POGGERS Twitch Emote

POGGERS Twitch Emote: Definition, History, Application (Explained)

The Poggers twitch emote character is based on PogChamp, an emote that was removed following an incident involving Ryan Gutierrez, aka the original face. This article is for you if you want to know everything about the Poggers emote.

What does the POGGERS emote mean on Twitch?

The expression the frog pulls gives away the meaning of this emote. POGGERS is described as a frog with a surprising look.

That’s the situation in which you can use this emote correctly.

Like if you’re caught off guard by something, posting this emote in the chat would be appropriate. This emote is cut from the same cloth as Pepe.

The color and face are observably similar, only POGGERS has an expression unique to himself.

By the way, this character derives inspiration from PogChamp, an emote that got deleted in the wake of an incident involving Ryan Gutierrez aka the original face.

POGGERS becomes a mascot especially in games like League of Legends and Overwatch.

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Who made POGGERS?

POGGERS was introduced to BTTV by user tO_Ot in February 2017.

It was only 7 months apart from the FFZ upload in September of the same year.

The POGGERS emote’s origins and spread

As said before, the PogChamp’s deletion has a lot to do with this emote coming into being.

Twitch felt the need to take action following Gutierrez’s Twitter tirade which allegedly could incite more violence.

The live streaming platform responded by deleting it for good.

Knowing how popular the emote was prior to this incident, it’s about time that people wanted an equivalent that could represent the same emotion.

While on the subject, ‘PogChamp’ has now been replaced with a komodo dragon.

However, it didn’t stop POGGERS from latching on to the gaming scene.

Similar emotes were uploaded, but the community had decided POGGERS to be the successor.

When should I use the POGGERS emote on Twitch?

You can use the emote to express disbelief or shock.

The frog’s expression sums it up perfectly. Some also use it to share their joy and enthusiasm.

Basically, whatever emotion PogChamp gives, also can be conveyed using this emote.

For example, if you witness something jaw-dropping coming out of the blue during the stream or in the gameplay, you can pull up this emote to tell everyone you’re greatly astonished by that.

Simply read the facial expression of the character to figure out its true feelings.

How do you get POGGERS emote on Twitch?

As with other popular Twitch emotes, you won’t be able to see POGGERS without adding a special extension to the browser.

The extension is made to convert chat commands into graphics.

So instead of ‘POGGERS’, you’ll see an image assigned to this word.

There are some options, such as BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ, or FFZ.

Both are very straightforward in their setups. Just fire up your browser.

Assuming it’s Chrome, please navigate to the web store. This is all extensions including BTTV are archived.

Once you find it using the search feature, add it to Chrome, and then confirm your selection.

There you go, with this being part of the web browser, you’ll see the emote whenever it’s used in the Twitch chat.

Links to BTTV settings will also appear after installation, which allows for further configuration.

What happened to POGGERS? Why can’t I see POGGERS on Twitch?

is poggers still on twitch?

First thing first, do you use BTTV or FFZ?

This most likely occurs to those who skip an emotes extension.

Don’t fret because to solve the problem, you just need to install any of the recommended extensions.

After that, the emote will magically appear in the Twitch chat.

And then, are you using the correct device? Emotes only work when they’re viewed on a desktop computer.

If you use a handheld device like a tablet or a Smartphone, that would explain why POGGERS didn’t pop up on the screen when you inputted that command.

Just go back to your PC to enjoy the feature.