How Can You Tell If Someone is Viewbotting on Twitch

How Can You Tell if Someone is Viewbotting on Twitch?

If you stream, you’ve probably either heard the word “viewbotting” or been a victim of it. So, how can you tell if someone on Twitch is Viewbotting? Here’s the guide.

Metrics are used by businesses to assess the worth of an influencer. 

That’s why every content creator must report the number of followers across social media networks, as well as information such as views, concurrent viewers, and so on.

These facts influence the value (price) of a collaboration between an influencer and a brand. 

This becomes a double-edged sword because, on the one hand, it promotes fairness among streamers, but it also encourages others to pull a tactic that gives the idea of superior stats.

If you’re a streamer, chances are you’ve either heard the word “viewbotting” or been the victim of it yourself.

So, what is the viewbot in Twitch?

A viewbot refers to a bot that artificially boosts views. It creates a fake impression because none of the viewers are real.

Some streamers do this either by subscribing to a viewbot service or running a script manually.

They utilize this to boost the prestige of their channels in the hopes that actual users will discover, follow, and subscribe.

This can also be an indirect approach for them to demonstrate their worth to potential sponsors, making them want to do business with them.

Viewbotting guarantees a speedy climb up the leaderboard because channels are ranked in chronological order on the platform.

In Twitch, larger channels will have no trouble rising to the top of the search results. Meanwhile, new streamers will sink to the very bottom.

Even though a viewbot brings in a lot of real-time viewers, the system may flag it as suspicious, which puts the account at risk of being permanently banned.

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How do you know if your streamer is viewbotting on Twitch?

Here are some ways to tell if someone is viewbotting on Twitch:

  • Odd viewer count pattern, like there are sudden increases in views at specific or random intervals. When a broadcast has a sudden spike of viewers, it could be related to a raid or a bot getting the job done.
  • Inactive chat, this is another clear sign of viewbotting. Ideally, a buzzing live stream should have a vibrant chat where viewers keep sending messages in response to in-stream moments. When a bot is involved, the chat will appear lifeless.
  • Automated messages, you can tell the difference between genuine and fake messages.Those created by a bot are usually short, generic, and don’t reflect what’s happening on the broadcast.

Are there Twitch bots for viewers?

A quick search on Google can provide information about services that offer bot viewers.

Simply type in ‘buy Twitch views’ or ‘buy Twitch bots’ and you’ll obtain a good number of relevant results.

These companies specialize in delivering artificial views and followers to their clients’ channels.

Some claim that their ‘bots’ are real users.

Well, the legitimacy of a user doesn’t really matter because ‘follow for follow’ also involves legit users.

At the end of the day, Twitch still condemns the act of inflating viewership using shady tactics.

In the past, we have provided detailed information about the best Twitch viewbots. However, in case you’re interested, here are some examples of such providers:

1. Viewerlabs

This service prides itself on delivering realistic views.

One fun fact: this is arguably one of the most trusted providers in its segment. It also accepts payments with cryptocurrencies.

To shape its competitive advantage over other key players in the market, the company consistently makes improvements to its platform.

There’s a free trial for those wanting to get a taste of the service before investing some money.

That said, we don’t encourage that because it’s susceptible to penalty.

You run the risk of getting your account banned if Twitch identifies suspicious activity on your channel.

Try this at your own risk, but the fact that it thrives may say something about the demand.

By the way, the bots are smart at acting organically, although Twitch has its own methods to thwart them.

2. Streambot

This is another service that can help kickstart a new Twitch channel.

It has a bunch of enticing features, such as unlimited usage, use on multiple channels, customizable intervals, straightforward setup, high privacy, and more.

It offers several plans that cost from $10 to $30 a week.

More expensive plans come with a broader selection of features.

3. Stream Chaos

Similar to other bots, this also crowds live broadcasts with random accounts.

The bot tries to come off as genuine by sending messages in chat at certain intervals.

Customers are allowed to determine the number of viewers for each stream. Besides, there are no restrictions on usage across multiple channels.

Another useful feature is anonymity, which takes security up a notch through proxy deployment.

Do the viewers appear realistic?

Yes, they can look that way to someone who doesn’t know what to look for, but it would be hard to get past Twitch’s many layers of cyber protection.

Is viewbotting bannable on Twitch?

Although some services claim that their viewers are real, the point stands that Twitch doesn’t condone bribery and other unethical practices in any capacity.

That would be unfair to streamers who work hard to build a name for themselves.

Yes, viewbotting is a serious offense that will result in account suspension.

If it’s not your own fault, try to report any suspicious account that might be behind the calculated intrusion.

Using bots violates the rules; there’s no open-endedness in how they’re interpreted.

For this reason, don’t engage yourself in this activity if you want to stay out of trouble.

How does Twitch detect bots?

Twitch has its own proven methods to inspect fraud accounts before purging them.

This information has never been made public, though, so we can’t say for sure.

It seems that the company wants to be low-key with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.

With how streamers still resort to cheap tactics to get noticed, we believe Twitch won’t stop combating them.

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