How to Get Rid of STARZ On Amazon Prime

How to Get Rid of STARZ On Amazon Prime?

Are you trying out Starz on Amazon Prime and thinking about canceling your membership? Or maybe you’ve been a subscriber for a while but no longer want to use the service. Here, we’ll show you how to get rid of Starz on Amazon Prime.

Many subscription video-on-demand services, including Amazon Prime, offer STARZ as an additional channel.

The process of including it is straightforward and only requires a few basic actions.

After creating an account, you will have free access to the streaming service for a full week.

However, you may reconsider becoming a premium member after this trial period ends.

It makes no difference what factors play a role in your final choice. What really matters is whether or not you can unlink it from your Prime membership.

Well, we’re happy to say that Amazon doesn’t make it difficult for customers to switch back to their preferred STARZ package.

While we could show you how to cancel STARZ on Amazon Prime, we think you should know that the service is well worth the cost before you make that decision.

There are literally hundreds of epic movies and TV shows available there, including Outlander, which has been called “one of the greatest shows ever to grace television” in the past decade.

In spite of the undeniable beauty of the historical drama series, you are free to cancel your subscription if you so choose.

Is it possible to cancel STARZ on Amazon at any time?


STARZ does not try to obstruct their customers’ decision to not renew their subscription, and other platforms that offer it as an add-on should do the same.

You can do it during the trial period or after it converts to a monthly billing plan.

Speaking of price, this subscription isn’t expensive, only $8.99 per month, but we understand why you’d want to cancel.

You’ve probably already subscribed to so many services that adding another one will increase your monthly spending.

Cancelling one or two may be the frugal decisions you require to achieve financial stability.

If you’re concerned about getting your finances in order, we’d be happy to assist you in canceling this add-on.

How do I deactivate STARZ from Amazon Prime?

  1. Open the Amazon website on any browser.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Take a look at ‘Account & Lists’ on top right corner of the screen, click it.
  1. Find the ‘Memberships and Subscriptions’ menu, and then choose the one labeled ‘Prime Video Channels’.
  2. If you’ve subscribed to STARZ before, it will appear on the list. All you have to do is click on ‘Cancel Channel’ to perform the action.
  3. There will be an offer to persuade you to change your mind or a message about cancelling later. But if you want stick with your decision, select ‘Cancel My Subscription’.
  4. It will ask you about the reason of cancellation. Choose one that perfectly describes yours, or if you can’t think of any, just select ‘Prefer to Not Answer’.
  5. By the end of the process, you’ll be redirected to the Account Settings page. At this point, the add-on should’ve been completely unlinked from your account. You can always add it again later, though.

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