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Best Gaming Gloves for Carpal Tunnel: Reviews and Buying Guide [2022]

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often brought up in conversations about gamer injuries. Does gaming put you at risk of this condition? Any activity which involves overuse of the wrist can…

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often brought up in conversations about gamer injuries.

Does gaming put you at risk of this condition?

Any activity which involves overuse of the wrist can lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since gaming requires us to use the hands mostly, then the risk of hand injuries also increases substantially. That’s why it’s important to take care of your health especially if you spend hours a day on your computer.

Those who make a living out of playing video games should also keep an eye on their hands.

If something happens, like numbness or tingling sensation, then it’s time to take a longer break.

Symptoms are a way your body warns you that something is off. Proper rest is all you need to initiate the healing process.

But if it hasn’t gotten better, then you should seek medical advice because it could indicate something more serious.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

To better understand how this condition develops, it’s important to know how the hand is connected to the forearm.

The wrist serves as a bridge between the two. And in this part, there’s a hollow structure called the carpal tunnel. It is a space where the median nerve and tendons run through.

And by the way, carpal tunnel syndrome impacts the median nerve, which is located on the palm side of the hand. It can be caused by excessive pressure exerted on that area due to swelling / repetitive movement.

With this explanation, it’s clear that the best way to avoid this condition is by not overusing the hand.

Before swelling or pain appears, take a break quickly. It can help prevent it from progressing and allow the damaged part to repair itself.

How do gamers prevent carpal tunnel?

Although carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the common injuries in eSports, it’s important to note that it’s not the only cause.

Any activity that leads to direct compression of the median nerve can do that.

Hence, if you think that your typing position is somewhat improper, then fix it.

Carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t come out of anywhere. There’s has to be a trigger.

So that it doesn’t happen, it’s sensible to avoid that trigger.

Here are some tips you can do to prevent this injury.

1. Use ergonomic equipment

Start with the keyboard and mouse.

Some keyboards sport ergonomic designs and come with a wrist pad, which serves to prevent fatigue and keep your hands at a neutral position.

As for the mouse, choose one that’s lightweight and follows the contours of your hand.

A mousepad with a wrist pad will do wonders as well. The slight bump at the bottom provides extra support for the wrist.

2. Perform hand stretching before gaming

Gaming stretches the muscles in your hand, but prior to that, a warm-up is still necessary.

First, put your hands together with fingers of both hands facing each other. With the tips still attached, spread the palms apart.

Once you feel the tension, wait for a few seconds, and then return to the original position.

Perform 3 sets of 10 reps of this for the best results.

Another exercise you can try is shaking off. Basically, you need to move the hands as if you’re shaking water off them.

This can help prevent cramping, especially to the flexor muscles.

3. Avoid strain

No matter what you use to play, don’t ever strain your hands.

Twisting them in an awkward position is an example. And then, don’t grip the mouse too tight as this can also lead to a strain.

If you play on your computer, rest the hand comfortably on the mouse.

It’s okay to grip with power, just don’t overdo it. The same goes if you choose to play with a controller.

Hold it appropriately to your comfort level.

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Best Gaming Gloves for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1. Arthritis Gloves for Women and Men by Copper Compression Hand Gear

This pair of gloves can be used to lessen pain and inflammation caused by repetitive movement of the hand.

But before you add one to the cart, make sure you’ve picked the right size as it ensures a snug fit.

As for benefits, these gloves can speed up the healing process by improving blood flow to the injured area.

They can treat a variety of conditions, such as arthritis, muscle injuries, etc.

This product is made of 88% copper, which is claimed to be the highest in the market today.

You can put them on whenever you’re about to play on your PC or console. They make perfect gaming gloves thanks to the sleeveless design.

While copper is one of the common materials for finger sleeves, this product isn’t marketed for gaming, so the sleeveless design would probably be a better fit.

2. Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

These gloves are also claimed to have high copper content, which is infused right into the fibers instead of woven with fabrics.

This manufacturing process helps boost durability, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

Another highlight is the money-back guarantee. According to the listing, anyone who doesn’t feel content with the product can ask for a full refund. That shows that the manufacturer is very confident with the quality.

Price-wise, these gloves are reasonably priced, neither too expensive nor too cheap. The latter would easily make you question the quality. You can wear these gloves for treatment and prevention.

With regard to treatment, they are good for alleviating symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, pain, stiffness, and a host of other problems.

Thanks to the superior design, the gloves don’t limit the range of motion. This is especially important for gaming because the hands are always in motion to control the character.

Is it okay to wear them every day? According to the product description, Yes, so it should be safe for day-to-day wear.

3. Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves

As seen in the picture, this product is made with gaming in mind.

Are regular and gaming compression gloves interchangeable?

There shouldn’t be a problem mixing the two because they’re designed similarly. Both are also sleeveless (sleeved versions are available, anyway), which means they don’t mess with the touch function.

Speaking of this pair of gloves, they’re created to deliver comfort for long gaming sessions. Made of a stretchable material, they don’t limit your hand movement.

One feature that really stands out is the hexagonal pattern on the palm side, which provides a better grip. This can help when the hands start to get soaked in sweat.

If you’re not a heavy sweater, the breathable fabric will ensure that your hands remain dry all the time.

Moreover, these gloves don’t enhance or disrupt the touch sensitivity because the tips are fully exposed.

That’s a good thing considering human fingers are naturally good conductors.

There’s no reason to cover them in fabric unless you deal with issues like extreme sweating.

4. Americ Empire Pro Fingerless Gaming Gloves

This is another product geared towards gamers. They’re made of a fabric that wicks away moisture.

With these covering your hands, there’s no risk of accidental slippage while gaming. They also feature a rubber grip that further boosts this ability.

Take a look at the unique styling approach of these gloves. Instead of leaving all fingers exposed, only 2 actually have a sleeveless design.

The rest are fully covered. It actually makes sense because we use 4 fingers max for gaming, namely the thumbs and index fingers. The others don’t directly touch the display, so sleeved or sleeveless doesn’t really matter.

When they’re sleeved, the extra fabric provides more area to absorb sweat.

As with the previous products, these gloves are also designed elastic, so they don’t limit the range of motion.

In terms of use, don’t wait until symptoms of muscle strain appear. They are useful not only for treatment but also for prevention.

They offer many benefits, such as reducing fatigue and improving blood circulation.

5. COPPER HEAL Arthritis Compression Gloves

The title pretty much sums up the essential features of these gloves.

Simply put, they’re useful for treating repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, and other problems caused by overuse of the hand.

If you notice any discomfort starting to build up in your hand, put these on right away.

You can wear both even if only one hand is affected. After all, they are designed for prevention, too.

Copper is all over this pair, accounts for about 88% of the material. Meanwhile, the smaller portion is spandex.

This combination not only delivers maximum compression but also flexibility and durability.

They’re comfy enough to wear all day long. Or if you need them only for gaming, keep them on till you’re done playing.

How to choose gaming gloves for carpal tunnel

1. Material

There are many different types of gaming gloves, but as far as materials are concerned, copper-infused gloves are recommended for the best comfort and compression.

If you already suffer from pain, swelling, and other symptoms, these gloves can help improve them.

They are also known for their flexibility. Don’t be afraid to wear them for gaming because they don’t limit the range of motion.

2. Sleeveless design

A sleeveless design negates the need for a special element that makes a glove functional for gaming.

For example, some materials are more conductive than others.

If a glove comes with sleeves and the material is non-conductive, it will have an impact on touch sensitivity.

Without sleeves, your fingers touch the display directly, so there’s no interruption in the flow of electric current.

3. Flexibility

While copper is necessary to increase compression, a more elastic fabric is needed to provide flexibility.

That’s why copper isn’t picked as a standalone material for compression gloves.

They’re often combined with spandex, cotton, nylon, or a mix of some stretchable fabrics. It’s to achieve maximum range of motion.

4. Breathability

Breathable fabrics keep us cool for long, which is a good thing.

As we know, excessive gaming can lead to sweaty hands.

While there’s nothing wrong with sweating, it can soak up the phone screen or controller and cause a slippery grip. Therefore, this feature will help a lot.

FAQs – Gamer Gloves

Does playing video games cause carpal tunnel?

It increases the risk especially for those playing on PC.

However, it’s worth noting that gaming is not the only cause.

Any activity that strains the muscles in your hand repeatedly over long periods of time can put you at risk of this condition.

Can you reverse carpal tunnel without surgery?

Surgical intervention is often advised for severe cases. But if it’s still at an early stage, lifestyle changes can probably stop it from progressing.

For example, you can wear a splint on the wrist. That’s the equivalent of a glove, which can also provide support to the hand.

Do compression gloves / gaming gloves work for carpal tunnel?

Again, it really depends on the severity of the case.

That said, according to reviews and those who have tried, gloves can provide relief by supporting the inflamed area and promoting blood flow.

It’s why they incorporate copper into the manufacturing process as it has many awesome properties.

Can carpal tunnel syndrome go away on its own?

If detected early, it’s more likely to recover without needing you to go under the knife.

Follow the home remedies especially those suggested by reputable health websites.

But if it hasn’t improved in the coming days, it’s probably better to consult your physician.

Can I still play games with carpal tunnel?

No, it’s like asking whether you can play soccer with an injured leg.

Whether or not it’s serious, the best thing to do is to rest the affected hand.

Refrain yourself from playing video games for a while. The health of your hands is more important than just a few hours of game time.

Final Thoughts on Gamer Gloves for Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is prevalent in PC gamers. It makes sense because this setup puts more pressure on the wrist.

Just take a look at how the hand is positioned on the keyboard or the mouse.

The palm side of the wrist faces the desktop, which applies direct pressure on the carpal tunnel.

This can cause swelling and trigger more serious symptoms if left untreated.

There are a few things to do to lessen the pain and discomfort, such as wearing compression gloves.

They are created to provide compression and support to the hand.

We’ve included some of the best gaming gloves for carpal tunnel in this review. You can consider buying one.

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