Best Youtube Streaming Software

Best Youtube Streaming Software [2022]

People are becoming more and more interested in watching live videos. And they also like the idea of being able to talk to other people in real-time with the Host…

People are becoming more and more interested in watching live videos. And they also like the idea of being able to talk to other people in real-time with the Host during streaming.

In gaming, live streaming is a way for streamers to connect and have conversations with viewers.

It’s different from watching standard videos on Youtube because there is no interaction in this scenario.

Today, live streaming has become a part of life. Even people who play games for a living use streaming platforms like Twitch to show people what they’re up to.

If you are just started in the gaming world, you probably don’t know that Youtube has that feature.

To attract more people, in this case, Gamers, Youtube now has a dedicated tab called ‘Gaming’ (on the left sidebar of its website. )  

Why do you need Youtube live streaming software?

You don’t actually need special software to go live on Youtube.

All it takes is a channel and get verified. It requires you to add a phone number to which a code will be sent for verification so that you’re granted full access to your channel.

It’s still possible without it as long as there’s a webcam or a Smartphone.

So, why bother with streaming software (encoder) when broadcasting is as simple as having your channel verified?

Well, an encoder does more than just reduce video for faster internet transmission. It also includes overlays, camera switching, and a chatbox to help you improve your live stream. Video encoding employs universal standards, allowing it to be read by various devices.

Streaming will be sluggish without this step because uncompressed files are large and require more bandwidth.

It’s clear now why people like to use software encoders for streaming. They make streams more appealing with all those special effects and sounds.

Having said that, encoders vary in features. You need to find the best Youtube streaming software that delivers your desired experience.

Best Youtube Streaming Software

1. Wirecast

Wirecast is an all-around encoder that you can use to produce top-notch video content and broadcast it to live streaming services like Youtube Live.

Thanks to its versatility and features, it has become one of the sought-after programs by streamers, radio programmers, TV personalities, and people working in other fields who constantly need to keep in touch with colleagues.

It comes with a nice set of features. Most importantly, the basic ones to get your channel off the ground are also included.

Let’s start with the overlays.

You can add preset templates to the stream to make it more lively.

In terms of device support, it’s also reliable. If you need to spice up the content with audio and visuals, just pair all necessary devices with the software, such as a microphone, webcam / IP camera, or a digital camera.

Editing can be done on both Windows and macOS-based devices.

Speaking of the audio, the program steps it up with its cutting-edge technology like multi-audio ingestion. The same goes for the visual side of it. It captures high-quality footage, which you can share across platforms at your fingertips.

Apart from Youtube, it’s also compatible with Vimeo and Periscope. Streaming to these platforms can take place concurrently.

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is primarily a live streaming program, but it also doubles as a video editor.

It can create an immersive experience by involving your viewers in the stream.

That’s what makes encoders like OBS Studio stand out because they have loads of features to start an interactive broadcast.

Knowing what to expect after installation if you’re new to this type of software. Several elements need to be added to the content, such as video, sound, and gameplay.

For a video that shows yourself, the webcam may suffice. However, it can be upgraded with a digicam for a high-quality feed.

A standalone mic also goes a long way towards elevating overall quality. You can optionally add other files to the stream, such as still images and screenshots.

Youtube isn’t the only platform it supports, anyway. If you use Facebook Live, Dailymotion, Twitch, and, they’re also on the list of compatible services.

Using it for the first time, it’s easy to feel stuck, but thanks to its huge popularity, OBS tutorials are everywhere.

OBS Studio lets the user set up hotkeys to effortlessly walk you through the features.

There are many actions they can be assigned to, such as muting audio inputs and changing scenes. Other notable features include audio-visual mixing and unlimited scene count.

3. AWS Elemental MediaLive

This is another alternative for those seeking a program to take care of the encoding work.

It can assist you with setting up a quick live stream with its advanced features. In addition to the primary features, there are other sophisticated functions, such as multi-caption integration and statistical multiplexing.

The sound is also awesome because it borrows technology from Dolby audio. The software receives the greatest support from MediaLive to create a safe environment for video transmission over the internet.

Data is secure until it’s received and processed as an input to streaming channels.

You’d also appreciate its never-ceasing effort to monitor the availability zones and take necessary action to keep their health in check.

This way, problems can be identified before they cause interference to live channels.

It also establishes a pricing model that allows you to pay for how much you use rather than pay a lump sum for infrastructure that you probably don’t use up.

4. Stage Ten

Stage ten offers a revolutionary approach to bringing live content to your viewers.

It can be used with a handful of social media and streaming services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.

Users will greatly benefit from its low latency video delivery. As we know, live videos are time-sensitive.

Viewers want to see exactly the content presented to them in real-time with no delay. This software addresses the issue and has the solution for you.

Producing live content feels thrilling with this program. You can derive feeds from multiple sources.

The perks provided turn it into a go-to option for Youtubers, influencers, and gamers.

You can mix many interesting elements into the stream, such as polls and music. Not only that, but the software also has the advantage of using innovative proprietary technology to bolster its video-making capabilities.

Overall, we consider this a super product to maximize potential as a live streaming specialist. It ticks all the right boxes with the well thought out features.

Besides the high compatibility, it also includes shot templates, watermarks, timers for events, and much more.

But, is it free? Well, it comes with a free trial, but paid plans are also available for those who want to unleash the true power of this software program.

5. Gamecaster

Setting up a software encoder might have you scratching your head.

If you don’t want to deal with that, this program can help with user-friendly settings.

A free version is available; you can test it out before committing to a premium plan. For the price, it provides an extensive list of features.

It has over a hundred overlays and alerts that can be synchronized across multiple live streaming platforms, including Youtube.

There’s a tutorial that can help you with a first-time setup. It does things automatically tailored to the specs of your PC.

Moreover, the overlay themes will accentuate your stream, and they come with preloaded alerts.

With all put together, a live stream can be ready for broadcasting in no time. Each theme is loaded with more customizations, such as intermission design.

Basically, there’s a lot you personalize to make the stream more attractive, so spend as much time as you want during the initial phase of learning.

Once you comprehend everything, it will be a lot easier next time. Last but not least, the reward system would make you stay faithful to the program.

What to look for when choosing a streaming software

1. Essential features

A streaming software can carry hundreds of features, but for a noob, this can be overwhelming because you’ll struggle to figure out where to start.

Some of those abundant features are essential because they’re the most basic, meaning that they should exist to give you the most freedom customizing your stream.

Switching between cameras, pulling feeds from different sources, and overlays are examples.

2. Broadcasting options

Compatibility with the live streaming service you use is paramount. If you want to broadcast to Youtube, software should be built with support for the platform. Otherwise, it’s not gonna work.

Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube are some services many programs support, but that’s because these are big names in tech. Hence, developers are more willing to invest time and effort in adapting to their ecosystems.

If you use less popular services, you might have difficulty finding a compatible program.

3. Cost

Some programs generously offer features at no cost, but there’s a reason why paid packages exist.

They usually contain add-ons that are not accessible in the free version. That applies to many freemium products.

If you’re prompted with pricing plans, it’s okay to upgrade. A premium package can be worth it if the additional features live up to your expectations.

4. Software installation

Does a program require software installation?

Some are cloud-based, so you don’t have to add anything to local storage and launch it before crafting video content. Instead, you just need a browser and a speedy internet connection.

This would appeal to those who don’t want to strain their PC system with more software.

That said, installed programs are also powerful, and many that support Youtube belong in this category.

Wrapping things up

After reading this article about the best YouTube streaming software, which would you choose?

Some programs, by the way, are not free. To use a premium one, you’d have to pay a monthly subscription price, but it’s well worth it.

While streaming directly from a computer or a mobile phone is simple, there is no possibility for personalization, as there is when creating live content with an encoder.

This program enables you to select a better camera or numerous cameras. You can also change recording devices. And that’s just scratching the surface of what this sophisticated software can do.

With that in mind, it only makes sense to invest in one. Or, at the very least, you can invest your time because some are free to utilize.

Streaming Software for Youtuber FAQs

What is the best way to stream on Youtube?

It depends on your definition of ‘best.’ If it’s best in terms of being practical, then hitting ‘Go Live’ will do it.

After all, all you need to broadcast on Youtube is a verified channel. And with a webcam or a smartphone camera, you can already produce your live content.

But if you define best as in making the stream as vibrant as possible, then you’ll need a software encoder to add in all the interactive elements, like overlays, music, games, and more.

What software do Youtubers use for streaming?

Given the popularity of OBS Studio, our bet is that many use it. And up and coming Youtubers will continue to discover it.

However, some might stumble upon other choices during searching for a quality encoder. Some have been listed in this review.

Do you need 1000 subscribers on Youtube to live stream?

Yes, it’s required for a Youtube user to surpass 1000 subscribers before going live on their channel.

However, that rule applies specifically to mobile live streaming.

Suppose you want to stream from another device, like a webcam or a computer. In that case, Youtube still allows it even if you haven’t reached the minimum threshold.

What’s better than OBS studio?

OBS Studio and Streamlabs Desktop (used to be called ‘Streamlabs OBS’) are often pitted against each other, so we’re gonna assume that Streamlabs Desktop can give OBS Studio a run for its money.

But let’s not forget that there are other alternatives besides these two.

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