot to the fun.

Reasons to Play League of Legends

1. Popular

The popularity of a game is what lures people into jumping on the bandwagon. League of Legends is one of those titles you can’t escape if you’re actively seeking trendy games.

It has a player base of over 100 million across the globe. Tournaments contesting it are also held regularly, which shows that there is palpable enthusiasm for the game.

Taking part in these competitive events can give you solid experience and connections since you can’t meet people from different regions.

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2. Easy to learn

Getting used to the mechanics isn’t particularly difficult. It’s mastering it that can get you scratching your head.

That said, you’ll be able to pick up on the game after playing it a few times. Things will start to get tricky when you go in for an engagement with tough enemy heroes.

This is exactly why climbing up the ranks feels like an uphill battle, as you may find yourself defeated quickly in a close-combat battle.

One thing you should realize is that League of Legends is a team-based game, so it requires coordination with teammates to succeed.

However, in terms of learning resources, LoL has them aplenty for new users. The game itself has a basic tutorial, which can help those who are starting out.

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3. Free

Part of the game’s universal appeal is that it’s free. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily make a game good quality.

League of Legends just happens to be an excellent game with a zero price tag. You can go straight to the website to download it.

This strategy helps it accumulate a humongous player base. Although the game costs no money, it supports microtransactions in case you want to acquire special skins.

The prices vary from 975 to 3,250 RP.

If you are not familiar, RP stands for Riot Points, one of the official currencies used in the game.

You use it to purchase in-game items such as summoner icons and champions.

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4. Updated regularly

League of Legends isn’t new. You can discover hundreds of mighty champions since its launch in October, 2009.

To this day, it still receives regular updates in the form of buffs and nerfs applied to the heroes and other elements.

If you’re a long-standing fan, you may notice a dramatic shift from the alpha state. Ongoing innovation is a good way for the company to sustain the user base’s interest.

A decade has passed, and LoL remains a force to be reckoned with on the MOBA scene thanks to the incoming heroes and updates. It’s up there with Dota 2 and other popular MOBA titles.

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5. Not pay to win

There’s nothing wrong with microtransactions in a game, but when they’re encouraged to give paying users a significant advantage, it doesn’t promote fair play.

Fortunately, League of Legends doesn’t belong in this group. It does accept microtransactions, but that’s purely for skins. They don’t provide players with any gameplay benefits.

Pay-to-win games often offer exclusive items that players can get hold of with a monetary investment. Since they promise a direct power increase, they can be used to win the game. LoL isn’t like that.

At most, it accelerates the rate at which you build power for a champion, but in the end, this doesn’t dramatically impact the game.

You can gobble up your RP on skins and champions all you want, it won’t make the game easier to play.

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Why should you play League of Legends? We’ve mentioned a few reasons to play the game.

LoL has been around for over a decade. If you’re an avid PC gamer and haven’t played it once, you missed out big time. It’s not too late to get started, though, because the game is still as relevant as ever.

It’s not hard to get a grasp on the mechanics. While you can pick it up relatively fast, it will take time to master a character.

There are so many to choose from. All are grouped into different class styles. This increases the game’s complexity, but it’s worth the time nonetheless.

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