PogU Emote meaning

PogU Twitch Emote: Definition, History, Application (Explained)

PogU Twitch Emote is from the same video as PogChamp. This emote was made in 2018. if you want to know everything about pogU, read this!

What does the PogU emote mean on Twitch?

PogU bears a resemblance to PogChamp because it’s directly inspired by the renowned Twitch emote.

PogU shows Gutierrez’s face doing the same shocked expression, but only with a different angle.

In the original pic, he looks to the side, while in PogU, he’s staring at the screen with his mouth wide open.

And just like PogChamp, it’s also meant to express excitement.

If something takes you by surprise during a live stream, you can use this to celebrate that moment. Pog is actually short for ‘play of the game’.

Who made PogU?

It was amiccuz who posted the emote on a Reddit thread on /r/forsen.

Some Redditors gave their approval by upvoting it, while others suggested making it ‘meta’.

After making it public on June 4, it got prohibited on June 14, 2018, from the streamer’s Twitch chat. But it didn’t take long until it had a second chance to flourish.

It was summer 2018 when PogU once again picked up steam.

The difference is it became more widespread than ever before and turned into a talking point across popular channels like xQc and pokelawls.

The PogU emote’s origins and spread

PogChamp is arguably bigger than emote itself. The name alone screams iconic that it has morphed into a slang word.

Even without the visual depiction, people can get a grasp of what and how this term should be used.

Its popularity trickles down to variants that take a cue from its design. Some of them are published on BTTV and FFZ.

PogU happens to be one of them. It made an appearance in FrankerFaceZ in 2018.

One fun fact about it, this emote is still from the same video where PogChamp comes from.

As of today, it has been used in over 65,000 channels in that extension.

BTTV has it as well, but by a different uploader called ap4ik_. It’s just as popular, surpassing 184,000 channels to date.

When should I use the PogU emote on Twitch?

You can use it when you’re mind-blown by something like the streamer’s impeccable skills during the gameplay.

This is a perfect occasion for that, or if you want to hype up something, posting this in chat will also put the message out there.

Basically, this emote is often associated with enthusiasm.

How do you get PogU emote on Twitch?

After Gutierrez’s screw-up, there’s a small chance that the original PogChamp will be back on Twitter.

Twitch had made the decision to remove the emote, and it will likely stay in the bin indefinitely.

But don’t be discouraged because some substitutes have come along, such as POGGERS and PogU.

The latter is more reminiscent of PogChamp because it’s a screenshot taken from the same video.

To use it, you need to install FFZ or BTTV. Visit the website of either extension and then select your browser.

It will then provide a download link. After that, add it to the browser.

Once complete, a new Settings menu will appear in the Twitch chat. You can modify them to your liking.

Meanwhile, in order to add PogU or another emote to your personal list, go to the official site, log in via Twitch. You can add and remove emotes in the dashboard.

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What happened to PogU? Why can’t I see PogU on Twitch?

In January 2021, Twitch banned the PogChamp emote after Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez asked for more “civil unrest” in the United States Capitol on Twitter.

This PogChamp ban includes the PogU and WeirdChamp emotes, both of which are variations on Gooteck’s face.

However, this emote can still be found on Better TTV and FrankerFAceZ.

Despite the fact that FrankerFazeZ has stated that they would remove additional variations of the PogChamp emote, such as the PogU and WeirdChamp emotes.

As of today, PogU is still available on the FrankerFaceZ platform.

Hence, installing BTTV or FrankerFaceZ is a requisite if you want to view PogU emote.

Without this being part of the web browser, your chatbox keeps showing as text no matter how hard you refresh the tab.

That’s because the text essentially commands that need software intervention to activate their functionalities.

For this reason, consider installing either extension. It should solve the problem right away.