What Do Twitch Emotes Mean

What Do Twitch Emotes Mean?

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, you may be confused by the meaning of emotes. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what Twitch emotes are and how they work.

What are Twitch Emotes?

Twitch emotes are digital icons that are used to express emotions on Twitch.

They manifest themselves in the form of words and facial expressions.

What distinguishes them from regular emoticons is that these small images are created by Twitch streamers.

Those who have met the requirements for uploading emotes can create their own and then incorporate them into the live stream.

The use is widespread, not surprising because they boost engagement and represent reactions effectively.

A live stream feels more alive when emotes pop up to show appreciation to one another within the community.

All you have to do is type in a letter combination assigned to a command.

If you enter them correctly, the emote will appear in the chat; alternatively, it can be inserted by selecting right from the chat.

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Types of Twitch Emotes

The emotes used on Twitch belong in 4 primary categories.

  • The first one is robot emotes which resemble traditional emoticons — The strings of keyboard characters we often use like 🙂 or 😀 fall into this group. These emotes can be accessed by everyone.
  • Global emotes are the second type, bestowed upon special figures on the site including the staff and high-profile streamers. — These emotes can be displayed by directly typing the names of these select people. They’re also aimed at all viewers.
  • Subscriber emotes are the ones with restricted availability since you have to be an affiliate or a partner subscriber to be eligible for these cool icons. — Many streamers use the opportunity to increase brand recognition by making emotes capturing their facial expressions.
  • And the last one is Turbo emotes. — For the record, Twitch Turbo is a premium service that grants access to the Turbo set comprising eye-catching emoticons.

Twitch Emotes Size

It should be noted that an image must be square in shape prior to uploading.

You can use a crop tool to achieve that, and then save it in PNG format.

Size-wise, you ought to prepare 3 different ones assuming auto-resize isn’t enabled.

The first one measures 28 x 28px, and the bigger ones measure 56 x 56px and 112 x 112px respectively.

Likewise, a single file not smaller than 112 x 112px will also do with the upper limit being 4096 x 4096px.

It’s true that hi-res pics are allowed, but each file should be kept below 1MB.

It’s also necessary to set the background color to be transparent so as not to obstruct the view.

Consider using Adobe Photoshop or another editor to adjust the opacity.

Don’t forget to take time perfecting the image since downsizing tends to reduce crispness.

You can preview it in smaller sizes to find out if something feels off like it doesn’t appear smooth or blurry.

How to Download Twitch Emotes?

There should be no hassle in downloading a Twitch emote because it’s essentially a PNG picture.

You can get it on any website, but preferably one with a common license attribute.

Right-click on the picture, and then ‘Save Image As’. Or you can also use the link that the website provides you with.

Once the file is saved on the hard drive, it can be uploaded to your Twitch account later.

Uploading is also a breeze.

As long as you’ve reached the Twitch Affiliate/Partner status and are in good standing with the TOS, it shouldn’t take long until you can use the emote.

Some may be subject to longer approval periods but provided that one doesn’t violate any rules, it will be up eventually.

Now if you want to upload, navigate to the Creator Dashboard, find ‘Viewer Rewards’ on the left panel, and then click on ‘Emotes’.

You’ll see all the slots available to upload them.

Click on the ‘+’ button, followed by the profile icon on the next page. Select the image through the file explorer, click open.

The last step is to click ‘Upload’, simple as that.

Wrap Up

Setting up a Twitch channel goes a long way towards maintaining your viewers’ loyalty.

After all, we’re typically keener on seeing live streams that have interactive elements in them rather than streams that only show the streamer’s face.

In this regard, graphics make a big difference to how a stream is brought to viewers.

We’ve covered overlays in the previous articles, and this time it’s another cool type of graphics called emotes which can help you communicate with others in a fun way.

Sometimes pictures are more effective to amplify simple ideas. That’s why we come across funny gifs everywhere on social media.

They’ve become a new way to talk nonverbally.

So, what do Twitch emotes mean?

Well, they are just another term for emoticons or emojis. The difference is that emotes sort of becoming a signature element of the Twitch brand.

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