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Best OBS Alternative for Windows [2022]

The popularity of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) is not to be debated. It’s simply one of the most recognizable names in the world of encoding software. It has more…

The popularity of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) is not to be debated. It’s simply one of the most recognizable names in the world of encoding software.

It has more than just widespread brand recognition. It’s an undisputed fact that OBS is a powerful encoder.

OBS has a lot to offer, ranging from multiple video filters to low CPU usage.

However, performance and ease of use don’t always go together. Some of the most advanced encoders are too robust to use by novices.

OBS is similar in that sense. It can be a great software for live streaming, but the initial setup may be overwhelming for some.

That’s worth the effort, though, since OBS is totally free.

Are there any OBS alternatives for Windows? Yes, here are some of them.

Top OBS Alternatives for Windows

1. XSplit

XSplitdoes need a bit of technical skill to operate. Though it needs some getting used to, it will take the user experience to the next level once you capitalize on the features.

It comes with a library to show you all the plugins available to enhance the live stream. It also includes customizable lighting for scenes and an audio visualizer.

In short, Xsplit hits the sweet spot for those who dream of a powerful program but are not ready to splurge much money.

With a solid price-to-performance ratio, you should definitely give it a try.

The degree of flexibility provided is mind-blowing. You can adjust any aspect of the recording with so much ease.

For example, you can include Skype calls all in a single click. Editing pictures and videos is also as immediate.

XSplit comes in several variants, but you should go for the Broadcaster plan for broadcasting.

2. Movavi

This can be an alternative to OBS, especially if your computer runs macOS because it supports both.

To use it, select the area you wish to capture, adjust the settings, and then click on the record button.

You can set a date for the recording. And it’s not just the date but also the duration for the recording.

The extensive range of tools allows you to produce videos with high production value.

There’s more to dig, like the inclusion of the pointer while recording. It helps tremendously with understanding the step-by-step instructions in a tutorial video.

Of course, adding a voice source is also an option. All you need is a decent microphone to let the program pick up your voice to compliment the recorded footage.

Overall, this piece of software works like a charm for noobs.

It has the features of an advanced program but doesn’t come with the complexities that steepen the learning curve.

3. vMix

OBS Studio gains prominence among streamers because it’s free to use.

Even if it doesn’t have the most intuitive interface, people accept it as the price to pay for the many features they can use at no cost.

vMix isn’t exactly in the same vein. You must pay a one-time fee of $60. That sum will unlock the software’s full potential.

There’s no monthly or annual fee though; you just pay once when placing an order.

This program is Windows-compatible, has a range of capabilities, such as streaming and recording.

By the way, vMix offers several packages. The price described above tag is for streaming at HD resolution with limited camera / NDI inputs.

There are 4k packages that cost significantly higher for a higher one, but they include multiple overlay channels and other perks.

All things considered, this product is aimed at streamers who have high expectations for live video production.

4. ShareX

We can draw parallels between ShareX and OBS Studio in that they’re both open source.

Though you may not hear about ShareX as much, it has been around for over a decade and is still in the active stage of development.

It carries a dazzling array of display capture options, such as regions and full screen.

It also allows you to postpone capture thanks to the timer feature. For a helpful tutorial video, you can consider adding the mouse pointer.

Furthermore, the program eases recording while scrolling through a page. This would be beneficial when there’s a section cropped off the screen, and you want to make it visible in the footage.

The Text capture is also a nice addition. What it does is basically extract text from an image.

If you ever come across an interesting quote that’s too long to retype, the built-in OCR technology in this program will help grab it in no time.

5. Bandicam

This is another substitute for OBS that works with Windows.

While it’s widely popular with gamers, it’s not only meant for recording gameplays. It does exceptionally well for achieving a higher compression rate.

Not only that, but it’s also capable of maintaining recording quality. Be it a 2D or A 3D game, it’s not a constraint for the program to deliver a smooth HD video.

And in case you want to pull in sources from external devices, that’s possible, too.

There’s a variety of devices it supports, including webcams, Smartphones, and game consoles.

Speaking of setup, the easy configuration would surprise you.

OBS Studio is powerful, but the lack of user-friendliness could be off-putting. Granted, it’s a very popular program, meaning that tutorials are everywhere.

But still, you’d appreciate Bandicam because it offers an easy setup right off the bat.

There are more features to check out, such as real-time drawing and voice integration.

Wrapping Up the OBS Alternative for Windows

OBS is an incredible piece of software in its own right.

If you need free software to level you up the live stream and record games, it’s more than capable for the job.

It’s surprisingly lightweight, comes with many configurable settings, supports video filters, themes, and much more.

But despite all these advanced features, you can still look for an alternative.

Perhaps, you’ve used it long enough that you feel the need to step out of your comfort zone with a new program.

Or it probably doesn’t meet your requirements or is too perplexing for first-time users.

Whatever the case, we’ve included some OBS alternatives for Windows for your reference.

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