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The Best Gaming Glasses in 2021 (but still perfect for 2022)

Gaming glasses are a special type of glasses used for gaming. The purpose is to reduce the effect of radiation on the eyes. As we know, staring at the screen…

Gaming glasses are a special type of glasses used for gaming. The purpose is to reduce the effect of radiation on the eyes. As we know, staring at the screen for an extended period of time can lead to fatigue and if you keep doing it, damage to the eyes could happen.

For those who like to play video games, wearing such glasses is highly recommended because they protect and improve eyesight. They work by filtering out blue light, which is responsible for causing eye strain. Whether it’s a computer or a Smartphone, looking at the screen of any digital device can lead to eye fatigue especially when it’s done non-stop.

Gaming glasses are also effective for improving clarity as well as reducing glare, a common problem that comes with high brightness levels. There have been stories about people dealing with macular degeneration because they failed to protect their eyes from the harsh blue light exposure.

For the record, this light gets directly into the retina and when the exposure is high and frequent, it may damage light-sensitive cells in this ocular structure. When looking at someone wearing gaming glasses, you may think they look very cool.

Well, these glasses are more than just a fashion statement. They serve a greater purpose which is directly linked the wearer’s health. By filtering out blue light, they reduce the impact these wavelengths have on the eyes.

Aside from eye strain, prolonged exposure to this light also triggers headaches and mess with the sleep cycle. What are the best gaming glasses on the market? There are quite a lot of products from different companies. The best thing you can do is read reviews because that’s how you know if a product has earned satisfied customers or not.

Best Gaming Glasses You Can Confidently Buy in 2021

1. Vertex/Smoke by Gunnar – 65% Blue Light Protection, 100% UV Light, Anti-Reflective To Protect & Reduce Eye Strain & Dryness

This product provides 65% blue light protection. As a result, you can avoid eye strain while using digital devices, such as televisions, computers, Smartphones, and tablets. What sets it apart from similar products on the market is it shows the peak blue light spectrum it’s capable of blocking.

These glasses come in a universal design, so anyone men and women can pull them off. Wear them before you play video games and enjoy more time in front of TV screen without feeling early fatigue and headaches. Besides, they keep you from severe side effects, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

As for the dimensions, visit the URL to see the complete specs, including the frame and lens widths. The product comes with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth. And there is also a one-year warranty for you to use the glasses worry-free. Just contact the supplier if there are problems during use.

2. Enigma/Onyx, 65% Blue Light Protection, 100% UV Light, Anti-Reflective To Protect & Reduce Eye Strain & Dryness

These glasses are made by the same manufacturer as the previous product. Gunnar Optiks has a wide selection of gaming glasses if you’re interested. Just check out the catalogue to see what they have in stock. These glasses have earned positive feedback from customers.

As with the first one, this also offers 65% blue light protection, which means it works for all kinds of devices ranging from computers to tablets. Wear them whenever you work or play on your device. They will shield your eyes against the damaging factor that is blue light.

This way, you can keep healthy vision for longer. The glasses make the eyes not susceptible to the effect of blue light exposure. And since it’s is strongly linked to changes in sleep cycle, wearing them will give you a good night’s sleep. It’s worth-noting that blue light interferes with the natural circadian rhythms.

By keeping it out as much as possible, you’ll be able to sleep more restfully. Besides, there are anti-reflective coatings on the lenses to ensure better viewing conditions. The best part is the frame is lightweight. You won’t even notice the glasses are on.

3. Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses ,Photochromic Cut UV400

Gaming glasses are not necessarily only for playing games. They’re just as effective to reduce blue light coming out of any digital device. Although they are marketed as gaming glasses, just keep them on especially if you sit on your laptop all the time. This way, headaches and eye strain can be avoided.

From the specs, these glasses are able to block 72% of blue light from 380nm to 500nm. The design is pretty nice, too. You can pull them off with any outfit. Furthermore, these glasses work great for day and night viewing. During the day, the photochromic properties protect your vision from harmful UV rays.

While in the dark, they have the technology to reduce glare from headlights of oncoming cars. It’s a good idea to wear protective glasses before any damage has occurred. Eye strain and headaches are mild symptoms that come with overuse of gadgets.

However, they can lead to more serious problems in the long run especially for people who always work with gadgets, like gamers and programmers. This product only costs $27.99, you can get one without hurting your pocket.

4. Hyper X Gaming Eyewear

Needless to say, gaming is addictive. We can spend hours playing on our favorite consoles. For this reason, it’s important to put on eyewear that serves to filter blue light, so it doesn’t compromise your eye health. These glasses are made for gaming purposes. They will provide the ultimate protection against blue wavelengths that emanate from electronic screens.

Speaking of the design, these glasses look versatile with their dark-colored motif. Anyone can wear them since black is quite neutral. Meanwhile, the lens is constructed using Mr-8 material that reduces color distortion.

5. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue, Gaming Glasses for PC Mobile TV, Blocks 92% Blue Light

Despite how fun gaming is, our eyes aren’t designed to look at screens for extended periods of time. Trying to do so will lead to vision problems. While the process isn’t instant, the damage is often irreversible.

So before something bad happens to your eyes, protect them with gaming glasses. They will help a lot especially if you play video games many hours a day. At least with glasses on, you won’t suffer frequent glare-induced headaches because the main function of this equipment is to prevent overexposure of blue light.

Those who spend hours working on their laptops will also benefit from these protective glasses. Mind you, laptop screens are no different from TV screens. They can produce blue light that cause eye strain.

Eye strain often manifests as discomfort or a headache. If you notice any of these symptoms, time to rest your eyes. While glasses help, rest is vital to recovery. These glasses have the ability to filter 92% blue light of 400 nm.

Picking Gaming Glasses in 2021

1. Blue light protection level

The first thing you should find out is the level of blue light protection glasses can provide. Each product is different. Normally the amount of blue light a product can block is included in the specs.

Reading them should tell you how far the glasses can go in blocking the harsh light. The higher the number, the more effective they are at reducing the effect of blue wavelengths.

2. Lens tint

Lens tint is also important. These glasses offer a number of lens tints. Clear lenses can still provide protection, but they aren’t the best in this area.

The main benefit of clear lenses is they are clear, so we can see through them without any color distortion. However, the level of blue light protection is lower than that of other tints. Amber tint is better if you’re an avid gamer who plays for hours a day.

3. Design

Design is a matter of preference, but these glasses seem to sport universal designs. Unlike fashion glasses, they are more versatile and available in calm instead of popping colors.

Well, there are still different designs especially when you compare collections of different brands. Just make sure the frame fits your face texture and doesn’t feel too heavy because it would be uncomfortable to wear.

4. Size

Buying glasses online can be tricky because you need to get the size right or else, they won’t fit. Learn how to get the correct measurements as they determine how they fit in your face.

You can start with lens width, and then bridge which is the distance between both lenses, temple length, and so on.

FAQs – Top Gaming Glasses

1. Do gaming glasses really work?

Gaming glasses that are properly designed do work. That’s why you should buy the right product. Read the specs before you make a purchase because these glasses vary in their ability in filtering out blue light.

The information about the level of protection a product can provide is included in the specs. Choose quality glasses that many others have used. Also, it’s a good idea to buy them from a manufacturer specialized in creating gaming glasses.

2. Are gaming glasses polarized?

The purpose of polarized lenses is to reduce glare. If you wear glasses that have this feature, they will cut down on glare emitted of a laptop screen or any other screen.

The thing is modern screens have their own mechanism to reduce glare, so it’s not mandatory to wear glasses with this built-in feature. Besides, it’s probably not ideal to wear polarized glasses when the screen already has its own way of dealing with glare because it can lead to reduced color quality.

3. Why do gamers wear yellow glasses?

They are called gaming glasses which serve a specific purpose, not a fashion accessory as you might think. These glasses help reduce blue light, so the wearer doesn’t experience eye fatigue too soon.

As for the yellow color, it refers to lens tint. Actually, yellow isn’t the only color these glasses are available in, but they provide better protection than clear lenses. The amber tint improves the level of protection against blue light, making it ideal for prolonged gameplay.

4. What glasses do gamers wear?

There are a few recommended brands for quality gaming glasses, such as Gunnar Optiks, Altec Vision, and Gamma Ray Optics. Each one has a lineup of blue light glasses with varying features and prices. Don’t forget to read the specs before you hit the checkout button.

Final Thoughts: Glasses for Gamers

Exposure to blue light is not to be overlooked. Putting your eyes through constant strains can’t be good for your vision. Besides, blue light has long been linked to macular degeneration.

The good news is this condition is avoidable by taking care of your eyes. One way to maintain eye health is by blocking blue light especially during extended periods of game time. Even if you’re not into gaming, working on your computer can cause similar problems knowing computers also emit blue light.

To preserve your vision, it’s advised to wear the best gaming glasses. They are designed to block blue light before reaching deeper into the eye and causing problems. Vision changes are normal with aging, but we can do something to maintain good eyesight longer.

By wearing gaming glasses, you can stop blue light overexposure that usually leads to eye strain. Some common symptoms of this condition include dryness and ache in the eyes. When this happens, rest is your best option. But before it happens, protective glasses are the best precaution.

There are many glasses by different brands on the market. It’s not realistic to expect similar results from all these products since they have different specs. But given that blue light eyewear isn’t particularly expensive, maybe just go all out to buy the best you can afford.

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