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What Chairs do Professional Gamers Use?

What chairs do professional gamers use? This question surely pops up in your mind a lot especially if you’re into eSports. Choosing a chair isn’t just about choosing a cool…

What chairs do professional gamers use? This question surely pops up in your mind a lot especially if you’re into eSports.

Choosing a chair isn’t just about choosing a cool design. There are other factors that matter just as much, such as features, ergonomics, and price.

With the myriad of choices available, it can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. In case you’re new to gaming equipment, it’s a good idea to draw inspiration from pro players.

These are people who train day and night to improve their gaming skills. They should use the best gears since they’re determined to succeed in what they’re doing.

While it’s true that gaming chairs are diverse, you’d notice that people’s choices narrow down to just a few brands. And those brands we will go over in this article, so let’s dive in and learn a bit more.

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chairs

1. Upholstery

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Upholstery refers to the soft covering of a chair. Basically what you see on a chair is the upholstery. Since it comes in direct contact with the body, choosing a chair with good upholstery is paramount. There are some materials commonly used to cover a chair with leather being a popular option. It’s important to note that leather comes in different grades.

Upon searching for a chair, you’d come across PU leather and PVC leather as they are widely used to craft gaming chairs. Real leather is also available, and it’s typically very costly. Each material has unique characteristics. PVC leather is known for being thick stiff but lacks sturdiness. PU leather edges it out in this area, but it’s easily scratched, which kind of holds it back.

There’s a popular belief that PU leather is cheap, but some pricey chairs use this material although it’s branded as the premium version of it. In terms of heat tolerance, PU can withstand temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius, while PVC has an upper limit of 65 degrees Celsius.

2. Padding

The quality of the padding can be described as thick, thin, soft, and hard. Padding doesn’t just affect comfort, but durability also largely depends on it. If a chair is constructed from low-quality padding, it won’t last long.

The firmness of foam can be measured using a method called ILD or Indentation Load Deflection. In this test, an amount of force is exerted against the surface of a foam cushion till it reaches a quarter of its original thickness. The recorded figure is then converted into an ILD number.

Different types of foam have different ILD numbers. HD36 foam, for instance, has it at 36, while lux foam and cold-cure molded foam are both rated at 50. Since higher numbers indicate better firmness, we’re sure you know which one to choose for maximum comfort.

3. Armrests

Armrests are another substantial addition to a chair. As the name implies, armrests are padded support upon which your arms rest. Without them, the arms will hang low, which is not a comfortable position, to begin with. The good news is they’ve become a staple feature in chairs.

The difference between cheap and expensive models is the level of adjustability. Though they look similar from the outside, the way they move doesn’t. In this regard, there’s the popular term ‘4D’ which refers to the ability of an armrest to move in 4 dimensions. It’s the highest degree of flexibility possible as it means the armrest can move up and down, back and forth, left and right, and swivel at certain angles.

This feature can be found in mid-range to high-end models. There are also 3D armrests, which lack the left-right movement, and 2D armrests that can only move up and down as well as swivel.

4. Tilt mechanism

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Another factor that differentiates between cheap and expensive gaming chairs is the amount of customization assigned to the backrests. They both can recline, but premium models usually do more than just tilting backward. The seat base may also be angled up slightly, and all these positions are lockable.

If you want a chair with the best back support, set your sights on more expensive models because the highest level of adjustability is provided by them. As a general rule, find one with a ‘multi tilt mechanism’ in its list of features because it speaks volumes about the backrest flexibility.

Why does it matter? Playing games for hours is strenuous to the body. That’s why frequent breaks are necessary. With this mechanism, you can relax right on the chair as it allows the chair to adjust to different positions. Lie it almost totally flat, and you can rest on it like it’s a mattress.

Cheap and Expensive Chair Recommendations


There are many to consider in choosing a gaming chair beside a cool design. This one has a straightforward design with black adorning most of the exterior. It’s okay to pick a simple chair since looks and quality are separate things. Despite the calm appearance, this chair comes with a fascinating array of features.

To start with, it includes lumbar and neck pillows, all are covered in microfiber fabric to caress you while reaping the benefits of the ergonomic design. Meanwhile, the seatback is built using PU leather to ensure comfort. And since it’s perforated, you won’t feel uncomfortable sitting on it for hours. Another advantage of this chair is the rollerblade style wheels which don’t leave any traces on surfaces.

By the way, the best has yet to come. Besides the aforementioned features, you can also enjoy the 4D armrests. They offer the highest degree of flexibility. Whether you need to move them back and forth, left and right, or up and down, all are possible. And if that wasn’t enough, there are many other customizations provided, such as height adjustment with class 4 gas lift and 170° reclining system.

2. noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair with PU Faux Leather

Noblechairs is brought up a lot in talks about quality gaming chairs. That makes sense because it delivers extraordinary quality. There are some models to pick from the lineup, but we’re going to introduce the Hero model today. It’s simply designed for perfection. Be it a gaming setup or an office room, this chair would make a perfect fit.

The sophisticated design is the reason why it works for any setting. It looks especially elegant with the diamond pattern stitching all over it. A quality chair can easily be recognized by how much effort is put into its creation. And in this case, we get that impression from the use of PU leather for upholstery. Cold foam makes up this part, which means it’s not susceptible to sagging. This is a common problem in chairs made of low-cost materials.

In terms of ergonomics, essential features like 4D armrests and lumbar support are included. To top it off, it also boasts an integrated rocking mechanism, which further boosts comfort. Are you worried about the load capacity? Please don’t hold your breath because the upper limit is around 330 pounds. That’s high enough to accommodate most users.

3. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

Any chair that costs in the $100 range can be considered cheap. Well, ‘cheap’ is probably a stretch, but compared to models that cost upwards of $500, it’s a very competitive price. You can get this for only $142. The best part is the product is on sale right now, just go grab it before the offer expires. From the outside, it doesn’t give a poor man’s version vibe. It looks nicely built with eye-catching detailing from top to bottom.

The seat base is thick, which again is unexpected from a product in this class. There are some features worth checking out, let’s start with the flip-up arms. This extension measures 2 inches in thickness, provides the right amount of support to your forearms. It also comes with a headrest and lumbar support. We know that they are stapled features nowadays, but there’s no need to take them for granted.

The base adopts a swivel mechanism, which can be turned around up to 360 degrees. That’s not the only adjustable part. There’s also tilt tension and height adjustment that you can set to your liking. In terms of weight support, the most it can handle is 275 lbs.

Gaming Chair Brands Used by the Pros

1. Secretlab

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sea of choices because the gaming chair market is flooded with products from many different companies. Secretlab is one of the few names that really stand out. It’s most commonly known for its triple-threat lineup, the Omega, Titan, and Titan XL.

While all are rich in features, the Omega distances itself by having a smaller build. It’s not exactly small, just relatively more compact than its siblings. Design-wise, it stuns with prime 2.0 PU leather on the upholstery, which strikes a perfect balance between luxury and durability. Besides, the abrasion resistance helps its last for years.

If you’re wondering about the texture, ‘supple and plush’ is the best way to describe it. 4D system is also embedded in the armrests, which allow for greater flexibility. This styling approach makes them movable in 4 dimensions.

Now shift your focus to the backrest. It has an ample surface with 2 extra pillows for added comfort. They are designed for the neck and lumbar area of the spine. The head pillow particularly has a cooling gel in it to promote total relaxation.

2. Noblechairs

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Noblechairs sets a high bar for quality seating furniture. It was created out of a dream of seeing quality chairs aimed at gamers because they felt unimpressed with the choices available at that time. This led to them developing a chair that would benefit most gamers.

Noblechairs products are designed to overcome issues that arise from excessive sitting, such as pain and discomfort which happen due to poor sitting posture. Sitting on one can ease the tension because it follows the natural curvature of your spine. Speaking of models, there are some choices available.

The Epic has a signature racing look, offers lumbar and neck pillows. It’s on the lowest tier when it comes to loading capacity and weight support. Meanwhile, the Hero can be recognized from its larger seat base. Besides, it has built-in lumbar support. People love it due to its versatile design, not to mention that it’s ahead in height and weight support.

Those who find themselves sitting awkwardly on the Epic should consider switching to this or the Icon, which is another member of the family. As the name suggests, this chair looks iconic with its curvy backrest. The maximum weight it can handle is 330lbs, which is the same as the Hero.

3. Herman Miller

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Herman Miller also deserves a spot on the list of most trusted gaming chair brands. With over 100 years of experience, choosing a Herman Miller chair is the right decision because all of its products are crafted with care. They’re known for teaming up with qualified experts like physicians and biomechanics to design products. If you’re wondering why the chairs deliver supreme comfort, that summarizes it perfectly.

On another note, problems associated with prolonged sitting often stem from poor posture. The company has learned these and come up with a solution in the form of ergonomically shaped chairs. If you have an underlying condition, consider using a chair from this brand to prevent the symptoms from worsening. Otherwise, this can also be a tool for prevention.

Of all products in the lineup, which one is best?

It’s quite a tricky question.

The Aeron is among the sought-after models because it’s nothing short of outstanding. The backrest is wide and flexible, while the mesh material is great at dissipating heat. There won’t be any discomfort resting on this chair for hours. The Embody is another popular pick, known for its purposeful ergonomics.

4. DXRacer

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DXRacer isn’t a surprising addition to this list because it has been making chairs since the very beginning, only it was more focused on car seats. Its venture into the gaming scene started in 2006 with a line of gaming chairs. It also sells office chairs if you will. Dxracer is known for taking inspiration from racing car seats in designing its chairs.

If you are yet to decide on a chair for your gaming room, this is a brand you can put your trust in because it strives for quality and excellence. Besides, It also takes pride in using high-quality materials to build its products, so that they can last long and give the user the comfort they need. Price-wise, Dxracer chairs are comparable to products from other premium brands. But one thing is for sure, your money won’t go to waste because they’re crammed with fantastic features.

5. Vertagear

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There are many companies that produce chairs aimed at the gaming community. It all makes sense because the industry is booming right now. But having a passion for gaming to the point of wanting to make a well-thought-out product, it’s another story. And that’s what’s Vertagear is all about. It’s literally obsessed with how a chair is crafted, so it puts much thought into its creation.

If you want a chair made by a company that has expertise in this field, Vertagear is the answer. Many experts take part in developing the products, including gamers, furniture specialists, and designers. With how each item is brought into existence, it doesn’t surprise us that it translates into perfection.

The design will leave you in awe, while the features are added to provide maximum comfort. Vertagear chairs offer an array of adjustable elements. Besides an option to set the seat high or low, you can also move the armrests as well as recline the backrest to the desired level.

6. Maxnomic

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Maxnomic is another brand widely acknowledged for its remarkable quality. The chairs are specially designed for pro eSports players and passionate gamers. The brand has a massive appeal, a sentiment that’s echoed by many. Endorsements from well-known figures also help catapult its popularity to greater heights.

There are several models available. While they differ in size, they all come with advanced features, like adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and cold-cured foam padding for better longevity. Another thing very compelling about the chairs is the custom logo.

Do you want a chair that truly represents yourself? Well, Maxnomic can make it happen.

Adding a special embroidered emblem on it is an instant process. All you need is an image file for the team to review. Once they’re done with the assessment, they’ll get back to you with a cost estimate. If you’re wondering why the brand appeals to pro gamers, it listens to what the average gamer needs.

Fatigue is a common issue associated with prolonged sitting. To overcome it, the company really levels up the back support. Meanwhile, the tilt angle ranges from 83 to 139 degrees. The armrests also have a unique touch on their ends. Instead of keeping flat edges, they appear squiggly like the knuckles.

Gaming Chair Partners (with top eSports team)

1. Secretlab supports Team Liquid, OG, Evil Geniuses, and more

The eSports industry continues to grow by the day with more sponsors entering the ecosystem. They often team up with top teams to bring attention to their products and services. Sponsors come from various industry segments but are mainly classified into endemic and non-endemic. Those that make chairs fit in the endemic category because their products are heavily associated with eSports activities.

Of all gaming chair brands, Secretlab is one whose presence is felt strongly due to partnerships with established eSports teams, such as Team Liquid, OG, and Evil Geniuses. These are teams that aspiring athletes look up to because they have numerous achievements under their belts. Partnering with successful organizations is a brilliant marketing move and Secretlab capitalizes on that by working with around 10 teams. Players get the opportunity to test the line of chairs that the company has created, such as the Titan and Omega.

Despite the resemblance, both models are aimed at different types of users. The Omega is physically smaller, but not by a wide margin. It’s also equipped with a lumbar pillow and other premium features. Compared to the Omega, the Titan is bigger. The most striking difference is the lumbar support which comes integrated into its structure.

2. Herman Miller supports Complexity Gaming, NaVi

Nobody can argue about the quality of a Herman Miller chair because the company has been on top of its game for decades. If you need a chair to spruce up your office or gaming room, Herman Miller is an awesome brand to go for. It has officially tapped into eSports by partnering with teams, one of which is Complexity Gaming.

The news made the rounds that the furniture maker entered into a partnership with the American pro team which manifested as chair and desk support. It had intended to study the ergonomic needs of athletes in hopes that it could make quality furniture for them. Complexity Gaming isn’t the only organization the company has inked a deal with. Natus Vincere is also on the list.

What about Herman Miller that makes it a great gaming chair brand? Well, its products are made by incorporating elements of ergonomics. That’s not to say that other brands are void of them, but the company really steps up its game in this area. The Embody is an example of that. Multi-tilt adjustment, good pressure distribution, and thorough back support are a few things that make this chair stand out.

3. DXRacer supports, Optic Gaming, Fnatic

DXRacer has also been voicing its support for eSports teams., for instance, is lucky enough to get their hands on DXRacer products. This is a common scenario of a deal between a brand and an eSports organization. Besides equipping the team with chairs, the company also drew inspiration from VP colors to design some of its chairs. In exchange for all these perks, the team agreed to feature the company’s logo on platforms they owned like social media accounts and websites.

There are other teams DXRacer has worked with, including big names like Fnatic and Optic Gaming. Not just that, it has also become an official sponsor of the EU LCS. All these deals couldn’t be more appropriate because DXRacer is known for its commitment to crafting high-quality chairs. They are designed for durability and impact resistance.

Some users have said that their chairs remain in good shape after several years. This clearly shows that the products are made to last since they withstand wear and tear very well. Besides, the company did a good job of maximizing comfort. Each chair comes with thick cushioning to pamper the body as you’re sitting on it. This can help fix poor posture and other problems.

eSports Tournament Chair Partners

1. The European League of Legends Championship Series and DXRacer

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As said before, DXRacer had helped organize the EU LCS. Part of the deal was for the company to outfit players with EU LCS-branded chairs. It turned out that the special chairs were not only available for the players. But they could also be purchased by fans at a later date.

On one occasion, Riot Games stated that it was their goal to team up with brands that shared their values, especially with regard to support for pro players. DXRacer has also collaborated with teams, such as NaVi and Optic Gaming. While the company is known for its gaming chairs, the support also extends to other products, including footrests and desks.

Welcoming DXRacer as an official sponsor is a good business move because its line of chairs is highly appreciated by eSports fans. On Riot Games’ part, it benefitted them because fans had been asking for more branded gear forever.

2. The International 2019 and Secretlab

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Secretlab has been supportive of the eSports industry for years. Besides working with teams, it has also become a sponsor for tournaments, including those of TI’s caliber. The sponsorship came in the form of chair support. The chairs would be used by players of participating teams.

For the record, The International is a major tournament for the video game Dota 2. It’s held annually with prize pools that keep on increasing with each event. The custom chairs were also reportedly available for purchase by the general public later. Secretlab revealed that it felt honored to provide the players with its award-winning chairs because those competing here were met with high expectations.

Basically, they were some of the best players ever for the title, so they deserved the best equipment to progress to the next level. Secretlab’s presence on the eSports scene feels strong because thanks to the multiple partnerships. Besides the TI9, it has also been announced as an official sponsor of the Cs:Go Major Tournament and Starladder Berlin Major.

3. eSports Championship Series and Vertagear

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Vertagear also didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to introduce its products to the eSports fans. Around 3 years ago Vertagear was announced as an official sponsor of the CS:GO event. Much like other deals, the company equipped players with chairs to compete throughout the next 5 seasons.

Youtube Gaming also joined forces to support the success of this event. It’s among the most competitive ones featuring the title. As for the prize payouts, it had a total amount of $750,000.

Many established teams showed up for the competition, including Faze Clan, Fnatic, Luminosity Gaming, And Cloud9. The company stated that it appreciated the opportunity provided to be a part of the event. Besides, it also felt ecstatic to see its line of chairs used by these skilled players.

Final Thoughts

So, what chairs do professional gamers use? Hopefully, after reading this article, you can finally find a chair that suits you best.

There’s no need to opt for a feature-rich chair if it’s out of budget. Remember that chairs fall under different categories just like any other gaming equipment. Some are costlier, but there are affordable alternatives as well.

That said, premium chairs aimed at passionate gamers usually come at higher prices because a lot of research and effort is put into the making process. Increasing prices is a way to compensate for the high production costs.

It’s not that they randomly slap them with a hefty price tag. Most of these high-end chairs are value for money. If you can afford one, then go ahead.

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