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Top 5 Best Finger Sleeves for Fortnite: Reviews in 2023

Fortnite can be played across platforms, like PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc. The mobile version is available, too. Although the installation is a bit more intricate, you can still utilize…

Fortnite can be played across platforms, like PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc. The mobile version is available, too.

Although the installation is a bit more intricate, you can still utilize the Epic games app.

Install it on your device before adding Fortnite for Android.

Is playing Fortnite equally fun on mobile? Perhaps, the biggest challenge is to get used to the control setup.

If you’re accustomed to using a Fortnite compatible keyboard and a mouse, then it sounds like a lot of work to migrate to Fortnite mobile.

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That said, you may have played a fair share of Android games before, so this sort of arrangement shouldn’t be new to you.

By the way, we’re not going into detail about the game. Still, we’re going to talk about an accessory that will help you play comfortably called finger sleeves.

Finger sleeves cover fingertips, most commonly the thumbs, because they’re the ones that come in contact with the screen.

What are the benefits?

Sleeves are used to provide protection for the fingers, reduce friction, and prevent sweat leakage.

As we know, sweat can dramatically reduce touch sensitivity.

With sleeves on, it won’t be a problem anymore. In case you need a pair, check out these best finger sleeves for Fortnite.

The Best Finger Sleeves for Fortnite (2023)

1. Finger Sleeves for Mobile Gaming, Fortnite, COD, Roblox, Among Us and Minecraft.

Finger sleeves aren’t expensive, but this is even more affordable than you’d expect.

You can get 3 pairs for only $5.69. Not only Fortnite, but they should also perform well in other titles, including Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and PUBG.

These sleeves are conductive, which help for precise aiming and other in-game actions.

Another benefit it has to offer is high elasticity.

It’s common for finger sleeves to be made one size fits all. They’re woven using elastic materials, after all.

This product is no different. Whether your fingers are thin or a bit chunkier, you can wear these sleeves without a problem.

The fabric is stretchable, so don’t worry it feels tight at first because it will loosen up eventually.

The sleeves are convenient to use because they’re lightweight. Storage will be easy, too, thanks to this.

2. Gaming Sleeve Mobile Game Controller

This product is marketed as PUBG sleeves, but they should be just functional for Fortnite.

Fortnite and PUBG have a few things in common. Due to the resemblance, we’re sure you can wear the same sleeves for both.

This package contains not only sleeves but also triggers. To get your hands on all the items, you just have to pay $13.95, pretty affordable if you ask.

As for the triggers, they represent L1R1 controls. The ad states that they can be put to good use on Fortnite, PUGB, and Call of Duty Mobile.

Of course, to find out, you should test them out yourself.

Well, this product isn’t expensive, to begin with. Even if the triggers end up unused, you can still wear the sleeves.

The material is silver fiber, which is known for being a good conductor.

The triggers, on the other hand, are made of metal, silicone, and plastic.

They’d come in handy for claw control setup. Some people use up to 4 fingers because they allow them to execute more actions.

Give it a go if you’re curious.

3. Anti-Sweat Breathable Touchscreen Finger Sleeve for Mobile Phone Games

In choosing a sleeve, you can weigh in on price or quality.

This product is the epitome of inexpensive. For the price, you can get 20 sleeves. But don’t be fooled by the low price.

It has earned an Amazon Choice tag, which means the product is highly-rated and well-priced.

Many things make it stand out. First, instead of sporting monotonous looks, the sleeves come in several colors.

You can wear them as accessories. In case you’re bored with a color, just go for another.

While sleeves aren’t a fashion product, they can look cool, too. Looks aren’t everything, though.

Comfort is just as critical, especially for a sleeve.

Luckily, all pieces are made of cotton and fiber, which offer breathability and absorbent properties.

They are miles ahead in terms of comfort than rubber sleeves.

Besides, they’re elastic as well. Being elastic means, you can put them on regardless of the finger size.

Moreover, the sleeves are small and compact. You can tuck them in your pocket or bag for easy mobility.

What about conductivity? They aren’t totally void of this, but please be realistic with your expectations.

4. Antoyo Mobile Game Controller Finger Sleeve Sets

It seems that many products are trying to get people’s attention by squeezing as many pieces as possible.

This one also has a lot of sleeves, 10 in total. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

After all, finger sleeves are tiny pieces of garments, so it doesn’t make sense to slap them with a hefty price tag.

Yes, some are pricier, but not the point of horrendous.

Buying a pack of sleeves won’t cost you an arm and a leg, even if it’s a premium one.

Back to this product, the sleeves are made of thin and light materials, so they don’t feel stuffy on the fingers.

Besides, they are also breathable and sweat-absorbent, which will keep the thumbs dry throughout the gaming session.

On top of that, the sleeves are elastic. No matter how far you stretch them, the sleeves won’t tear easily.

That’s a good thing because it equates to more excellent durability.

5. Highly Sensitive Breathable Mobile Game Finger Sleeve

These sleeves’ making employs the current textile-21 technology, which improves the density while keeping them thin.

Basically, the fiber content has increased by 50%, but it doesn’t make them look thick.

To top it off, the material retains all other essential properties, like breathability and convenience.

The sleeves are designed for finger sizes 2.16 to 3.3 inches.

They apply pressure of approximately 2-3 newtons, making them snug fit without compromising comfort.

This product also boasts high-density textile. This leads to an increased insensitivity. As a matter of fact, it’s claimed to perform much better than the average finger sleeve.

Higher contacts result in better stability, which helps improve accuracy.

Other products have a fiber content of around 15%. This pushes the figure close to 50%, so they should be at least 3 times more sensitive in theory than other products in the market.

The best part is it has passed through rigid quality control. After 5000 clicks on display, the sleeves didn’t register any errors.

Quality aside, maintenance is still necessary. Make sure to trim your nails before wearing these sleeves, as jagged nails may tear off the fabric.

Tips for choosing the best finger sleeves for Fortnite

1. Price

Price is a good marker for quality. If you’re setting your sights on a quality sleeve, then it’s necessary to up the budget.

Finger sleeves aren’t that expensive, anyway. While some are costlier, they are considered affordable by many.

Two products of the same price may not possess the same quality.

If one has 10 sleeves and the other has 4, you can rest assured that the former will deliver better quality.

2. Sweat isolation

A good sleeve is one that isolates sweat, not heat.

If a sleeve isolates heat, it will be uncomfortable to wear and causes an increased production of sweat.

As a result, it’s more prone to leakage.

Look for a product that offers sweat isolation, because it means that the sleeve retains the sweat inside.

This way, the screen will remain dry until you’re done playing.

3. Stretchable

You’d also want the sleeve to be made of a stretchable fabric.

Why? It’s none other than to improve elasticity. Being elastic doesn’t mean a sleeve will slip off easily.

It essentially means that the sleeve hugs your finger tight, but doesn’t feel stuffy.

Besides, this kind of fabric tends to be breathable, so your fingers don’t become constantly wet.

Flexible materials are common choices for sleeves. However, the level of softness varies from product to product.

4. Sensitive

This is by far the most important attribute that defines quality.

Without good sensitivity, a sleeve will disrupt the flow of electric current, which then impairs the touch function.

It’s pretty much the same as operating a Smartphone with gloves on.

Finger sleeves are usually made of conductive materials, but even so, they don’t possess the same conductivity.

Some do better in this area, while others are lacking.

For this reason, check out reviews as they can reveal the real quality of a product.

They can disclose if a sleeve is super sensitive or not, thin or thick, etc.

Fortnite Finger Sleeves FAQs

Do I need finger sleeves for Fortnite?

If you want to keep the screen dry, then finger sleeves will help.

They can also reduce friction between the fingers and the screen, so you can hover your fingers easily.

It’s important to note that wearing sleeves isn’t a necessity.

But if they benefit you in some way, then go ahead. Sleeves are also made of conductive materials, which help keep the touch function intact.

Which is better, 2 vs 4 finger claws (use sleeve on 4 fingers)?

4 finger claw setup is technically better because it allows you to execute more actions simultaneously.

However, it takes practice to be good at it. Many of us are used to using 2 fingers only, or the thumbs to be exact.

Another hurdle is putting 4 fingers on the screen may cover up a big portion of the screen.

Hence, it’s probably not ideal if you play on a small device. You need to train this control setup on a tablet or a larger Smartphone.

What is claw socks gaming?

Claw socks, claw fingers, finger cots, these terms can be used interchangeably because they refer to the same thing.

They are small pieces of garments worn around the fingers.

In some applications, finger sleeves are used to protect cuts and open wounds, so that they’re not susceptible to infection.

But in gaming, they serve to keep the screen dry and avoid sweat leakage.

Finger cots vs finger sleeves for gaming, any difference?

As said before, they can be used loosely, but finger sleeves are more popular in the world of gaming.

Finger cots are more commonly associated with latex material because their primary purpose is to protect open wounds from external contaminants like dirt and bacteria.

In gaming, however, they’re used to increase your competitive edge in Fortnite or any other game.

Instead of latex, they’re made of conductive materials like silver.

What are the top brands for thumb/finger sleeves?

If you’ve never bought a sleeve before, chances are you’ll come across new brands.

We haven’t seen sleeves from major brands, yet, unlike mice and keyboards which have many branded options.

For the record, brand isn’t the only way to measure quality.

Reviews and ratings are equally effective to reveal the quality of products.

Focus on 4/5 rating or above if you want the best quality.

And make sure to read reviews as well because there could be complaints from some buyers.

Regular complaints may indicate that something is wrong.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to stress over choosing the best finger sleeves for Fortnite.

It’s not like you’ll spend big bucks on a pair. Sleeves are typically inexpensive.

But to avoid disappointment, you should still be cautious of quality.

Always navigate through reviews before making a decision.

That’s because there are many products out there with similar features and competitive prices.

Choose one that suits your needs. Once you find the right product, you can add it to the cart and finish your purchase.

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