Best Twitch Premium Overlays

Best Premium Twitch Overlays 2022

Overlays can’t be separated from an interactive and engaging live stream. They add a lot to the production value of live content. That’s the reason why many streamers steer clear…

Overlays can’t be separated from an interactive and engaging live stream.

They add a lot to the production value of live content. That’s the reason why many streamers steer clear of the easy way to get a stream up and running.

The ‘Go Live’ button is literally within reach on many platforms. However, streamers tend to ignore it until their elaborate arrangement is ready for broadcast.

Overlays come in many forms. Nearly everything that floats above the game capture during a live stream falls into this group.

And you have two options to acquire them, either by investing in premium graphics or searching for free ones.

Free overlays can be good quality, but one of the best virtues of premium goods is the exclusivity that comes with them.

Things that are free of cost are often omnipresent since they’re easy to access.

Premium overlays might be few and far between because they require you to dig deeper into the pocket.

Should I buy a Twitch overlay?

As said before, premium overlays have the advantage of not being ubiquitous because they require an investment.

And that’s not the only benefit. They also deliver remarkable quality because the creators spend time perfecting their designs.

Hence, don’t be surprised if some packages come at exorbitant prices.

You know that a company doesn’t randomly slap a price tag on an item, right?

If they do that, they must be confident in its quality. But then again, don’t forget to consider other factors, like your needs.

If you recently tapped into the streaming scene, it’s probably better to start with free overlays.

10 Best Premium Twitch Overlays in 2022

1. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is among the renowned software encoders.

This program can be used for free, but if you want to take the aesthetics up a notch, there’s also a premium plan called Prime.

It enables you to access all of the service’s sophisticated features. The monthly fee is $19 or saves a sizable sum by paying annually.

Many themes are coming with the package, along with 40 apps that you can use to boost the functionality of the live stream.

Do you plan on selling merchandise? You can capitalize on it by using the merch store feature.

Another perk of subscribing to this program is it opens the door for opportunities to bring home special prizes.


This is a one-stop shopping solution for those who want to purchase quality stream graphics.

There’s a lot to discover in the store, including overlays, banners, alerts, panels, and emotes.

OWN3D is a reputable brand, so don’t hesitate to invest in its products. Items are offered individually and in packages.

The latter is better to get a lower unit price. But if you’ve got quite a nice collection of overlays and just want a few more to enrich your library, buying individual items is a good idea.

3. Visuals by Impulse

The flexibility this service provides with its graphics is unmatched.

Users are allowed to personalize and brand their graphics at will.

Here you can find both static and moving animations compatible with various encoders, including XSplit, Streamlabs Desktop, and OBS Studio.

Prices vary, but they’re trying to cater to a range of budgets.

There are also free ones to give you an idea of its premium offerings. Use them before splurging money for a paid package.

4. Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die has been ranked among the top providers of high-end overlays.

It’s a go-to brand not only for premium graphics but also for free products. Its packages exceed 40 items in total.

Though this may seem like a moderate catalog, you can guarantee that they’re well thought out. Each one brings a lot of bang for the buck.

Compatibility is a non-issue, especially when you use them with major platforms like Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch.

In terms of platform support, they can be integrated with numerous encoders, including Streamlabs, XSplit, and OBS.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a meeting point for freelancers of various disciplines.

The site isn’t specifically designed for stream-related gigs but for other digital products.

Though it’s known for its low-cost options, judging service on its price is not fair. Besides, the $5 price tag is usually for starting price, which can go higher depending on the extent of quality and items included in the package.

As with other stores, there’s also a wide variety of graphics available here, such as alerts, emotes, and panels.

6. Tactical Lion

Tactical Lion strives to deliver the ultimate experience through its top-notch alerts and overlays. It crafts many free templates for customers who need a quick setup for their live stream.

Furthermore, it makes an effort to develop the graphics to suit various platforms, such as Twitch, StreamElements, OBS Studio, and more.

Another useful feature is the freedom to add designs at the drop of a hat.

And for those on the lookout for free resources, the service has some for you. Overall, this makes a good pick for your first foray into the live streaming business.

7. Twitch Overlay

The vision of the service is straightforward. It tries to push the envelope in designing overlays for Twitch streamers.

You’d appreciate this developer because it puts more emphasis on diversity. It has churned out over 150 templates, panels, and other outstanding graphics.

It may pick Twitch as the platform it prioritizes in its marketing, but the compatibility isn’t limited to just that.

Users of Facebook Gaming and Youtube can also enjoy the selection of bewitching artworks the brand has created.

And in terms of platform support, these overlays work perfectly fine with Streamlabs and OBS Studio. By the way, prices vary from $20 to $30.

8. Placeit

Placeit is another bona fide source of Twitch overlays. The versatility it provides to the user is one of its strong suits.

It doesn’t try to play favorites by developing graphics for specific games. Instead, the themes are universal, so you can tweak them to suit the concept you want to bring to life.

The fonts also offer similar flexibility. You can choose from the wide assortment to represent your personality.

As for the pricing model, in addition to individual purchases, it also offers a subscription plan which costs $14.95 per month.

9. Strexm

The overlays designed by this service can integrate smoothly into Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit, and OBS.

Customize the scene the way you want it before sending the feed over to Twitch or Youtube.

There’s a good selection of templates, too. Besides the universal ones, some came into existence by envisioning specific games.

You can browse through the catalog of 200 exquisite graphics.

Are they expensive? If anything, this is suitable for those with a tight budget.

10. Streamplay

There’s no need to scratch your head over overlays to jazz up your live stream.

This provider has panels, offline banners, alerts, and scene transitions. What’s more, you can also request custom graphics that match your personal preferences.

The team of experts working behind the scene can assist you with producing graphics that punch above the price point.

With the exceptional quality, prices only start at $2.99. Even at the upper end of the price range, packages are still affordable.

Where is the best place to buy Twitch overlays?

We’ve listed some of the best places to obtain premium overlays.

The ranking is in no particular order, but some are established brands highly respected in the industry.

You’ll hear them being brought up a lot. You should also consider your budget from the company’s reputation because it’s a major contributing factor.

If money is an object, it’s okay to settle with a service offering affordable overlays.

It’s also worth noting that not all items in a well-known store cost a fortune. There are low-cost options, too.

Can you get free Twitch overlays?

Absolutely, being a behemoth on the live streaming scene, free overlays for Twitch aren’t difficult to come by.

As a matter of fact, many manufacturers of premium overlays also provide free samples.

That said, if you need graphics with extravagant details and sophisticated features, don’t get your hopes up.

There’s only so much free stuff you can do to please yourself and expand your creative freedom.

Is Twitch Overlay legit?

There’s nothing suspicious about the service, so we included it in this article. Based on reviews from several sources, this brand seems legit.

Hence, don’t worry about using the site or placing an order there. The catalog comprises more than 150 items, which can be quite overwhelming.

Is OWN3D legit?

It’s one of the leading suppliers of overlays, so how can you say it’s not legit?

It’s legit in every sense of the word. Just navigate through the website to get a sense of the brand’s identity.

Doing this will also shed light on what it specializes in and all the important facts about the company.

Wrapping Up Top Paid Twitch Overlays

Being a pro streamer is more than just about improving verbal communication skills.

A lot goes into that, including how to set up a live stream to make it more compelling to watch.

The best premium Twitch overlays are all you need to improve the stream.

Sure, they need an upfront investment, but the satisfactory output will make up for the money spent on them.

If you’re looking for sources of premium overlays, we have the rundown in this article.

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