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[2022] Download Mobile Legends for All Devices: Android, iOS, Windows

Mobile Legends is a mobile game released for Android and iOS. It belongs in the MOBA category, was launched back in 2016 by Moontoon. The game has seen huge success…

Mobile Legends is a mobile game released for Android and iOS. It belongs in the MOBA category, was launched back in 2016 by Moontoon.

The game has seen huge success in countries across Southeast Asia where some major tournaments for the title have taken place.

It pushes 2 teams of 5 into a brawl on a square-shaped battlefield.

The map is divided into 3 lanes with turrets scattered throughout, and your goal is to knock them down to clear the area.

Each player takes control of one hero endowed with special abilities.

You need to join forces with others so that it’s easier to infiltrate the enemy’s base before the total devastation.

Minions are constantly spawned to guard your land. They also travel down the lanes to assist you with attacks against the enemies.

Each team has its own protective minions. Every now and then these units replenish themselves in a set constituting 1 range + 2 melee minions, or 1 range + 1 melee + 1 cannon minion.

Eradicating them grants you gold with the cannon ones carrying most of it.

Every hero starts deprived of power, but gradually levels up once they confront the opposing team members and kill them.


  • You can play on the go because it’s essentially a mobile game.
  • There is no need for basic knowledge of MOBA games to understand the gameplay. You’ll gain insights as you start playing it and interacting with other players.
  • It can run on low-end phones with RAM less than 2GB. However, it would require some graphical adjustments to run smoothly.
  • MLBB has precise touch controls. There’s also auto-aim functionality that makes targeting a breeze.
  • The game catches the eye with its charming graphics.
  • It has a wide assortment of heroes possessing unique specialties.


  • While easy to play, it can be difficult to master especially when you enter into combat with tough heroes.
  • Mobile Legends is a good pastime, until it wastes too much of your time.
  • It might lead to incessant in-app purchases.

Download Mobile Legends for Android

Mobile Legends has been officially uploaded to the Play Store, so an APK file is not necessary to install the game.

All you have to do is go straight to this URL from your mobile phone and then tap on the Install button.

Download Mobile Legends for iOS

The app is also readily accessible on the App Store.

Open the app from your Apple device. And then find the game using the search tab.

Here’s the app page, but the download button won’t work unless it’s opened using an iOS device. To install, simply tap on the ‘get’ button.

Mobile Legends PC Download (Windows 10)

There are several alternatives to playing the game on a desktop computer.

You can either try an emulator or install the file directly from

This service allows you to directly install the game without a third-party emulator, which in turn, lessens the burden on the PC resources.

Here’s the link for those interested.

Mobile Legends PC Download (Windows 7)

1. Remix OS Player

This is one of the emulators you can install on Windows 7 PCs.

It has the advantage of playing multiple games at once. Other than that, it also has optimized multitasking.

Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with AMD processors, yet. Download it here.

2. Windroy

This lightweight software boasts compelling features like advanced graphics emulation and window scaling.

It also delivers stable performance, but there’s one obvious setback, its non-existent support for newer apps since it’s based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is quite obsolete by now.

Having said that, if you want to give this emulator a go, you can download it here.

3. MEmu

MEmu stands above the rest with its great performance and wide compatibility.

Windows 7 is included in its system requirements, so if your PC runs this operating system, you can install it without compatibility issues.

MEmu is rife with shiny features, like flexible customization, keyboard mapping, and sensor data transmission over to Android.

There are some download options, but to assure its authenticity, download it on the official website.

Mobile Legends for PC (Download without Bluestacks)

Some players love playing MLBB with Bluestack (although it is not mentioned on the above list), however, if you do not like Bluestack, you may also use Noxplayer as an option.

It has accumulated more than 150 users around the world. The company is striving to push the envelope for giving a top-notch digital solution to Android users.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The download link can be found here.

Wrap up

From the alluring graphics to the broad range of heroes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang encompasses everything that makes a game irresistible.

The social aspect of it where you engage in teamwork with others makes it more tempting to play.

But Mobile Legends at its core is a mobile game, which then begs the question of whether it’s playable on PC or not.

Luckily for you, it can be played on a desktop computer. We’ve provided the solutions in this article, so go check them out.

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