Easiest Character in League of Legends

Easiest Character in League of Legends

Choosing a League of Legends champion can be a tough call because each one is built around unique abilities. The enormous list of heroes is a common source of confusion,…

Choosing a League of Legends champion can be a tough call because each one is built around unique abilities.

The enormous list of heroes is a common source of confusion, not to mention that the magical battlefield upon which the fight takes place is vast and difficult to explore. Besides the top, mid, and bot lanes, you also get to know what creatures lurk in the jungle.

Each team competing for the shattering of the other’s Nexus has 5 members in it. One should master jungle skills since it can help power up and enhance the experience.

League of Legends has over 150 playable characters, all with different skillets and impact abilities. With that in mind, they’re designed for different playstyles. You need to be invested in how a character evolves to find out if it’s a perfect fit for you or not.

Each champion has five core abilities. Your task is to collect experience and boost their power alongside the base stats.

This can be achieved by slaying the enemies or taking part in killing them. You can also do it by demolishing defensive structures.

What is the easiest LoL character?

1. Garen

Garen can be designated as a top or mid laner because he has the prowess for the role. This makes a good pick for anyone starting out on their LoL journey.

The absence of mana makes it possible to engage in frequent fights against enemies. He also doesn’t possess skill shots, so skipping your abilities is technically out of the picture.

His main forte is his passive, which brings him extra sustain on the battlefield. This is good for your lane presence and increases the likelihood of staying alive in such a hostile environment.

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2. Darius

Darius can instill great fear in anyone sensing his presence.

Despite having tremendous power, he is quite easy to play, but it shouldn’t be confused with not needing basic knowledge of his mechanism.

To make the most of this character, you should learn how to efficiently apply stacks on enemy targets before decimating them for good.

3. Veigar

If you’re determined to hone your skillshot accuracy, selecting this character is a good idea because he has an array of them.

Aiming is something you can do better with practice. For new players, in particular, characters with good sustain like Veigar can help delay death.

There’s always a room for mistakes when you try to boost your skillset profile. At a time like this, Veigar can save the day because even with a flawed attempt, it still has an impact.

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4. Malphite

Malphite doesn’t pose much of a challenge as other champions do. The best thing about this character is how flawlessly he can adapt to different roles.

He’s first and foremost a tank champion, but he can be developed to deal potent magic damage.

He might not make a strong showing in the early game, but once he survives the laning phase, he’d suddenly be very tough to shut down.

His ability to render incoming damage useless also makes him less vulnerable.

5. Ashe

If you like to hit targets with skillshots, Ashe is not to be missed. While she doesn’t have much early impact, she can grow stronger as the game goes on.

Besides, this presents a good opportunity for you to figure out her role. Ashe can be meta when you can plan the right strategy for this ADC.

You can use her W to acquire lane dominance by attacking the enemies from a distance. It’s an effective method for farming while preventing them from chipping away at your HP.

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6. Blitzcrank

Supporting is a vital role in League of Legends because it provides guidance to the entire team through vision control and protective skills.

Supports may not be the ones to carry the game, but they work from behind to ensure their teammates gain leverage against the opposing team.

Blitzcrank fits the bill because his mana barrier enhances his damage-dealing potential, and he also has a power fist mapped to the E key for the extra punch.

7. Gragas

This sociable character has his charm. He’s the right hero to play for beginners because he can be assigned to several roles.

He can be an exceptional top laner, and he’ll also get the job done as a mid laner. Even if you designate him to roam through the jungle for gold and experience, he totally qualifies for that.

He has a formidable crowd control skill and an impressive AoE attack style to splash damage on many targets at once.

8. Annie

Annie is a child prodigy who is blessed with astounding pyrokinetic abilities. Her aptitude for setting things on fire took shape when she was still very young.

What she once exhibited as emotional lability has become something she has control over. Her kit is not only intuitive but also a major part of her appeal.

She can use up all her abilities, but when the next one comes around, she can startle anyone in her path.

This can be applied to any skill for an amplified effect. But you can also use her ultimate to attack the enemy heroes in a coordinated way.

9. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s kit can have a strong effect on the opponents.

This character is relatively easy to learn, but you should capitalize on her abilities to really hit your stride.

She’s aimed at players of different skill levels.

Besides shooting bullets at enemies, she also pulls out magic damage with her rain attack.

10. Lux

Lux debilitates an enemy with her stun and extensive ultimate. Her defensive ability is also top-notch, making her a reliable laner.

Not only that, Lux has utility up her sleeve that will benefit other team members.

However, the limited mobility can take a toll on this character. Besides, her explosive damage doesn’t come close to the other AP peers.

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Is Jinx easy?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean she can’t perform beyond the confines of simplicity. Her kit still opens the door for high-skill playing, although it’s a simple arrangement.

Her dominance will boil down to how you lead this character through the learning phase.

Is League of Legends hard to learn?

Some people have complained about it, so it could be true, especially for newer players. One of the biggest challenges is to increase survivability in 1v1 fights.

Going for a teamfight is equally difficult when you don’t have enough experience to deal with the onslaught of attacks. There’s a lot to keep up with, which is what makes the game overwhelming at the start.

What champion has the lowest win rate?

It’s Gangplank with a 44 percent win rate, but some others like Nidalee, Ryze, and Azir don’t lag far behind with 45-46 percent.

Which lane is easiest in League?

Many players feel like the top lane is the most forgiving to players.

However, all teammates protecting the three lanes have intertwined roles, so it’s not fair to say that one is easier than the others. Each lane has its own dynamics.

What is the hardest position in League?

It’s probably the jungle on the ground that you need to pay attention to other lanes while overseeing this area.

While being a laner, you can focus on things that happen in your lane.

Is top or mid harder?

There are mixed opinions on this. Some say the top is easier, others believe that the middle takes the title.

Those who say the mid lane is easier argue that they can still roam around to neighboring regions while monitoring this lane.

While in the top lane, going up against the enemy jungler can happen at anytime. They won’t let you catch a break when the confrontation begins.

Wrap up

These are our picks for the easiest characters in League of Legends. Playing one of these is a good start if you’re trying to get to grips with the game’s core mechanics. There’s a multitude of champions, but not all will complement your play style.

Stick to what you’re interested in to help the team progress further. Each member will eventually level up, but the pace at which it occurs will depend on how you master your character.

Make sure to not fall behind in experience, because if it goes on for too long, it might be too late when you have to go in for an engagement. Any power imbalance will easily lead to the defeat of the weaker character unless your ally is right by your side to offer protection.

Even with a champion that can dish out sustained damage, getting support from one with impeccable defensive stats is critical to negating incoming damage. As a final point, whatever hero you end up with, please comprehend the role assigned to you.

Coordination is key to pushing an assault into the opposing team’s territory. If one tries to overstep their role, it will ruin it for everyone. Nothing should upset the balance when everything is fine. Each player needs to focus on achieving their objectives.

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