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The Best Anti Glare Reading Glasses for 2021

Reading glasses are designed to correct vision problems, while anti glare glasses aims to reduce glare emitted from digital screens. Although they are different types, it turns out that reading…

Reading glasses are designed to correct vision problems, while anti glare glasses aims to reduce glare emitted from digital screens. Although they are different types, it turns out that reading glasses can also come with anti glare properties.

How is that possible? An anti glare coating can be applied on a regular lens to get that effect. If you spend much time playing video games or on your laptop, it’s a good idea to invest in reading glasses with anti glare filters. Design-wise, they can look stylish as well. These glasses are available in a wide array of frame designs and materials.

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While design matters, functionality remains the utmost importance. For this reason, purchase a product that can provide well-rounded protection against glare, blue light, and UV rays. All these features will undoubtedly drive up the price, but it’s a worthy investment nonetheless.

The best anti glare reading glasses not only provide remarkable visual clarity, but they will also ward off the harsh blue light that’s straining to the eyes. Eye strain can lead to various problems, such as blurry vision and dryness.

You may also end up with a headache that can be excruciatingly painful. At a time like this, anti glare glasses can be your lifesaver.

Top 5 Anti Glare Reading Glasses for 2021

1. Computer Readers Reading Glasses – Memory Flex Frame with UV Protection, Anti Blue Rays & Anti Glare

These reading glasses have a plastic frame. There’s nothing wrong with plastic material especially when you’re budget-conscious. These glasses come with anti-reflective coating to enhance viewing clarity. They are also non-polarized. This has becomes a concern to many people.

If you don’t want your glasses to be polarized, this product might get you interested. Meanwhile, the lens measures 50 mm in diameter. When it comes to reading glasses, comfort is everything. Ensure that the lens is large enough to cover your vision. Additionally, the AR coating is improved with anti-blue light technology.

Visible blue light can be damaging to the eyes especially when the exposure lasts a long time. To reduce the effect of this light spectrum, choosing glasses with blue light protection is necessary. And the lens is clear.

Yellow-tinted lenses aren’t inferior in any respect. If anything, they maximize the blue light filtration ability, but for aesthetic reasons or another, many people choose to go with clear lenses.

2. Computer Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking – Reader Eyeglasses Anti Glare Eye Strain Light Weight for Women Men

Although anti glare glasses boast anti glare properties, frame quality isn’t something to be taken lightly because it determines how long you can use the glasses. Fortunately, this product offers a flexible and sturdy frame. In terms of blue light protection, it does exceptionally well.

These glasses are also equipped with anti glare and anti reflective technology which aid in vision especially in low-light settings. The lens measures 2.13 x 1.25 inches. Is it large enough for you? If not, you can skip this for another. At the end of the day, reading glasses are supposed to help you read.

When the lens is too narrow, it can give an unpleasant experience. With the anti glare feature, you can expect these glasses to lessen digital eye strain. If this problem occurs too frequently, chances are you have low tolerance to glare. One of the solutions is by wearing glasses that can block blue light, so it becomes more comfortable to work on your laptop.

Other symptoms like headaches should also not appear as frequently as before. As we know, headaches are associated with bad posture and eye strain. To reduce the pain, not staring at a screen for too long helps. A pair of computer glasses will also do wonders.

Blue light harms the body in many ways. Not only does it adversely affect sensitive cells in the retina, it can also cause change to your sleep habits due to improper regulation of melatonin. Hence, it’s important to lower exposure to this light spectrum.

3. Computer Reading Glasses 1.75 Black 2 Pack Protect Your Eyes Against Eye Strain, Fatigue and Dry Eyes from Digital Gear with Anti Blue Light, Anti UV, Anti Glare, and are Anti Reflective

Is black your favorite color? These glasses look cool with the black color scheme. There are 2 pairs of glasses in the package. You can keep one at home and the other at your workplace. The lens has a soft blue tint. This tint is preferred by many because it doesn’t distort colors as dramatic as a yellow tint.

As far as glare is concerned, the special coating makes a difference. If you want glasses that look clear or almost transparent, then consider this product. Design-wise, the frame is quite sleek and simple. Not everyone is into extravagant details. For those who love to keep it simple, designs like this one will fit them more.

Don’t worry about carrying them around. Each pair has its own carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Whenever the lens picks up dirt and smudges, you can wipe them away with the cloth.

4. Livho Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, Readers Eyeglasses Anti Glare Eyestrain Lightweight for Men Women – LI1826

Anyone who spends much time glued to screens needs to have a pair of anti glare glasses. That’s because glare puts so much strain on your eyes. Prolonged exposure will cause eye fatigue, which in turn reduces your productivity.

Although limiting screen time helps, wearing these special glasses is a good idea. This way, you won’t suffer from glare-induced headaches and discomfort. Gadgets have become an integral part of modern life. It’s hard to break away from them. Keep in mind that your Smartphone also produces blue light.

If you use it non-stop, it can trigger eye strain because the eyes keep adjusting focus when they look at objects on the screen. These reading eyeglasses can also help achieve a better sleep. A good night’s sleep is closely linked to the release of melatonin. When its regulation is disrupted by excessive blue light, you can have trouble sleeping.

The material also contributes to its lightweight construction. A quality frame is one that can withstand wear and tear, but durability isn’t the only marker for quality.

A quality glasses frame should also weigh less than average despite the sturdy construction. It’s to prevent the frame from sitting heavy on your nose and ears because it would be painful.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti-Glare, Cut UV400 Transparent Lens, Computer Reading Glasses, Anti Eyestrain/Anti Scratch/Anti Smudgy, Sleep Better

When it comes to day-to-day eyewear, comfort should be the highest priority. Most of us use the same pair of glasses every single day. Hence, buy one that can provide comfort and has features that you really need. These glasses are not only comfortable to wear, but they also come with coatings that boost the UV light blocking performance.

It’s not just blue light that can harm your vision. UV light can be as damaging, so keep your glasses on whenever you leave the house. At least with the UV filter, you can rest assured that your eyes are well-protected. There are many awesome features that this product has, including anti glare and anti reflective technology.

You’ll also benefit from the scratch resistance. It can be annoying to clean glasses because the lens picks up smudges easily. With this feature, you can spend less time on wiping the lens. The lens has a dimension of 41mm x 53mm with a bridge of 19mm.

The lack of tint also boosts comfort. Tinted lenses serve their own purposes, but some people would rather their glasses clear for a true color experience.

Picking Anti Glare Reading Glasses in 2021

1. Lens tint

Many reading glasses have clear lenses, but tinted varieties have many advantages. Glasses with a yellow-ish tint can increase contrast, so you can see things clearly even when there isn’t much light around. Besides, this color is calming for the eyes.

If you prefer reading glasses that don’t change the way you perceive colors, a clear lens is great.

2. Photochromic

Not every pair of glasses has this, but to ensure optimum protection against high energy blue light, you can opt for photochromic glasses.

The lens will automatically change color depending on the light intensity. It will go darker outdoors, and gradually return to its normal tint when the exposure to UV light has stopped.

3. Scratch resistance

There are several options available for anti glare glasses. One of the most sought-after features is scratch resistance. Scratches on a lens make it look unsightly. To avoid it, a special coating that repels scratches and smudges is necessary.

If you want your glasses to maintain their best appearance, then consider adding this extra feature.

FAQs – Buying Reading Glasses

1. Do reading glasses need anti glare?

Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or a technopile? If not, regular reading glasses should be sufficient. But if you spend many hours daily to look at digital screens, this feature is a necessity. It will benefit you in many ways.

First, anti glare enhances visual clarity. That’s because the coating increases the amount of light passing through the lens. Anti glare is also good for preventing eye strain. Blue light exposure is something we can’t escape because all digital screens produce blue light.

But with anti glare, your glasses will act as a shield against this harmful light. Besides, some lenses also provide UV protection, which keeps your vision safe from this damaging factor.

2. Why is anti glare coating so expensive?

Anti glare coating combats the effect of blue light and glare. It costs somewhere between $20 and $90. Some probably think this is a respectable price range, while others think it’s too high.

Well, quality comes at a premium price. This feature actively protects you against blue light which can cause macular degeneration in the long run, so it totally makes sense to pay a decent sum for it.

Besides, newer AR coatings are more durable than the older ones. They are costly because they last long, not to mention that some coatings also provide extra benefits, like scratch resistance.

3. How do I clean glasses with anti glare coating?

Some anti glare glasses include a free microfiber cloth in the package. If you buy one of these, just use the cloth to clean the lens whenever it appears dusty.

Don’t use rough materials because they’ll leave new scratches instead of eliminating them. In case there’s no cloth inside, just buy it separately. Just make sure it’s made of microfiber.

4. How long does anti glare coating last?

Maintenance affects how long the coating lasts, but on average, it lasts about 2 years. To prevent it from peeling off early, clean it with the right material.

The AR coating isn’t supposed to be cleaned with tissue paper or a washcloth. All these materials will only add scratches to the lens. Get yourself a microfiber cloth or use the one that the glasses come with.

Summary – Top Anti Glare Reading Glasses

In this day and age when digital devices have been so prevalent in daily life, wearing glasses that can protect us from the side effects of gadgets also becomes increasingly important. There’s no denying that gadgets can be addictive, but that’s not the only problem.

These devices especially the displays produce a high amount of glare and blue light that can impair vision. Seeing a bright light puts a strain on the eyes. Many people don’t take good care of their eyes, which leads to the development of vision problems. When the damage is done, all you can do is treat.

Reading glasses are a solution. But to prevent further damage, you can buy the best anti glare reading glasses. Unlike regular glasses, they come with coatings to cut down on glare and get rid of reflections on the back and front of the lens. This eventually increases visual acuity.

Instead of seeing reflections, people can look at your eyes through the lens. These unique coatings also have the ability to reduce eye strain, which is a common problem in today’s excessive use of digital devices.

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