How Do I Reset My Roku Code

How Do I Reset My Roku Code? [Guide]

How do I reset my Roku code? If for any reason you need to change your My Roku pin but don’t know how, we’ll show you how in this post.

How do I change my Roku code? If your current PIN is too predictable for you, we’ll walk you through the process of changing it.

A Roku PIN is a string of characters that prevents unauthorized purchases from being made using your account.

As the owner of a Roku device, you must want an extra layer of security to ensure that you are the one making important decisions about how to use the media streamer.

The good news is that the manufacturer is aware of this and provides the option to set up account protection.

Another reason to enable it, aside from avoiding unwanted purchases, is to prevent children from accessing restricted content.

As we all know, not all shows are suitable for children. Some are far too graphic for children to consume, so parental guidance is essential.

With this protection in place, your child can use the device safely to watch videos or play games.

What is my Roku PIN code?


As was said earlier, a PIN code works the same way as any other passcode.

When you try to make a purchase, the system asks for it. It must confirm that you are the owner of the account and not someone else.

This information should be kept to yourself due to the importance of verifying purchases.

Nobody should know about the code unless they have your permission. It could be a family member or someone you have complete faith in.

Remember that the PIN is optional, which means that its use has no effect on how the device performs its basic functions.

If you believe that a PIN is unnecessary because you are the only user, you can skip this feature.

It’s worth noting that in order to generate a PIN, a Roku user must first sign in to their account. This increases its security even more.

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How do I reset my Roku code?

Normally, in order to update a PIN, you must first enter the old one as proof that you are the true owner.

However, Roku saves you the trouble by ignoring it. It actually has another method of authenticating access.

Because the person with access to this information (email and password) is usually the owner, as long as you can log in to your account, it believes you’re the legitimate owner.

So, without further ado, here’s how to reset your Roku code:

  1. Use any web browser to visit My Roku. Log in to your account by inserting your email and password into their respective fields, then clicking “Submit”.
  2. Mouse over to the ‘PIN Preference’ section, and then select ‘Update’.
  1. Enter a new PIN as you wish and repeat it in the other field. They should match, or else the system will refuse the new entry. Select one of the conditions in which the PIN will be enforced, like whether you want the system to prompt it when someone tries to purchase something, adds an item from the store, etc.
  2. Once you’ve decided on the preference, click “Save Changes.”
  3. The change should take effect shortly after the update.

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