booba twitch emote

BOOBA Twitch Emote: Definition, History, Application (Explained)

What does the BOOBA emote mean on Twitch?

Booba is a Twitch emote showing Pepe the frog with eyes popping out. It actually comes from the word “boobs,” but the last letter is replaced with “A.”

If you’re wondering about the meaning, it summarizes the average man’s reaction to a boob encounter.

As we know, a large chunk of gamers are teenage boys who are dealing with raging hormones.

They can appreciate any representation of beauty in the live stream.

For example, if the streamer is a sexy girl, they will struggle to contain their excitement.

Posting this emote shows they’re delighted with the view.

Who created BOOBA?

The emote was called “Awooga!” When it first came out, it was shared on 4chan by an anonymous user.

They posted it on one of the subforums in December 2019, then got picked up by other users and eventually spread to other broads.

It was mainly used to denote surprise at photos of hot chicks, particularly ones with large “melons”.

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The BOOBA emote’s origins and spread

It didn’t take long before the emote was tapped into another platform after its initial success on 4chan.

User shadopi posted it on FrankerFaceZ in late January, 2020.

Fast forward to September 4th, another anonymous user posted it on a 4chan board in response to a pic of Elizabeth Olsen, to which he replied “boobs”.

It’s likely that the user intended to type “boobs”, but ended up with this word due to the closeness between the letters A and S on the keyboard.

It didn’t suddenly catch on. The emote blew up after being featured in a post asking users to describe a sexy streamer in their best written language, and then this emote ruined it all with its “booba” phrase.

It garnered more than 66,000 likes and 7,500 retweets in just two weeks.

When should I use the BOOBA emote on Twitch?

It can be used when you’re struck by the sight of sexiness in the broadcast.

Perhaps the streamer is pretty and wears a revealing outfit that accentuates her assets.

Even without a top that bares her midriff or flaunts her cleavage, you can tell an attractive girl when you see one.

Besides this, the emote can also be used to be ironic.

For instance, when you notice something that doesn’t fit your definition of sexy but don’t want to straight up loathe it, using BOOBA suggests that the pic burns your eyes.

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How do you get BOOBA emote on Twitch?

You must enable an extension that allows for the use of emotes on the web browser.

BTTV is the go-to option for many because it’s easy to set up. FrankerFaceZ is also a superb alternative.

You can get both to unlock more emote slots.

The first step in enabling FFZ is visiting the official website. Scroll down a little until you see the download button. The text encircled inside the button will match the browser you use while accessing the page.

If it’s Opera, it will show “Download for Opera”. If it’s Mozilla, it will read “Download for Mozilla Firefox.” Click the button, and then add it just like you would add a regular extension.

Once installed, go back to the site and sign in with your Twitch account for synchronization purposes.

You can now add emotes to the slots or remove them, including BOOBA. And when it’s used in the chat, the spellbound Pepe image will be rendered.

Why is the BOOBA emote not working?

Remember that for emotes to work properly, both parties should have this extension installed.

If it’s just one side, e.g., the streamer or the viewer, you might have a problem seeing some emotes.

On the streamer’s part, they need to pick emotes that they want to enable in their channel.

You can perform a test by inputting a chat command. If it converts into an emote, it means the streamer has installed the extension.