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The Top 5 OBS Alternatives for Mac [2022]

The live streaming industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The steady increase isn’t just attributed to the pandemic, which forces people to stay home and spend more time…

The live streaming industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

The steady increase isn’t just attributed to the pandemic, which forces people to stay home and spend more time online. The fact that it shows no signs of slowing down proves that the upward trend is not a fluke.

With this level of an upswing, it’s not surprising that many people are trying to break into the industry. The thing is, it’s not easy to get your name heard when many others also want to achieve similar success.

Is gaming is a hobby to you?

There’s nothing wrong with that, but to pursue it as a professional career, better not treat it like something you do in your off-time to break away from your routine.

Take it seriously and beef up your arsenal with proper equipment, including a software encoder (aka live streaming software).

While it’s the go-to option for many, some people search for OBS alternatives for Mac. That’s reasonable because not every software has support for the operating system.

If your device runs MacOS and needs to compress video content or capture screen, here are some good options.

Top OBS Alternatives for Mac

1. Ecamm Live

This one stands out in its support for macOS; part of it is because the software is developed with Apple in mind. Now you can broadcast to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms effortlessly without fear of compatibility issues.

Nearly all the basic necessities are included. Adding overlays and animated graphics can be done in a few simple steps. It also facilitates Restream.io integration, which smoothed the path for multistreaming functionality.

This well-rounded program has many capabilities. It can record videos and snap screenshots. It also picks up the feed from the webcam and microphone.

Additionally, there’s a varied assortment of drawing tools to help you produce a quality tutorial video. Setting up a stream couldn’t be more entertaining with this program. It makes it easy to invite guests to add logos and other elements.

In terms of customization, Ecamm also takes it to the next level. Besides the features above, it can upgrade camera quality for better viewing.

2. CamTwist

CamTwist deserves to be on this list because it has many original effects.

On the paper, it looks like a robust streaming program. It does, but a lot is going on in the first setup. Just take time to familiarize yourself with the interface.

For your information, the program is compatible with several chat services like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. Try to explore the Studio part of the software for the standard fitting of overlays and other graphics.

The newest update introduces a slew of brand new effects, which will add a professional touch to your live streams.

Let’s round up the most important features. First, the output resolution can be set to 720p quality. Second, it’s inundated with special effects. You can swap out between the 50+ effects at your disposal.

They include bullet holes, overlays, and much more. And then, users are also provided with boundless freedom to make personalized effects.

3. mimoLive

Multi-device support is one of the advantages of this program. If your laptop runs macOS, you can receive inputs from several cameras. Just make sure to use the correct adapter. It can be an SDI or an HDMI one.

Speaking of features, it also has a broad range of tools to assist you with editing and other essential tasks like cropping, scaling, keying, to name a few.

It also allows for synchronization with a variety of social media accounts. It demonstrates a wide range of support for live streaming. Your entire video content can be instantly transmitted to Twitch, Youtube, and other platforms.

You can also use it to save valuable content for upcoming projects.

What’s more, it allows the user to connect to Final Cut Pro to achieve higher production value with post-processing alterations. And if you want to save the file in any standard format, that’s possible, too.

4. Icecream

Recording the screen has become a necessity nowadays. You probably need it to demonstrate the recording or use it for another purpose.

There are endless possibilities for using the computer to record the screen. And ice cream is a perfect solution for that.

This OBS alternative can capture what you do on the desktop PC in real-time. It has various features, such as screen and audio recording, annotations, watermarks, mouse pointer insertion, and more.

There’s a free version if you’re specifically looking for it. It also supports both Windows and Mac devices.

Another useful feature is it can set a recording date. While it’s free, it limits recording to 5 minutes tops. That’s not the only restriction in place. It only offers a WebM format and is deprived of powerful editing tools.

Consider upgrading to the pro version, which costs $29.95 as a one-off purchase to access more features and extend the recording duration.

5. StreamYard

StreamYard can unite multiple guests (up to 10) in a conversation. The streamlined user interface is also a major plus.

Other than that, it can be broadcast to several platforms simultaneously. Another way that it boosts interactivity is by collecting comments in a feed.

You can also take advantage of the presets to go from one view to another on the fly.

Apart from live broadcasting, StreamYard retains its recording capabilities for offline sessions. If you want to record a lecture or a tutorial, it’s easy with this program.

Is it free? Yes, but it’s also upgradable to unlock more features. The Basic package costs $20 a month, and the Professional package with a recurring monthly fee of $39.

Conclusion: Best OBS Alternatives for Mac User

OBS has burned its way into the consciousness of many live streamers, but it’s not the only great option available.

It does keep CPU usage low like nobody’s business, and it’s also rich enough in features to get you started with your first live stream.

That said, other programs are just as powerful, if not outperforming OBS in some areas.

While incredible, OBS is not perfect. It also has shortcomings, like other live streaming and screen recording programs.

If you’re looking for OBS alternatives for Mac, we’ve compiled the list for you above.

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