Why Does Twitch Use So Much Ad Tracking and Web Analytics?

Why Does Twitch Use so Much Ad Tracking and Web Analytics

The term “ad tracking” may not ring a bell with those who use Twitch solely for streaming. Meanwhile, for internet marketers, this is what they deal with on a regular basis.

The same goes for web analytics. If you’ve ever created a website, you must be familiar with analytics because it monitors the way visitors interact with your site.

As one of the behemoths on the streaming scene, it’s reasonable that Twitch draws the interest of businesses looking to market products and services to the platform’s user base.

This is when the aforesaid terms become relevant.

Why does Twitch use so much ad tracking and web analytics? Please read the following explanation.

Why does Twitch use so much ad tracking and web analytics?

We have no idea the extent of the ad tracking Twitch uses on its users, but one thing you should realize is that this is prevalent in app usage.

Ad tracking may come as a default option when you use a service or an app. And if you don’t want it to monitor your activity, this can be disabled in the settings.

Basically, don’t be surprised because it often comes as a result of using an app. You get the joy and entertainment from it, so this could be construed as a way to return the favor.

1. Tailor ads to viewers

Ad tracking generally serves as a tool to collect information from viewers and tailor ads based on their locations and habits.

This way, viewers will see ads that are suitable for them instead of random ones they have little interest in.

This kind of personalization helps increase the ad conversion rate.

2. Provide more convenience

Most of us would rather watch a live stream ad-free, but at the same time, we’ve also gotten used to them while using Twitch or Youtube. It’s a way for these platforms to sustain operations and growth.

Since ad tracking shows ads in accordance with viewers’ interests, it will result in greater convenience.

As a matter of fact, they’ll more likely watch till the end instead of skipping it immediately.

3. Higher ROI

From a marketer’s perspective, ad tracking helps enhance marketing strategy.

This method displays relevant ads to viewers, which, in turn, boosts engagement. If every campaign could drive the most leads and sales, it would bode well for future return on investment.

ROI is an essential part of every business because we all want a good return for the amount spent on advertising.

4. Understand viewers better

As for analytics, the data will not only benefit Twitch, but also streamers. Visits, visitors, unique viewers, bounce rates, these are some common terms used in analytics.

Thankfully, streamers also have access to it on their Twitch dashboards. Reading your channel’s analytics helps you make the most of the live stream by figuring out how viewers respond to the content provided.

For example, if they tune in longer when you play certain games or include interactive elements in the broadcast, you can focus more on them.

Wrap Up

Why does Twitch use so much ad tracking and web analytics?

These aren’t exclusive to Twitch, tho. Beside, we can’t say for sure how it uses the gathered data.

The only type of analytics that we can access easily is the channel’s analytics, which is available to anyone who has set up a channel on the platform.

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