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Top 10 Best Call of Duty Players 2022

Who are the top Call of Duty players? This game has been around for nearly two decades and still gets players excited to compete in tournaments for the tempting prize…

Who are the top Call of Duty players? This game has been around for nearly two decades and still gets players excited to compete in tournaments for the tempting prize money. Some players have proven to be the best by taking home the championship trophy. However, CoD remains a competitive game that is difficult to win because players continue to hone their skills before entering CoD majors. Different players are constantly crowned as winners, and it is only a matter of time before new ones vie for the top spot.

How should these seasoned players be ranked? Counting the prize money is a good place to start, but it is only one aspect of what makes a great player. Individual accomplishments and progress over time should be examined. Being a great player isn’t about how much money you make. Championships, while a good predictor of success, can be nerve-racking for everyone. Due to nerves, even skilled COD players can make mistakes when playing in front of a live audience. Aside from earnings, there are other factors that define a great player, such as KDs, wins, and persona.

10 Best Call of Duty Players

1. Ian “Crimsix” Porter

Ian Porter, or better known as Crimsix is one of the respected CoD players. He’s remarkably talented, having earned approximately $1.2 million in prize money. A portion of that sum is from winning three championships, a streak that becomes a career highlight for him. He also has 37 major tournament wins to add to his stellar accomplishments. Throughout his career, Crimsix has been fielded by 2 prestigious teams, OpTic Gaming and Complexity. And as icing on the cake, he also ranks high among other top earners in CoD esports. He has cleared over a million dollars from all events he partook in.

2. Seth “Scump” Abner

This preeminent player is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a key figure in organizing the team’s attacking strategy and has years behind him to grind that expertise. If he keeps going the way he has been, it’s foreseeable that he’s gonna have a coveted career in the future. All that he’s done will ultimately underpin his upcoming success. The good thing is he has performed exceptionally well so far. He possesses skills many would kill to have. As a proof, he’s been trusted by top-tier organizations to play for them. On top of that, he has also competed at esteemed CoD championships multiple times. He even conquers social media. For someone focused mainly on competitive gaming, the 2.2 million followers he has on Twitter are sensational.

3. James “Clayster” Eubanks

Nobody stays on top forever. Each athlete will reach a peak if they keep practicing and leveling up their performance. But once the summit has been touched, sooner or later they’d be on an irreversible decline. Clayster is on the receiving end of people’s doubts over his steady performance. However, we shouldn’t put it past him to exhibit brilliant skills. To this day, Clayster remains one of the most celebrated CoD players thanks to his prolific career. It’s safe to say that he’s in the pantheon of the greats in the CoD arena, which is not unexpected because he’s been showing true mettle throughout his professional life. All his accomplishments like being a 3-time world champion speak for themselves. One thing we can learn from him, the best revenge is your paper. Whatever naysayers have to stay, he’s here to stay even if he’s quite a veteran now for how long he’s been gaming professionally.

4. Chris “Simp” Lehr

Simp knocked it out of the park at the Black OPS 3 season. He truly deserved his flowers for the commendable showing. His play style swept people off their feet. Simp is especially phenomenal taking the SMG role, even touted as the rising Search and Destroy juggernaut. This young prodigy knows how to carry out the job and play aggressively when needed. His outstanding reaction time and quick thinking also help him make critical decisions quickly. Hence, it’s not crazy to think that he has a blossoming career ahead of him especially if he can maintain that level of play and zeal.

5. Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan

Cammy had a magnificent run in 2021. While he had promising performance before, he pushed his limits as a flex player just last year. It will cement his status among other top flex players in CoD eSports. What he did at the Cold War Season was simply breathtaking. His control and versatility inflict fear in the enemies, not to mention that he can plan a swift yet carefully thought-out attack. He also made a great teammate with Insight. Hearing the duo take the stage will fluster everyone in the enemy team. Whenever he performs, he makes sure to show a particular level of quality, which makes his presence is a sight to behold.

6. Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson

Arcitys has achieved so much in his first 7 years plunging into the eSports industry. Apart from being a world champion, he has also solidified his status as one of the feared AR players in the game. He has taken part in prestigious CoD events since 2015. Furthermore, he’s humbled to have worked for an organization of eUnited’s magnitude for 3 years. He also defended Chicago Huntsmen in 2019 before departing for Atlanta FaZe a year later. 2019 shaped up to be a defining year for him as he managed to clinch the world championship title. The $1 million total prize money is another achievement to his long of credits.

7. Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris

aBeZy is widely touted as a fantastic entry SMG to ever step foot on the CoD scene. It’s not to be debated given how fast he blasts the slew of enemies and sustains life in the hostile battlefield where every second counts. He’s also committed to his objectives and makes SND look so easy when in fact, it’s tough to get into a good position over the opponent. Well, he has polished this capability to a great extent, which ultimately makes it a facile effort for him. Not only that, his way of taking the opposing players out of the equation is a class of its own.

8. Matthew “FormaL” Piper

FormaL has reached over $800,000 in earnings from all events. He is a 1 time CoD champion and has a few other achievements under his belt, such an X Games gold medalist and 23 event wins. His foray into eSports started as a Halo player. Although he got a great deal of attention there, his breakthrough moment was when he decided to pursue a new endeavor that was CoD. He’s drawn into it after realizing that CoD esports was becoming huge. And given how illustrious the franchise was at that point, it’s only logical to that he gave it a try. CoD tournaments attracted dominant players who were thirsty for competition. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for him to secure a place as a menacing assault rifle player.

9. Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro

Age is not a barrier for him to deliver epic plays. He’s still so young when he proved himself as a competent CoD player. He’s taken home around $500,000 and played with the upper echelon stars like Scump. That’s worth celebrating because he did this early in his career. Shotzzy often positions himself in the front line and plays vigorously to aim at the enemy’s total defeat. While he shines as an SMG player, he has no problem assigned to any other role. The flexibility is what puts him ahead of other acclaimed talents.

10. Damon “Karma” Barlow

Karma is another player that deserves a mention on this list because he’s one of a kind in the FPS genre. History will remember him as one of the best to grace the CoD field. He may be retired now, but his legacy will live on to inspire up and coming pro players. He closed his glittering career in competitive gaming with pride, as nobody could come close to the raw gun skill he possessed at his peak. Karma is a three-time world champion with a bunch of other accomplishments in his resume. These three wins, he did it with 3 different teams, which makes them even more impressive. That just goes to show that he’s no slouch, always challenging himself for real improvement.

Wrap up

Call of Duty is among the most successful game franchises in history, so tournaments held for the game are bound to be on par in recognition. Each installment manages to rack up millions of sales, and it continues to have a gargantuan presence ub the FPS market. CoD was introduced as a PC exclusive at first, but consistently released for other systems. Today’s franchise is made up of an extensive catalogue of games, including the main ones and spin-offs.

CoD events also started relatively modest though they still brought new talents into the consciousness of FPS fans. With the rapid rise of eSports, the industry slowly transformed into a new battleground for investors. The prize payouts are getting bigger, which led many aspired to become pro gamers.

But who are the best Call of Duty players? The rundown above is to let you know some prominent figures on the CoD scene. Call of Duty has a massive player count, and its tournaments have spawned prosperous players who flourish financially.

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