why bots follow you on twitch

Why Do Bots Follow You on Twitch?

Why do bots follow you on Twitch? This is an intriguing question that might boggle your mind. As a streamer, artificial engagement can haunt you even if you’re not involved…

Why do bots follow you on Twitch?

This is an intriguing question that might boggle your mind.

As a streamer, artificial engagement can haunt you even if you’re not involved in any campaign to inflate views.

The thing is, bots seem to be prevalent among established streamers. High-profile channels are easy targets for bots because they’re noticeable.

In a nutshell, bots are unavoidable, especially for channels that have grown by leaps and bounds.

These fake views aren’t necessarily your wrongdoing. They can be delivered by people with malicious intent to smear your name.

Using a bot to boost views and follows already goes against the TOS, let alone using it to taint another streamer’s reputation.

Well, people do this to stay ahead of the competition, even if they realize it’s wrong and unfair.

Twitch has discovered 7.5 million viewing bots

Twitch made an announcement last year that it had tracked down about 7.5 million accounts responsible for the increase in fake engagement on the platform.

Those accounts were used in viewbotting and followbotting strategies to inflate numbers. It utilized advanced machine learning technology to discover these fraud accounts.

They’re wiped from existence quickly after the finding. Numerous channels reported significant follower drops, with some losing over 2 million over a short span of time.

Twitch also added that it might file lawsuits against enablers of this action.

Conversely, users were reminded to not be afraid of the purge. It let real accounts that had nothing to do with the shady strategies off the hook.

Streamers could provide their contribution by reporting accounts they considered suspicious. Viewbotting has become a thorny issue on the platform because it’s persistent.

Even today, sellers of bots and followers are easy to find, allowing people to abuse it to their advantage.

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Why am I getting followed by bots on Twitch?

Unlike viewbotting, which mainly benefits the doer, “getting viewbotted” simply means being on the receiving end of this unfair tactic.

Competition starts to become unhealthy when it’s based on fear of not outperforming rivals.

Since they know that using artificial views violates the rules, they want the target of their raid to be flagged by Twitch for suspicious activity, which then leads to a penalty.

However, Twitch has confidently dispelled any doubts users may have regarding fake engagement as long as they don’t take part in it.

The platform consistently performs deep scanning to find accounts without real users and eradicate them for good because they don’t bring anything positive to the community.

Sometimes people who view others will unashamedly reveal their hidden agenda to their victims.

What you can do is save any evidence about the possible mastermind of the crime. Report the account right away and restart the stream before the raid reaches its peak.

But, how do you know you’re getting viewbotted?

The view pattern can give a hint. If you notice there’s a sudden influx of viewers, it’s likely a raid.

These users also tend to be passive. They simply appear on the broadcast and do nothing, not even a shoutout in chat. Instead, they may share links to dangerous websites.

How do I stop bots from following me on Twitch?

First, switch to ‘Not Playing’ because this status tricks bots into thinking that you’re not currently available, so they’ll move on to the next target.

Streamers with high rankings often opt for bots. So, by removing yourself from the list, they will struggle to invade you.

Second, end the stream as soon as possible. If you have a hunch that you’re being viewbotted, finishing the broadcast is a wise move.

Some bots go away as the stream ends. Notify the viewers so that they stay tuned in after the reboot.

Last but not least, have your blinders on. If you’re not at fault for the incident, don’t worry about getting your account penalized.


There’s nothing wrong with keeping one step ahead of rivals, but doing it through defamation is reprehensible.

We know that Twitch is a competitive market with all the established and new streamers trying to make it big on the platform.

However, it doesn’t mean you should deliberately try to sack them. After all, everyone has the right to make a living and pursue their dreams there.

Viewbotting is disadvantageous to anyone involved. Being a perpetrator can get you in trouble, while being a recipient is uncomfortable as you have to clean up the mess you made.

There are many ways to achieve the desired audience reach, but viewbotting is not one of them. Think smarter if you want to set yourself up for long-term success.

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