How Do I Stop Fake Viewers on Twitch

How Do I Stop Fake Viewers on Twitch?

Are you a twitch fake viewer victim? Worried about getting kicked off the channel? Then you’ll definitely like this post.

Twitch has been working hard to weed out accounts that don’t comply with its terms of service. They contribute to the fake engagement that plagues the streaming platform.

Hence, it’s truly sensible to not want their presence as they potentially ruin the experience of using the service.

Imagine keeping tabs on a channel only to find out that it has scores of fake followers. It doesn’t feel like I’m interacting with enthusiastic viewers. Even if some are real, the tactic used in order to give a false impression is a major letdown.

Some viewers are drawn to popular channels because they want to be part of their massive followings. If they’re suddenly snapped back into reality that they’ve interacted with bots all this time, it would be very disappointing.

So, how do I stop fake followers on Twitch?

This question leaps to the minds of many streamers because fake activities haunt them even if they’re not involved at all.

There could be jealous individuals out there who will do anything to maliciously defame them.

How do I get rid of fake Twitch viewers?

The first thing you can do is to report them quickly before they infiltrate deeper.

And then, if you have evidence that you have been viewbotted, save them as receipts to corroborate your story.

Don’t panic because the invasion can happen to anyone. It’s also important to spread the word to the fans. If you’re positive that you’re being attacked, disclose the truth to your viewers.

They can probably do something about it. Or at the very least, they’ll know about the situation they weren’t aware of.

You can also restart the broadcast, change the status on the dashboard from playing to not playing, and block messages that seem to be related to bot activity.

What is fake engagement?

Fake engagement refers to any type of engagement gained from an organized effort to boost popularity.

There are several activities that fall under this category, such as view-botting, Lurk for Lurk, and Follow for Follow.

All these tricks violate Twitch’s TOS because they give the impression of a better engagement, while in fact the artificial inflation is temporary.

The spike rarely has a lasting impact, not to mention that it doesn’t reflect a genuine interest in a channel.

Even if no bots are involved, like in the F4F scheme, offering a follow for a follow back remains frowned upon.

Twitch wants the interactions to be authentic, not built upon incentives. Using bots to boost views is detestable. Not only does it go against the rules, but it also doesn’t translate into relevance.

Overusing bots won’t make your channel more popular. Instead, it will only increase the likelihood of termination.

What if your channel is raided by fake viewers in an attempt to get your channel blacklisted?

Twitch has confirmed that it won’t penalize an account for somebody else’s wrongdoing.

So if you get caught in the middle of a fraud accusation, don’t lose your mind. Report any user you think has a hand in the orchestrated plan to tarnish your reputation.

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Why is botting bad?

This horrid practice can give a bad rep to the whole community, making it look okay to use the strategy to be popular on the platform.

Botting is an instant way to direct attention to a channel, but this comes at the expense of other streamers’ convenience.

Many have to face an uphill battle to get their channel off the ground, and then there are some who unfairly go down the easy route by buying fake views.

This would hurt and undermine those innocent streamers’ efforts. Besides, this practice is also detrimental to prospective sponsors.

Remember that sponsors use stats to determine the worth of a sponsorship. If a streamer with plenty of fake viewers gets a deal, the brand won’t earn a valuable return because it doesn’t convert into leads and sales.

Not only that, it will hurt the doer’s reputation as well. Any streamer involved in this deceit for a dishonest advantage would pay the price sooner or later. They’ll lose respect and credibility when people find out about the foul work.

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Does Twitch give you fake viewers?

No, we’re sure Twitch has nothing to do with fake viewers. In fact, they proactively get rid of accounts that inflate numbers.

If you’re a streamer who has never had that but yet the viewers seem dubious, someone is probably behind it. It might be a rival who wants to slander your reputation by sending inauthentic views.

It’s not easy to detect where fake views come from. No matter which situation you’re in right now, don’t fret if you have no involvement in the action.

On a different note, people have different intentions as to why they raid channels in this way. Some probably just want to help their favorite streamers who are struggling to grow.

The pity causes them to buy views to push up their rankings. This is believable, but doesn’t make it right.

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Can you get banned for fake viewers on Twitch?

Absolutely, though Twitch won’t arbitrarily punish a channel if they aren’t responsible for the inflated numbers.

The streamer just needs to report suspicious accounts accordingly. Now for those who deliberately try to grab attention by using fake views, that’s a different story.

Don’t be surprised if you become a target of their periodic cleaning. Any account that belongs in this group can be given harsh punishment, like account suspension.

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