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Best Computer (Typing) Gloves: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide [2022]

If you need extra comfort for your hands while using the mouse and keyboard, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of computer gloves.

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Wearing gloves while typing sounds like a strange idea, but there are people who do that for a number of reasons.

Gloves are designed for protection and comfort.

Medical gloves, for instance, are created to prevent cross-contamination. Meanwhile, the best typing gloves are designed to lower the risk of injury.

But, isn’t a mouse pad enough especially when it has a small bump at the bottom?

Well, not every mouse has this kind of wrist support. Some are totally flat from top to bottom.

Whatever the case, if you need extra comfort for your hands while using the mouse and keyboard, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of computer gloves.

They are different from medical gloves that are made of non-porous materials. Fabric is a common choice since breathability is a factor to consider. It keeps your hands cool by increasing air circulation.

Without proper circulation, your hands will sweat a lot, which in turn reduces comfort and promotes bacterial growth. When they proliferate, bad odor will start leaking out of the gloves.

Best Typing Gloves: Ergonomic Computer Gloves

1. NatraCure Computer Gloves (Carpal Tunnel Relief)

Choosing the right gloves can keep you from strain injuries. These gloves are versatile because they fit both hands. All you have to do is flip the inside out to make it work for the opposite hand. They’re mainly for smaller hands, but bigger ones are also provided.

Another benefit of this product is it’s made with high precision. It keeps the wrist at a relaxed state, which means it’s good for typing and computer use in general. If you spend much time doing something that puts a strain on the wrists, better invest in quality gloves.

Repetitive strain injury is no joke. It can limit your ability to use your hands to their full potential. There’s only one pair in the package, but as said earlier, you’ll benefit from the versatile design.

Additionally, under each glove, there’s a wrist pad. This way, you don’t need to worry cushioning on your mouse pad because this can be a substitute.

In terms of comfort, these gloves hold your hands gently thanks to the stretchable material.

2. Copper Infused Compression Gloves for Computer Typing

There are two types of gloves, fingerless and full-finger. If you’re concerned about the wrist support mostly, then fingerless gloves are the way to go. But if you need well-rounded protection, the other model is a great pick. These gloves have whole fingers covered in fabric.

As we know, fatigue can kick in after typing for an extended period of time. This causes the fingers to feel painful and more sensitive to touch. To prevent it, wearing full gloves is a good decision. They can also keep you warm at all times.

Although this particular product is marketed as computer gloves, with how they’re designed, they should be functional for day-to-day wear. The best part is wearing these gloves won’t reduce touch sensitivity. You can still use your Smartphone or tablet comfortably.

When it comes to health benefits, they are like any other compression glove, designed to reduce the risk of injury as well as for treatment. There are various problems that may come from repeated use of the hands, like muscle soreness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Hand Gloves Fingerless for Computer Typing and Dailywork

This is another pair of gloves you can wear to ease strain on your wrist. While gloves may not address the underlying problem, they can provide temporary relief.

These gloves are fingerless, so there’s a clear opening at the end of each finger. The advertising states that it can be used for different purposes, not just typing. Heck, you can even use it for cooking. It kind of makes sense though, because fabric works as an insulator. Besides, cooking requires intensive handwork, so they will be useful either way.

For treatment, the gloves can help bring down swelling. Swelling is a body’s natural response to trauma. If you had it after a long keyboard session, then rest is necessary while wearing this glove.

The fabric is soft to touch, elastic, and breathable, all of which contribute to comfort.

Are you wondering about the raw material?

It’s actually a mixture of spandex, cotton, and polyester. The best features of each material are put together into this awesome product. Since it’s breathable, you can these gloves at anytime without worrying about overheating.

4. Fingerless Hand Gloves for Typing (Daily Office Works)

Material can determine the quality of gloves. This product combines nylon and copper to ensure comfort and breathability. These factors have always been crucial especially when you want to wear them for long periods of time.

Compression gloves are typically designed for comfort. They can assist you in managing problems that often come with overuse of devices, including carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many others that these gloves can help, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis.

In this day and age, people rely too much on their hands that a small injury will hugely interfere with their daily lives. Before something bad happens, we suggest you protect your hands with these things. They keep the muscles at a relaxed state, which may delay the onset of fatigue.

These gloves are fingerless, anyway. Both these and the full-finger models are great for the wrist. But if you don’t need complete protection or simply want more range of motion, this pair would come in handy.

5. Compression Computer Gloves for Women

This is another pair with an open finger design. The fingerless section is quite narrow, so it shouldn’t make a big difference compared to a full-finger glove. But still, a slight increase in a range of motion could mean a lot to you still.

One thing that really stands out from these gloves is the design. They look quite different from the previous gloves especially with the black dots all over the surface. The stitching is also top-notch, so that they don’t tear easily. It matters because you’re going to wear the gloves on a daily basis, so the risk of a tear is high.

There are 3 sizes available. Please pick one that really fits in your hands. Many people don’t realize the importance of protecting the hands while working. Compression gloves aim to protect not only the wrists, but also other parts like the fingers and knuckles given that nothing is safe from an injury.

The support is designed for protection, while the thick breathable fabric delivers warmth and comfort. Design-wise, these gloves are quite universal. They won’t look out of place regardless of who the wearer is.

What to look for in computer gloves

1. Material

Material is by far the most important aspect of gloves as it affects comfort. Fabric is an umbrella term for a range of materials, including spandex, polyester, and cotton.

A product can combine multiple materials and derive their best features. Rough fabric feels comfortable to wear. Besides, it can cause irritation which will create a new problem. Hence, don’t overlook this.

2. Full or fingerless

Do you want gloves with the whole fingers covered or bare?

They don’t differ much except one has no covering on the fingers. Gloves with exposed fingertips offer a couple of benefits.

First, they have a wider range of motion. Less material means more free movement. Another benefit of this design is you can touch stuff and feel it more precisely. As said before, the skin is highly responsive to stimuli.

But when it’s covered in thick fabric, our ability to sense through this organ will also decrease. Think of it like using a controller with and without gloves. You should be able to tell the difference.

3. Grip

This is also important for gaming. Soft-touch materials feel nice in the hand, but they can be slippery due to the extra smoothness.

For this reason, you need to ensure that the gloves you buy has a texturized surface or provides a firm grip. This way, you can hold a mouse or anything without a problem.

FAQs: Computer & Laptop Gloves for Writers and Gamers

Why do you need computer gloves for gaming?

Long gaming sessions are strenuous to the wrists and hands. Many gamers find themselves suffering cramps more often after playing for hours non-stop. If you’re prone to cramping, wearing gloves is a good decision.

Computer gloves are similar to those used for the treatment of arthritis or also known as compression gloves. They can relieve the symptoms of muscle imbalances. What matters in a battle station isn’t only the keyboard and mouse.

For some, gaming gloves are a must because without them, they will experience constant strain and stiffness in their hands. Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, gloves can still be beneficial.

Typing is just as strenuous and it can also lead to an injury. Hence, it advised to wear this protective gear if you spend lengthy hours operating the keyboard or mouse.

What are the best computer gloves for carpal tunnel?

In choosing gloves to lessen the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure they contain copper. There’s no specific product we’d recommend because gloves containing copper are easy to find these days.

Copper gloves work by improving blood flow and oxygen circulation. They also help increase mobility. Remember that frequent numbness and weak grip are two common symptoms of this condition.

Although effective, gloves shouldn’t be a replacement for surgery. It’s important to consult a physician to find out the right treatment for your condition because surgical intervention could be necessary.

We recently wrote an article about The best gaming gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome, and these gloves are ideal for both gamers and office workers. Check out our recommendation here.

How important are wrist gloves for typing?

It depends on how much time you spend on your laptop each day. If you don’t play or type much, then gloves are not the utmost importance. A quality mouse pad with a wrist rest should be good enough.

However, gloves can also be used for treatment. If you start developing symptoms like pain and numbness, gloves can prevent them from progressing to something severe.

We gotta say it again, please choose quality products like those with copper infused as they offer many benefits. In addition to providing comfort and bringing down inflammation, they can also inhibit bacterial growth.

Are fingerless gloves better for computer work?

Both fingerless and full-finger models have pros and cons. Full-finger gloves have no openings, so they are technically warmer since they insulate heat. But at the same time, this doesn’t always turn out to be a desirable trait.

Full-finger gloves are more likely to cause sweating although this can be overcome with the use of breathable fabric. Meanwhile, there are times when fingerless gloves would come in handy.

Remember that the skin is touch-sensing organ. It’s easier to examine objects when there’s nothing covering the skin. In this case, fingerless gloves show their superiority over the traditional counterparts.

Are there gloves to reduce pain when typing?

Yes, the specs should specify the benefits a product has to offer.

Copper gloves are especially great at this. They have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in healing and lessening pain.

If you’re confused by the many choices, look for a pair made of copper. They should help relieve aching that you struggle with.

Final Thoughts

Just because the best computer gloves aren’t mandatory doesn’t mean they don’t matter. There are some people who benefit from them, like those with arthritis. They are also designed to give the wearer extra mobility especially the open fingertip varieties.

By the way, computer gloves and gaming gloves are typically made from the same materials. It resemble compression gloves in a lot of ways.

They are made of materials to boost comfort and relieve symptoms of muscle tension in the hands.

So in that sense, gamers can use computer gloves while writers might wear gaming gloves for typing.

The only difference is probably branding or appearance (style).

They both come in all sizes, so it’s important to choose one that actually fits.

There’s no need to wait until symptoms appear to wear them. You can put them on for prevention.

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