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Best Thumb Sleeves for PUBG: Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Wearing gaming thumb sleeves isn’t a must, but if you have sweaty hands, these items will help a lot because they are absorbent, so there’s no need to worry about…

Wearing gaming thumb sleeves isn’t a must, but if you have sweaty hands, these items will help a lot because they are absorbent, so there’s no need to worry about leaving traces of sweat on your Smartphone or tablet.

While sweating isn’t bad per se, liquid spills on the display will reduce the touch sensitivity.

It will put you at disadvantage especially in fast-paced games. In choosing a sleeve, it’s important to pay attention to the features.

Given that sleeves are made of various materials, they also possess different traits. Some are more conductive, while others may have a better hand feel.

Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing them throughout the gaming session, which may lasts a few hours if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Heavy sweaters need them the most. The screen will constantly be wet if you skip these protective garments.

What are the best thumb sleeves for PUBG?

Apparently, a good sleeve is a good sleeve. If a product is deemed high quality for its superb elasticity and conductivity, then it should be great for playing all titles, not just PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

For this reason, focus on quality as it means a sleeve will perform well in any condition.

Best Thumb Sleeves for PUBG (2023)

1. Newseego Mobile Game Controller Finger Sleeve Sets

For starters, this product is affordable. If you don’t feel like spending big bucks on a pair of sleeves, buy this.

The sleeves are made of spandex and fiber material, which is responsible for the good conductivity. Besides, they’re also designed considerably thin, only 0.3mm in thickness.

This makes a perfect combination for a responsive touch function.

Since it’s thin, it doesn’t hug your fingers too tight, which clearly helps for improving comfort. Besides, it also translates to high elasticity.

Wearing thin sleeves is useful for precise aiming.

Other essential features of the sleeves include anti-slip, oil-proof, and absorbent.

All these propertieswill greatly reduce operational errors.

Another highlight of the product is lightweight. While sleeves are in no way heavy, some are more lightweight.

These, for instance, put a negligible weight on your fingers.

You can use them to play PUBG and other games, like Knives Out and Rules of Survival.

2. Tipkits Finger Sleeves for Gaming

This 6-pc sleeve set comes at a price of $6.99, which is cheap given the number of sleeves included.

They’re made of silver fiber, one of the common materials for this accessory due to the high conductivity. In other words, it won’t interrupt the touch function of your device.

You can use it with sleeves on and don’t worry about input problems.

The material is also densely knitted with up to 18 per sq. in, making it resistant to wear and tear.

In terms of comfort, these sleeves have no noticeable rough bumps inside, so they’re comfortable to wear.

The lack of protrusions has to do with the fact that it incorporates an advanced splicing process.

This product is made for fingers of all sizes.

Don’t worry if they’re gonna fit or not because they should thanks to the ultra elastic material.

According to the product page, these sleeves are usable on different devices, including the Kindle Fire and iPad.

3. Finger Cot with Conducting Wire Fiber for PUBG Mobile

These well-crafted sleeves help the thumbs glide freely across the screen because they’re made of soft-touch material to reduce friction.

At the same time, it is also capable of boosting sensitivity. This will take your gaming experience to the next level.

The sleeves contain wire fibers, which aid in maintaining the electric current running through the layer.

Additionally, the sleeves are breathable. This is pretty much a staple in these products because it appeals to many.

You can also count on the sweat absorbing properties.

For a sleeve to help retain liquid is important as it prevents leakage into the outer side.

When it leaks, the sweat will land on the display and sensitivity will go down as a result.

The comfort is also exceptional. The sleeves are designed lightweight and cool, so prolonged use shouldn’t be a problem.

Furthermore, because of the copper yarn weaves, the sleeves can be hovered on any digital surface.

4. Iotton Finger Sleeves for Gaming

Looking at the price, this product can compete with the ones already mentioned.

But it’s even more value for money because you get 5 pairs.

You can replace for up to 4 times if the current ones start to wear out.

They put together spandex and copper, which transform them into highly conductive sleeves.

The ad claims that they will give you an edge over your competitors on PUBG mobile.

The sleeves are carefully knitted to ensure they retain sweat inside. Surprisingly, they’re breathable, too.

This is a terrific combination to keep sweat problems at bay.

Another highlight of the product is anti-oxidation technology. Some silver-based materials aren’t the best at resisting oxidation.

This is bad news because conductivity may be impaired because of that.

Fortunately, with this unique technology, a loss of conductivity can be avoided.

In terms of comfort, with only 0.07-inch in thickness, the sleeves guarantee the ultimate freedom of movement.

5.PUBG Mobile Finger Sleeve, Anti-Sweat Breathable for High-Ranking Players

As the title suggests, these sleeves are suitable for playing PUBG.

Many sleeves are made to cater to the PUBG audience.

Playing fast-paced games is quite straining to the fingers. They’re also more prone to sweating due to the quick movement.

If you want to keep your thumbs dry while playing, put these sleeves on.

The surface contains silver fiber, which lends the sleeves a high level of sensitivity.

You can play your favorite gamers without fear of input problems.

On another note, they’re created by hand-stitching. While you may notice some difference, it won’t affect gameplay.

The ultra-thin design makes sleeves feel less stuffy around the fingers. In fact, it may feel as if you don’t have sleeves on at all.

Despite that, they still work efficiently. Besides keeping friction at a minimum, they also maintain good air flow, so you don’t sweat easily.

But for those with hyperhidrosis, it’s likely that the sweat can still soak through the fabric.

When it comes to hand feel, the ad states that you can expect a better experience than cotton and rubber-based sleeves.

Picking The Best Thumb Sleeves for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

1. High conductivity

This is a major concern because conductivity has an impact on touch sensitivity.

The more conductive the material, the less resistance it gives to the flow of electric charge.

As a result, the screen will respond to touches better as if you’re wearing no gloves at all.

Conductivity may be labeled as sensitivity in some products, but it refers to same thing.

How does a sleeve achieve good conductivity?

It either lies in the material or technology incorporated into the making process.

2. Elastic

There’s no point of buying a conductive sleeve if it feels stiff or is hard to bend.

Stiff is probably an exaggeration, but some products are less stretchable than others.

The reason why this matters is because time flies fast when you’re hooked on the game.

Wearing sleeves with a lot of resistance will make your fingers ache.

So that they don’t cause discomfort, make sure they’re made of an elastic material.

This way, there won’t be a problem even if you keep them on for more than 2 hours.

3. Absorbent

This will prevent sweat leakage. Liquid that’s splashed on the screen will lower the touch sensitivity.

Therefore, make sure the sleeves you’re wearing can efficiently absorb liquid.

Whether or not you sweat a lot, the skin perspires, so it’s likely that the screen will become wet after playing for an extended period of time.

4. Breathable

This is another feature that should be present in a sleeve.

We’re sure you know how comfy it feels to wear a T-shirt made of a breathable fabric.

The same applies to thumb sleeves. Breathable essentially means promoting good air flow.

Trapped heat and a lack of air circulation are the reasons why the fingers sweat in the first place.

If the sleeves are breathable, there’s a low chance of sweating.

Thus, the screen will also remain dry till you’re done playing.


What is the use of thumb/finger sleeve?

They offer many benefits, but the most important one is to maintain the touch sensitivity of your phone display.

We know that it’s better to play bare handed because that means there’s little to no disruption to the flow of electric current.

However, when we use the fingers aggressively, they tend to sweat.

As a result, the screen will constantly have traces of sweat on it.

This could be a problem considering liquid can reduce touch sensitivity.

Thumb sleeves are designed to overcome this issue by keeping the sweat inside and increasing air flow, so the display remains dry even in a long gaming session.

Besides, sleeves are often made of conductive materials, so they don’t mess with the touch sensitivity.

Should I use thumb sleeves for playing PUBG?

It depends. If you don’t sweat that much, they’re probably not necessary.

But if you notice smudges on the screen frequently, then it’s a good idea to put them on.

Apparently, sleeves also provide some comfort and freedom of movement to the thumbs.

They’re made of soft-touch materials, so they slide around easily on mobile screens.

You can wear them to reduce friction as well.

Is 2 fingers good in PUBG?

That’s the go-to control for many players especially beginners.

One button is to move, while the other is to look or fire shots.

The obvious disadvantage of this arrangement is you can’t do 3 actions at the same time, like shooting, moving, and looking.

Four finger claw control is another possible arrangement, but this needs a different level of mastery, so it’s good to start with 2 fingers if you’re new to playing PUBG on mobile.

How do you make your fingers soft for PUBG?

Soft as in hovering the fingers over the display freely?

Well, practice makes perfect. You need to play the game over and over again to lessen the tension in your fingers.

If soft refers to dry fingers, you can spread some powder on them.

Or to make it easier, just wear finger sleeves.

Who is the best thumb player in PUBG mobile?

There are some are prominent players in this category, such as Soul Viper, Coffin, ILMN Madtoi, Sevou, and XFQ Paraboy.

This proves that you can also succeed with this control setup.

Despite some disadvantages associated with it, the player’s skills are all that matters in the end.

If you know how to work around it, you’ll be good at it eventually.

Final Thoughts on PUBG Thumb / Finger Sleeves

That’s a rundown of the best thumb sleeves for PUBG.

Have you decided to buy a pair?

By the way, these things aren’t mandatory, but you can get them if you think they’ll benefit you in some way.

Not everyone can maintain dry fingers after playing for several hours.

Some are just naturally more sweaty than others.

Besides reducing friction between the fingers and screen, they also deal with factors that may disrupt touch sensitivity like sweat.

They do it by utilizing absorbent materials. They are very effective to absorb sweat and liquid.

For those wondering about price, sleeves are quite affordable.

There are many that cost less than $10, but there are pricier models as well.

The decision is all yours. If price isn’t a concern, then up the budget to get top-notch quality.

If it’s not of the utmost importance, you can purchase a cheaper one.

An affordable pair of sleeves can get the job done, too.

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