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Best OBS Alternative for Android in 2022

The advent of live streaming has revolutionized how we communicate with each other. Talking over the phone is still commonplace, but seeing the person on the other side has a…

The advent of live streaming has revolutionized how we communicate with each other.

Talking over the phone is still commonplace, but seeing the person on the other side has a different feel.

Hence, it’s not surprising that live content consumption continues on its upward trajectory.

This also opens the door for money-making opportunities.

Making a living out of being a gamer or a streamer is not overlooked anymore. But to reach that height where you’re recognized by many is not easy.

There are sacrifices to be made. Not only does it require an investment, but also your time and attention.

Learning live streaming software like OBS is one of the tasks.

It’s for desktop computers, though. If you want to know OBS alternatives for Android, check out these options.

Top OBS Alternatives for Android

1. Broadcast Me

This platform came with a price tag for use on iOS devices, but now it’s totally free for iOS and Android.

It utilizes a server that uses the RTMP protocol.

To achieve the best-looking stream, it’s advised to encode content using AAC and h.264.

If you’re unfamiliar with both, AAC is a file format for digital audio at the most basic level.

At the same time, h.264 is a video compression standard with a broad range of applications.

This application supports live broadcasting to many social media sites, including Youtube and Twitter.

It also doesn’t limit the streaming duration as long as you pay for the upfront cost fee of $5.99.

2. Larix Broadcaster

This is another solution for real-time broadcasting from your Android device.

The program doesn’t narrow down its target audience to a specific group of users. Streamers of all skill levels can set up a live stream.

It has ease of operation for novices and has complex features to satisfy advanced users.

Let’s break down the set of features this app is equipped with.

First, it supports RTMP and RTSP protocols that accommodate content viewing through any web browser.

They are also compatible with the vast majority of Smartphones and tablets.

Second, it allows concurrent streaming to several platforms.

Third, it can deliver adaptive bitrate to automatically adjust video quality based on the available bandwidth. It’s done in 3 different ways.

The first one is known as logarithmic descend, which brings down bitrate gradually from the upper limit.

There’s also ladder ascend that reduces bitrate by two-thirds and bumps it up to an appropriate level.

Meanwhile, the hybrid approach has its own formula for determining the acceptable figure.

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is no stranger to the streaming industry. Besides the fact that the PC version has gained worldwide recognition, it’s also pitted against OBS Studio, which is also a heavyweight on the scene.

Well, you didn’t read it wrong. Streamlabs has made its way to the Play Store.

To date, it has amassed over 10 million downloads, a testament to its immense popularity. If you’ve been a user, we’re sure you know what to expect from this mobile version.

For starters, it allows you to live stream to some platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Nimo, Trovo, Youtube, and more.

It provides instant integration with the essential widgets, such as event lists, donation tickets, chatbox, and alert box.

And then, it simplifies the way you share game capture. You can enrich the gameplay with sounds from the microphone and other devices.

On top of that, it’s open to receiving numerous feeds to step up your broadcasting game.

Another interesting feature is easy switching between main and selfie cameras.

It’s a good idea to alternate between the phone, especially when it packs quality camera setups on the front and rear.

Other than that, there’s a lot to customize, as the bitrate and fps.

4. YouNow

You can either take the role of a streamer or a viewer with this app.

Using it from a viewer’s point of view allows you to connect with well-known broadcasters from around the world.

Even vloggers and music artists also use this app to greet their fans.

Streaming with the app is as easy as tapping the ‘Go Live’ button. It will initiate the recording process and send it over the internet for the world to see.

There are quite a few things you can do with the app. In addition to having a friendly chat with your favorite broadcaster, you can also send gifts and immortalize precious moments throughout the broadcast.

It can also be a way to discover high-profile live streamers from various fields.

5. CameraFi Live

Some powerful live-streaming programs like OBS are free to use. Still, that level of quality can be carried over to mobile devices.

For instance, there are Streamlabs like we’ve just explained. And now, we’d like to introduce you to CameraFi Live.

Of all the outstanding features, real-time video editing is the ultimate one, along with the multiple camera support.

Users can select screen mode or camera mode to live to stream recorded footage from the camera or the Smartphone display.

It can also receive an external video output. If you have a fancy DSLR, time to put it to good use.

You can utilize it to record a video as an input for the mobile app. This way, the viewers will enjoy superb video quality.

Moreover, other basic functionalities like images, text, and overlays are also included.

Quite surprisingly, you can add these elements during a live stream.

Do you need to add dramatic flair to the broadcast? If so, try to apply one of the video filters like a mosaic or emboss.

Another noteworthy feature is Picture in Picture that functions to fit two videos in the same frame.


Watching a video is entertaining, especially when it has interactive elements. It’s also rewarding when the content is shown as it unfolds.

Well, that has become a reality thanks to live streaming.

Instead of viewing a video that has been published by the uploader, you can rather see it in real-time.

Special programs known as encoders make this broadcasting practice possible.

For example, they are usually developed for desktop PCs, like OBS Studio.

But with the growing popularity of mobile devices, it’s only logical to make mobile versions of these programs.

If you’re searching for an OBS alternative for Android, we have a few suggestions in this article. Go check them out!

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