Remote Control Snake Toy

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Product Details
Product Details
remote control snake toy
A scary remote control snake toy
This snake is great for pranks! But not simply for that reason. Wildlife enthusiasts and youngsters who are intrigued about snakes will love receiving this gift.
But this snake isn’t that scary!
remote controlled snake
The snake details
The snake is constructed of ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and hence harmless.
Remote control details
Pressing two buttons on the remote control causes the snake to go forward and then turn. The remote control requires three AA batteries to function.
Toys that are both fun and useful are rare
Children will love watching this amazing snake move! Despite the fact that it looks like a frightening toy, this device can assist your kids in conquering their fears. Playing with it shows that snakes aren’t all that scary and that they’re just like any other animal. Since the dawn of time, snakes have been a powerful symbol of change. They’re fantastic!

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