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The Best Chat Bot for Twitch [2022]

Looking for a chatbot to assist you moderate your chatbox as a streamer? If you are overwhelmed by the number of messages pouring in and are unable to focus on your games as a result, you certainly need a Twitch chatbot.

One of the main goals of each Twitch streamer is to be famous on the platform, which means they need to grow their channel and get as many followers as possible.

It’s also a thrilling experience to get in touch with people who idolize them.

The chatbox facilitates that, which tempted many streamers to add it to their live streams.

However, we’re not going to talk about the chatbox today, as you probably know already.

We’ll explain about the best chat bot for Twitch here.

But first…

What is a Twitch chat bot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can help a streamer moderate their chatbox.

With a slew of messages popping up in the chat, it’s nearly impossible to manually type in an answer for each inquiry.

Even for those who type fast, it is still overwhelming. The best chatbots for Twitch can overcome the problem.

They are like virtual assistants with automated rules to simulate human conversation.

They also have features to keep the space clean from spammers and trolls.

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Advantages of using a Twitch chat bot

A chatbot acts as a representative to answer inquiries submitted by viewers. This eliminates the need for providing manual responses.

Bots can be very well-designed so that fans don’t even feel like they’re talking to robots at all, even though they’re not.

Besides that, chatbots also have moderation tools. They can detect spam and take the necessary action to block them out.

And if anyone is caught using inappropriate language, these programs can take care of it as well.

Sometimes people use foul language out of anger and frustration, but that’s not acceptable in an inclusive environment because that potentially makes others uncomfortable.

It can be a major problem, especially for a streamer with a huge following.

Luckily, a chatbox can step in and do all the moderation work on behalf of the streamer.

You can focus on the gameplay and let the virtual assistant do its job.

Without it, viewers may feel alienated, especially if you play and ignore all the submitted messages.

How do you use a Twitch chat bot?

Setup will depend on the program, but there are 2 things that one must integrate a chatbot into their stream.

The first one is a Twitch account. Many streamers opt to open a new account dedicated to the program.

You can do the same so that people can distinguish between messages coming from you and the bot.

The second requirement is a Twitch channel from your primary account.

Best Chat Bots for Twitch

1. Nightbot

This will simplify your work with its user-friendly interface. In fact, the ease of use is what drives people into this program.

The millions of users it has amassed is concrete evidence of its popularity. Still, numbers shouldn’t be the only measure of quality.


You need to use it first hand to know if it suits your needs and skill level.

Nightbot has the essential ones, like custom commands, chat logs, and automatic replies in terms of moderation tools.

The last one allows you to provide relevant answers to viewers’ questions. Those were the highlights.

Others further boost its value, such as spam filters, scheduled announcements, and rewards.

The wide compatibility with several platforms makes it appeal to broader demographics.

Twitch isn’t the only community that Nightbot caters to. Users of Discord and Youtube also get the opportunity to test out this program.

Other than that, you can grant users the privilege to post links. These selected people shouldn’t be worried about getting flagged by the spam filter.

Do you want to infuse music into the experience?

The program has it covered. Enabling the feature to allow viewers to request their favorite music.

2. Moobot

Moobot is a time-saving chatbot that can help you build a solid fanbase.

It’s not an excuse to not spend quality time with your fans because this program makes chat moderation a lot easier.


There’s no need for repetitive tasks because it’s loaded with features to automate communication in a chat.

Let’s have a closer look at those amazing features.

First, it includes Twitch mod which response straight away to spam messages. They will be removed the moment they’re identified by the system.

Second, you can use Twitch commands to perform frequent tasks automatically.

There’s also a multimedia feature in music to keep fans entertained. And if you like to conduct polls, you’d be pleased to find out that Moobot presents this opportunity to the user.

Polls effectively boost audience engagement because people are often tempted to give their feedback.

By the way, browsing through channels on Twitch, you may notice this program on different broadcasts.

It’s not surprising because it is extremely popular with streamers.

They often use it to raise fans’ awareness of their online presence by introducing social media.

3. Wizebot

Our first impression of Wizebot is it’s a solid chatbot. It’s constantly updated to improve its performance.

The developer seems to know how to keep people invested in this growing program. And although it’s free, it’s not poorly done.


Nearly all the essential features you’d expect from this sort of software are included.

There are custom commands, screen overlays, and giveaways.

Let’s break down each of them.

As the name suggests, custom commands are personalized commands to deliver quick responses to viewers.

Meanwhile, screen overlays are added functionality to display pop-up animations on the screen.

As for giveaways, handing them out is a win-win solution for streamers. Gifts encourage people to subscribe and be loyal to your channel.

They usually work for generating hype, but the effect could be temporary. There’s still work to do to make them devoted to your channel.

Other notable features include time notifications, a betting system, and a spam detector.

There’s also a virtual currency that you can design your very own and use in giveaways, bets, and more.

4. Streamlabs Chatbot

For those broadcasting mainly via the Streamlabs OBS, this would be a nice addition to your chatbox.

Anyone can install and pair it with their Twitch channel at no cost. But a little reminder, the setup is probably more complicated than you think.


It requires a second Twitch account you can designate as your AI assistance. Despite plenty of features, it’s made exclusively for Streamlabs.

In other words, those outside the ecosystem should look elsewhere. On the bright side, the compatibility isn’t limited to Twitch only.

It also welcomes users from other platforms, e.g., Mixer and Youtube.

If you’re intrigued about the features, the basic ones are similar to those of other chatbots. There are overlays, tipping mechanisms, quotes, betting systems, and more.

The overlays are very well put together. There’s a wide selection to choose from, making live chat more enjoyable and expressive.

Are you a Streamlabs user? This program begs for your attention, then.

There’s a lot to discover besides the ordinary moderation tools because it claims to feature hundreds of them.

We’ll list the major ones; custom commands, scheduled notifications, music integration by request, and loyalty scheme.

5. StreamElements

It’s recently announced that StreamElements offers integration with OBS live. That’s brilliant news for long-time users of the software.

It has a vast array of features, but the tools are not out of the ordinary for chat moderation.


For example, there are loyalty systems, alerts, spam prevention, and eye-catching themes.

Overall, this is a sensible pick for anyone wanting a practical chatbot to use.

Setup doesn’t require much technical skill, and as icing on the cake, it’s free. You pay nothing to access all the cool features.

Something called ‘Modules’ could be a source of lighthearted fun for your fans. They’d appreciate the amusing mini-games popping up on the screen.

Another noteworthy feature is the custom GIFs. Some people love GIFs as a means of communication because they can convey emotions where words might fall short.

We also want to point out that this program is hosted in the cloud, which means it won’t be a resource hog for your PC.

Users can take advantage of the features without saving anything to local storage.

6. PhantomBot

This chatbot is backed by a supportive community with great passion and enthusiasm.

The reason why it deserves a shout-out is that it’s brimming with advanced features.


Moderation tools are key to a well-organized chat in which the software supplies in a sizable number. It can also transform into a hub of entertainment for anyone involved in the conversation.

Aside from that, the high degree of customization has its own appeal and will lure streamers into installing it.

With this integrated into your broadcast, more time can be allotted to the channel’s growth.

In the meantime, this bot can take over tasks about chat management. Similar to others on this list, PhantomBot is also free to use.

There’s no upfront fee or charge levied for the use of the program. And let’s not put aside the interactive add-ons.

There are games and raffles, among other things. If you need to nurture relationships with fans, don’t hesitate to add it to your chatbox.

The whole host of tools like time recording and highlight monitoring will come in handy.

7. Xanbot

One of the biggest challenges of growing a new Twitch channel is to know where to direct your attention because a lot goes into kicking it into gear.

Keep in mind that you have to train to improve your skills.


This rings true for someone who makes a living from playing video games.

But at the same time, you also have to forge lasting relationships with viewers.

They can turn into loyal fans who will stick around regardless of the state of your channel.

If it’s hard to keep up with the moderation work, just hand it over to Xanbot.

This chatbot has a revolutionary way to manage spam. It’s programmed to handle a series of tasks, such as holding raffles and adding games to your live stream.

The basic features like auto-responses and customized commands are also on board.

It’s also free, anyway. There’s no registration fee to gain access to all the features.

8. Botisimo

Compatibility across platforms is one major point of difference for this chatbot. It doesn’t just run on Twitch, but also Discord, Youtube, Trovo, and Facebook.

As long as you have one of the services mentioned above, you can use this program to monitor the chatbox and keep everyone on the right track.


When it comes to features, the basic moderation tools are included. Still, it also goes in-depth with the analytics presentation.

There are many variables to pay attention to. What’s more, the information provided can reveal your streaming performance daily.

Other features could dull the pain of manually managing the chat, such as logs to track users, spam protection, intervals, polls, etc.

The timer will also find some use when you’re not on your computer.

If you have important notes to say to viewers, they can be posted thanks to this added function automatically.

Does it cost any money? The base program is free, but paid plans are also to unlock more capabilities.

9. Fossabot

Fossabot is truly one of a kind as far as customization goes.

If you want a chatbot that gives you so much freedom in tweaking many elements in it, you should give this a try.


It’s relatively new to the scene but already has secured a reputation among high-profile streamers.

One of the highlights is it can deliver dynamic responses.

The spam filter also does wonders for weeding out unsolicited messages.

What to look for when choosing a Twitch chat bot

1. Compatibility

Chatbots aren’t created equal in terms of platform support.

But as one of the biggest players in the game, it’s a no-brainer that developers will put Twitch before others.

That said, it remains a major concern if you live stream on more than one platform.

It feels more practical when a bot is synced to multiple accounts instead of using a different one for each service.

2. User interface

Once you’re logged into a chatbot, you’ll see the dashboard.

It may appear intuitive or requires some navigational dexterity.

Since many bots share similar features, chances are you’ll come across similar menus as well, only they may differ in their placements.

3. Moderation tools

Chatbots at the core are tools for chat moderation, so these features should be emphasized.

A chatbot should have a solid spam filter because trolls and spammers are always lurking around and ready to invade your space.

Spam protection will keep them in check. It can detect profanity or inappropriate language messages and block them in a heartbeat.

Basically, good moderation tools will ensure the conversation remain civil.

4. Interactive features

You probably want a chatbot to include interactive features, like polls, games, raffles, giveaways, music, etc.

The good news they do exist in many programs. You just need to find one that includes all the things you’re looking for.

How to set up bots for your Twitch channel

We’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial to get a chatbot up and running on your Twitch channel.

Since there are quite a few choices, we’ll pick just one: Nightbot.

A similar setup process may apply to other bots. Now let’s jump right into it.

  1. First, you have to connect the bot and Twitch. Start by navigating to your Twitch chat.
  2. Visit the Nightbot website and log in using the correct Twitch credentials.
  3. Once you’re logged in successfully, look at the menus on the dashboard. Some on the sidebar, like Commands, Logs, Giveaways, etc.
  4. To change some settings, click on one of the menus. The advanced settings will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
  5. Let’s say you want to make changes to the bot commands. Hover over ‘Commands’ from the selection, and then left-click it.
  6. There will be action buttons assigned to each command. Hit the ‘Disable’ button aligned with it to turn off the command.
  7. Click on ‘Options’ adjacent to the specific command to customize the setting. There are some variables the user can change, such as User-level and Cooldown. Each one comes with a brief explanation to know how to input values.
  8. There’s the ‘Join Channel’ button on the top right corner. Hit it to initiate the authorization process.
  9. Now go back to your Twitch chat, and then type in “\mod nightbot” on the box to verify and establish the connection.
  10. To deactivate it, type in this command “!nightbot remove” in the chat.
  11. Besides the default ones, you can also create custom commands. From the ‘Commands’ section, click on the ‘+Add Command’ button that appears on the page. There are some fields you have to fill in, such as command, userlevel, Message, to name a few. Save the command by hitting the ‘Submit’ button.

Best Chat Bot for Twitch Conclusion

Humility will take you far in personal and professional lives. You may wonder what it has to do with being a Twitch streamer.

Well, they can be correlated. You may be wondering what this has to do with Twitch streaming. They can, however, be linked.

Without fans, a streamer is nothing. The fans are the ones who can propel a streamer to greater heights. Fans can also make or break a musician’s career.

They go out to show their support for their idols by purchasing merchandise and watching their streams.

They don’t expect you to reciprocate. They only want a little attention. If they ask questions, they will be overjoyed if you respond to them.

The issue is that this could be time-consuming for a streamer with a sizable or large following.

It’s difficult to keep up with the flood of messages that arrive every second.

Fortunately, the best Twitch chatbots have a solution for you. They have moderation tools that can respond to inquiries automatically.

They also have a plethora of other features to make the chat more interesting.

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