How to Install BetterTTV Emotes

How to Install BetterTTV Emotes?

So, are you interested in using betterTTV on Twitch? Whether you are new to twitch or have been using FFZ for a while and want to try other 3rd party emotes, we will show you how to use BTTV effortlessly in this post.

What is BetterTTV?

BetterTTV, abbreviated as BTTV is a web browser extension that accommodates the use of emotes in Twitch chat.

The add-on is gaining widespread recognition that many of the emote you see flying around on the platform actually originated from BTTV.

However, only those who have this installed will be able to see them properly.

Those who haven’t will just see chains of characters that would leave anyone confused.

Because interactive graphics are great for keeping the conversation going, BTTV allows streamers to include emotes in their stream chat.

Other than that, it also allows for use of animations in addition to the static ones.

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How do I download and add BetterTTV emotes to my stream?

  1. While logged in on Twitch, you should install the extension. As of today, BTTV provides support for a couple of browsers, including Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can find the installer on the store of each web browser. Or alternatively, visit the BTTV site to find those links.
  1. Look at the browser selection. Choose one on which it’s gonna be installed. Click the download button, which will take you to the extension library of that specific browser.
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’, ‘Download’, or whatever option the browser provides you with to import BTTV to the library. Once installed, head over to the chats settings on Twitch. With the extension on board, clicking the gear icon below the chat will open links to BTTV configuration. There are quite a few things you can do with the extension, like ‘Clear Chat’, ‘Set Font Size’, and more.

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How to use BetterTTV?

For viewers, using BTTV is as easy as enabling it on your web browser.

All emotes that previously appeared as characters will be visible once it is fully integrated into the system.

For streamers, there are additional steps to take post-installation.

  1. To sum up, you go to the Twitch chat, and then click on the gear icon right under the flood of messages. Links to ‘BetterTTV Settings’ can be found there. Just click on it to expand the choices.
  1. On the subsequent window, you’ll see ‘Settings’, under which all the adjustable elements like ‘Anon Chat’ and ‘Automatic Theatre Mode’ can be switched on or off. However, the most important ones you should set to ON are ‘BetterTTV Emotes’ and ‘BetterTTV GIF Emotes’. Enabling these let people view the static and animated emotes.
  2. To test it out, insert a chat command assigned to a specific emote. For instance, you can type ‘OMEGALUL’ in the chat. If the setup is successful, it will display an emote instead of text.

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How to add BTTV emotes as a mod?

You can’t do that, because the only person authorized to perform that action is the channel’s owner.

To upload an emote, you must first log in with your Twitch credentials.

While you may have them, they are linked to your account, not the channel whose chatbox you want to customize with custom emotes.

The person who has access to the channel’s login credentials is technically the only one who can do this.

How many emotes can you have on BTTV?

Regular users can use up to 30 emotes at once, divided into 15 channel emotes and 15 shared emotes.

Upgrade to the premium membership, which costs $4.99 per month, if you want more.

You can gain access to 100 slots by subscribing. If you continue to use the service, this number will increase by 5 new slots.

There are two-channel slots, two shared slots, and one personal emote.

You can eventually have 200 channel + shared slots, as well as 25 personal slots.

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Why is my BetterTTV not working?

There are several possible causes, but clearing the cookies is a good place to start.

The BTTV settings will be restored as a result of this.

Some toggles must also be turned on. As previously stated, ‘BetterTTV emotes’ and ‘BetterTTV GIF Emotes’ must be turned ON for them to appear.

This is not a flaw in and of itself, but rather a minor oversight that causes it to appear to be acting strangely.

If this does not resolve the issue, try disabling other extensions to avoid potential conflicts.

Deactivating the firewall or antivirus software on your computer is another option.

How do I enable BTTV on Chrome?

You can do it in the same way that you would add a regular extension.

Open the Chrome Web Store and use the search feature to find the extension.

Make sure it’s called ‘BetterTTV by NightDev, LLC,’ as there have been reports of other programs with similar names.

When you’ve found the right one, click ‘Add to Chrome.’ Click ‘Add Extension’ in the new pop-up window.

That’s it; you should now see the BTTV settings in the cogwheel menu.

Does Opera have BetterTTV?

Yes, it does. Opera is one of the web browsers that is supported.

Visit the BTTV website and select Opera from the ‘Change Browser’ drop-down menu.

It will take you to the download page.

Does BTTV work with Firefox?

Firefox is also compatible with BTTV, which should come as no surprise given that it is one of the most widely used browsers on the market.

To begin, select “Install” from the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

Select ‘Add-Ons and Themes’ from the left-hand navigation bar, and then click ‘Extensions’.

BTTV can be found by typing its name into the search box.

Again, make certain that you are visiting the correct BetterTTV by NightDev.

After clicking ‘Add to Firefox,’ you will be prompted to confirm the installation.

Is there a BTTV for Youtube?

Yes, it is. Youtube is now supported by BTTV.

The setup is relatively simple.

First, add it to your web browser. Then, go to the BTTV website and click the login button at the top of the page.

Enter your Twitch login information. On the horizontal navigation bar, select ‘Dashboard’ > Connections > Connect with Youtube.

Fill in your YouTube username and password, then click Allow.

You can use BTTV emotes on YouTube with this synchronization.

Wrap up

Twitch emotes are, at their most basic, a form of communication involving graphics such as emoticons and emojis.

They’ve evolved into a common language among Twitch users.

To demonstrate the point, look through Twitch stream chats and see how frequently viewers use them.

If you notice unusual character combinations instead of icons, you probably need to use BTTV.

Fortunately, we’ve already gone over how to install BetterTTV emotes in this article.

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